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  1. There is no way they can test every single person every day. It is not physically or financially possible. Plus there would be many people who would oppose being tested as it would violate their rights, just like there are many people now refusing to wear masks as it violates their rights.
  2. Great idea for a fun thread. Hope it gets lots of posts. Love on the high seas💕💞
  3. It probably works well for lady dogs but I can see boy dogs having a problem with #1 as there are no trees or fire hydrants around😊
  4. So much speculation about what will or won't happen. No one really knows at this point in time. It is going to be so interesting to read reviews from those "guinea pigs" who go on the first cruise when they restart😊 Hopefully all goes well so that I can go on my cruise in October.
  5. There are litter boxes filled with wood chip like material. They were located on the running track on deck 5 on Oasis of the Seas. I'm guessing they are emptied and cleaned by the crew
  6. Masks are only partially effective if worn properly. There are so many people wearing them improperly that I think they are more of a hazard than a help. Every time you touch your mask, readjust it, take it off, put it back on, wear it around your neck, have it only covering your mouth etc. you are contaminating your hands as the outside of the mask is, or can be contaminated. Proper mask wearing states you should wash your hands every time after touching your masks. Masks also should be washed daily. I seriously doubt that the majority of cruisers will follow those protocals. I think that masks give people a false sense of security.
  7. I voted no. I rarely go anywhere now where masks are required. I can not wear a mask for any length of time as I am quite claustrophobic. In the sun and heat of the Caribbean it would be extremely uncomfortable to be breathing through a hot, sweaty wet mask. Also there would be no way they could enforce it on the ship. They can't even enforce their rules of no reserving of pool chairs.
  8. Does your OBC transfer if you do the Lift&Switch?
  9. All I can say to this post is ewww!! Way too much unwanted and frankly icky information.
  10. Actually as far as paper money goes cruises are pretty safe as most everything is put on your seapass card. You don't have to tip extra with cash. You can always add the extra tip to your account. I wipe down the room once when we first board but not again. The only people in your room after boarding are the room stewart and you. You are way more likely to pick something up on the rest of the ship. If you are a true germaphobe then cruising is not the vacation for you😊 I
  11. I know this is a Royal Caribbean thread but Princess Cruise Lines is known for their Alaska cruises. Glacier Bay National Park is a highlight of Alaskan cruises and not every cruise line has permission to enter.
  12. Everything is just speculation until Royal makes an announcement.
  13. According to Matt on his blog they will not be doing the amplification at this time but just repairing the issues with the azipods? ( whatever they are)
  14. There are likely going to be a lot of changes to cruising as we knew it. Probably new restrictions, less activities, changes to entertainment, dining, pool use etc. That might be the reason they are enhancing the Cruise with Confidence policy because many people, me included, would not want to wear a mask if they require it on a cruise. Having the security of being able to reschedule my cruise would be good.
  15. I have a lot of respect for the New Zealand Prime Minister. I don't know a whole lot about her but she seems to address issues quickly and deals with them in a decisive manner. Maybe we need more female leaders😀 I do, however, sympathize with those who were looking forward to visiting NZ and Australia.
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