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  1. On the Caribbean Princess there are many hand-washing stations in the buffet. Attached are a couple pictures. The water is motion activated so you don't have to touch the faucet. They are kept spotlessly clean.
  2. I don't know when the last time you were on a Princess ship, but on Sept 4th, I just got off a 16 night cruise with 9 sea days of which we ate every meal in the buffet. On our ship, the silverware was wrapped (tightly in my opinion) in a cloth napkin and placed in a metal container on the table NOT in front of individual chairs. I won't say it has never happened, but I, personally, never once saw anyone taking a folded up napkin out of the container and take out a spoon or fork and walk away for a waiter to later replace said spoon or fork and place in it back into the napkin and back into the container. I am attaching a picture I took of the metal containers of silverware at each table so you can see what I am talking about.
  3. I'm not trying to convince you or anyone else to do what I am doing, but just to give another option at the buffet. I am left-handed. I pick up the plate with my right hand and use the serving tools with my left hand so my right hand is never contaminated from the get-go, so to speak. The cruise line we have been sailing on most lately is Princess and the silverware, in the cloth napkin, is already on the table when I sit down. The waiter brings the drinks to the table. The most contamination in the buffet, I feel, is the spoons/ladles and not a cloth napkin or a glass (from which I drink from the rim, not the sides). I feel very confident that when those gloves do come off, my hands are still clean as I have washed them with soap and water before even entering the buffet. Anyway, so far it has worked for me and I will continue to do so when I cruise.
  4. Call me crazy, but I have started bringing white/clear latex gloves on cruises and putting a pair on as I walk into the buffet. Only after I have filled my plate, gotten my drink and finally seated, do the gloves come off. I may look a little weird, but since doing this I have come home from the cruise, feeling well instead of sick. And, no, I don't use the same pair for the whole cruise, I bring a zip lock bag full (they squish down) so when going to buffet, I always have a fresh pair.
  5. You have approximately 6 months to get him potty trained. Both of my boys were potty-trained by 2 years of age. If you and he work at it, he should be completely trained by the cruise.
  6. There is a dead bolt lock on all the cabin doors on all the ships we have sailed that even the cabin steward cannot open if it is locked. When we are in our cabin, especially at night, we always lock the dead bolt.
  7. We are also 2 of a gazillion Android users. That's a real shame, since we leave on the 19th on the Caribbean Princess. I downloaded the "old apps" on Google Play, somewhat apprehensively, though, as the reviews were so horrible...mostly 1 star rated. We are ready with our Medallions so I guess we're halfway there.
  8. I won't be bringing any at embarkation because we won't have the opportunity to do so. My question was can we do it at our next port. Most people said we should be able to do so. I'll find out for sure in a couple of weeks.
  9. I know you can bring a case of canned sodas (12 sodas) at embarkation but can you bring the same amount at a subsequent port? We fly in the same day we embark (Brooklyn cruise terminal) and will not have the opportunity to find a store to purchase some sodas. At our first port of call (Halifax), would we be able to purchase and bring the canned sodas on board at that port?
  10. Thank you for your review. We will be boarding the Caribbean Princess next month. Do you recall if they had Zumba classes in the mornings on sea days?
  11. Took a 14 night full transit Panama Cruise on the Celebrity Infinity in January, 2003. There were FIVE people who died on board that cruise!! They are usually off-loaded at the next port. The demographics on that cruise were mainly people over 65. One of the crew members told us it was not unusual at all to have a passenger die on board.
  12. Looking to book a promenade cabin on a Freedom class ship. Where is the "bridge" located in relation to the promenade cabins. Ex: is it closer aft or middle and does deck 8 cabins still look down on it or more eye level. Any additional help would be welcome.
  13. This was not on a cruise ship but in a nursing home. My mother was 84 years old and had just had a bad stroke a few weeks earlier and I was visiting her one evening. It was just the 2 of us in the room. My back was to a corner of the room. All of a sudden, my mother looked beyond me, waved towards the corner and said "Hi, Smiley". I whipped around to see who she was talking to and there was no one there. I asked her, "mom, who is 'Smiley'?" as I had never heard that name before. She said she knew Smiley in school and he got his name because he always had a smile on his face. I am positive my mother actually saw a ghost/angel/spirit that night and he was there to check on her. She died a few months later.
  14. Thanks everyone for your responses. Like I said in original post, I bought the Sodas and More package mainly for the mocktails but occassionally would order a soda from aft pool bar or mid pool bar and would always receive an extra large glass. My husband brought a case of canned cokes onboard because he prefers cans but there had to be twice the soda in the fountain soda so that is why I wondered about being able to order fountain sodas instead of canned and what the current cost was.
  15. I had the "sodas and more package" on my last cruise. Instead of a can of soda, it is given to you in the form of a "fountain" drink. Did not have a problem with this as you receive the soda in a very large glass, with or without ice. My question is: can you buy a "fountain" drink if you do not have the soda package? If so, how much does it cost.
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