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  1. Has anyone stayed in this ocean view cabin? It is located on the front of the ship and appears to be a corner cabin with sort of a triangle shape. I am just looking for any thoughts on its location and odd shape
  2. I was just doing some Google searches for day passes at some of the places on the Malecon and one website said that the taxi fare went up to $3
  3. My husband and I were just reminiscing about our first cruise which was on the Bermuda Star Line VeraCruz. It has been such fun and a trip down memory lane to read all these posts. My parents and my uncle boarded with us to see us off (remember the good old days when family and friends could come on board with you and see your room and tour the ship) After they left my parents told me that my uncle was laughing about how tiny the ship was. We had no idea as it was our first time on a cruise ship. We loved that cruise. I just wish I had taken more pictures but the only one I have is the formal one taken by the ship photographer when we boarded.
  4. The only 99.9% fool proof way to be sure a passenger does not have Covid is to do a test at boarding and get an immediate result. That is certainly not going to happen. Some islands now have a requirement of a negative test 10 days prior to boarding but that is, although better than nothing, not going to be that helpful as you can be negative today and positive the next day. Maybe one of those Covid sniffing dogs at boarding??
  5. I'm not sure how having a negative test is worthwhile as it is taking some states many days to get a result and then you could be negative last week and positive this week.
  6. I would extend your time in Nashville to more than 2 days. There is enough to do to fill at least 3 full days.
  7. This has certainly been one weird year. I believe 2020 will go down in the history books for all the wrong reason. Just when you think things are looking up another crisis/issue takes its place. We will get through this year and let's all hope for a better 2021😊
  8. You know there is enough us against them in the news and on social media, this is a cruise forum and I think we should stick to cruise related topics and leave the politics alone.
  9. No masks for me. I just shifted my 2 cruises to next year. Too much unknowns for this year.
  10. I tried to find my answer but there are so many pages to sift through so I apologize if this is a repeat question. Can you use Lift&Switch to move a 2021 cruise to a 2022 cruise?
  11. I would say the others were dressed in shorts or other very informal wear. I don't remember seeing anyone dressed down so much to be offensive (like cut off jeans and wife beater shirts) I enjoyed seeing the ones dressed in formal wear as you don't get to see that at your local restaurants😊
  12. We were on Oasis in late February and I would estimate 33% dressed formally and another 33% dressed nicely meaning slacks and collared shirt for men and nice dress or slacks/capris with nice top for women. There were quite a few families where everyone was dressed in their best, especially the little girls in their adorable girly outfits.
  13. I just did a Lift&Switch for Mariner 10/05/20 to 10/18/21 with same cabin and my OBC transferred. My travel agent was able to complete it in a very timely manner and the new cruise was in my account with the cruise planner up and running. It was easy peesy😊
  14. I hope when you are "getting on with your life" you are practicing social distancing or wearing a mask if you can't. I don't consider myself " Covid terrified" but I am cognizant of the potential danger that it can cause. I am "Covid aware"
  15. There is no way they can test every single person every day. It is not physically or financially possible. Plus there would be many people who would oppose being tested as it would violate their rights, just like there are many people now refusing to wear masks as it violates their rights.
  16. Great idea for a fun thread. Hope it gets lots of posts. Love on the high seas💕💞
  17. It probably works well for lady dogs but I can see boy dogs having a problem with #1 as there are no trees or fire hydrants around😊
  18. So much speculation about what will or won't happen. No one really knows at this point in time. It is going to be so interesting to read reviews from those "guinea pigs" who go on the first cruise when they restart😊 Hopefully all goes well so that I can go on my cruise in October.
  19. There are litter boxes filled with wood chip like material. They were located on the running track on deck 5 on Oasis of the Seas. I'm guessing they are emptied and cleaned by the crew
  20. Masks are only partially effective if worn properly. There are so many people wearing them improperly that I think they are more of a hazard than a help. Every time you touch your mask, readjust it, take it off, put it back on, wear it around your neck, have it only covering your mouth etc. you are contaminating your hands as the outside of the mask is, or can be contaminated. Proper mask wearing states you should wash your hands every time after touching your masks. Masks also should be washed daily. I seriously doubt that the majority of cruisers will follow those protocals. I think that masks give people a false sense of security.
  21. I voted no. I rarely go anywhere now where masks are required. I can not wear a mask for any length of time as I am quite claustrophobic. In the sun and heat of the Caribbean it would be extremely uncomfortable to be breathing through a hot, sweaty wet mask. Also there would be no way they could enforce it on the ship. They can't even enforce their rules of no reserving of pool chairs.
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