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  1. Not quite 10 days. Processed on the 8th, increase in credit noted on the 10th, transaction posted on the 11th. Still a delay. I have no idea how they broke it down. I had a total of 11 payments across two credit cards. I recognized the excursion costs, the installment payments(mostly) and the initial payment. The rest? A mystery. Still the total received = the total payed. Took time. All is good!
  2. Small disagreement. In my case, I was told the balance of my refund happened on the 8th. When it finally showed on my cards was today, the 11th. My credit cards show processed on the 8th. So, there was a delay in posting by the credit card companies the way I see it. Mad
  3. Refund for our 4/27 Barcelona to Southampton is now complete. We received two more installments on the refund this morning. Thanks SusieQft for all your hard work in organizing this thread. Big shout out. Mad
  4. I received partial payment, 87% so far. scheduled cruise: 4/27, Barcelona to Southampton requested refund for canceled cruise: 3/30 partial refund: 6/2 Mad
  5. Portolan, I asked for a cash refund from Regent for my Regent-canceled Barcelona to Southampton that you were scheduled for the Lisbon to Southampton, end of Apr. So far no joy! Mad
  6. Thanks, SuzieQft, MadMarine scheduled sail date 4/27/20cancelled excursions 3/30/20cancelled cruise 3/30/20no refunds as of 5/9/20
  7. Or you could just honor the request of the OP. Just a thought.
  8. Seriously folks, was the ask of Portalan too difficult to understand? If you want to discuss the vagaries of the refund process or your complaints about it, how about starting your own thread! Mad
  9. Thanks for the info, but the cancelation penalty of $100/per doesn’t apply to world cruises. For a WC, the penalty is $1000/per + the cost of the insurance which is much dearer. We’re still looking as further cruise credit as a mitigation. Mad
  10. We are scheduled for the LA to London segments. I’m researching alternatives with my TA at this point. I’m not willIng to hand over 6 figure numbers to Viking come 6/15. I believe that cruising might just be getting back to maybe semi-normal. I’m not willing to risk multiple schedule changes and possibly miss ports that are on the bucket list. Currently, we are into the WC ~$10k. If we can successfully move that to a future cruise to our liking, we will. If not, we will eat the cost.
  11. We lodged a refund for a cancelled cruise and the return of insurance premium through the travel agent at the same time on 3/30. No money yet. I expect this will take some time to sort out. Mad
  12. papaflamingo, Allianz does have an exception for coronavirus as listed on their website. Mad
  13. There are several responses to this earlier in the thread. During this time, some companies are refunding the premium if your cruise is canceled by the cruise line and you have not already made a claim. My TA is currently processing my refund with Regent as well as a refund of my insurance premium with Allianz. YMMV! Mad
  14. I got this from Regent a hour or so ago: http://x.luxury.rssc.com/ats/msg.aspx?sg1=8e35b7cac72752e46adfff6bd174cd36 Mad
  15. Hi v4e, Did you complete the process? I was also able to establish that it would accept my booking for refund. I didn’t complete it since I work through a TA. Nothing else on the website indicates any other changes from the last announcement that I can see. Mad
  16. This is an excerpt from the insurer’s travel sitem PLAN REFUND INFORMATION Customers may change their plan’s effective dates to cover a new or rescheduled trip. Alternatively, for a temporary period, we are offering refunds for the cost of your travel protection plan to customers who wish to cancel their travel protection plan if the customer’s travel supplier canceled the customer’s trip due to COVID-19, so long as no payable claim has been filed under the plan. Please call us at the number listed on your plan and we will be happy to assist you.
  17. The US Pres just extended the self-isolation guidance until the end of April. I’m assuming this will have an impact on near-term cruise cancelations. Mad
  18. I have insurance from a prominent US national company that will refund the premium if the cruise is cancelled under certain conditions. Only for cruises cancelled due to coronavirus. Mad
  19. Thanks, TC. More of a rant than anything. Like you, we are hunkered down for the duration. Hopefully our state will shortly reach its peak and start recovery. All the best to you and DH. Stay safe! Mad
  20. TC, I have been patiently waiting for the cancellation of my 4/27 departure from Barcelona. This cruise is mostly Spain and Portugal. Does any one think that the Explorer is going to dock in Barcelona any time soon? I’ve looked at future cruises and there are really none that duplicate the itinerary that I signed up for. An FCC doesn’t do it for me. A declaration on Regent’s part of cancelation will allow me to get a significant cost back including insurance. The sooner the better, the clock is ticking for us! Mad
  21. Dut, dut, dah, di, dut.. Just sit right back and you'll hear a talea tale of a fateful trip,..... fair winds and following seas to our awesome, intrepid Canadian sailors! Mad
  22. The Explorer was to do a TA on 4/3. We were to pick her up in Barcelona. If the TA isn’t happening, what is the likelihood that our cruise on 4/27 will be canceled as well? Mad
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