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  1. Did you have to make reservations for your lunch at Jamie's on the sea day or can you just show up? Was the wine drinkable or better as a take it home and use it for cooking wine?
  2. I'm sure this has been asked and answered but I can't locate it. Is the 18% tip added to specialty restaurants or are you responsible for tipping?
  3. How about in Wonderland ( smaller venue so wouldn't be that many people) You could enlist the Mad Hatter to he!p with the surprise. They apparently do some creative reveals like removing the cover from a dish and you could have a note and/or ring under the cover instead of food. However you end up doing it congratulations😊
  4. Pure speculation. Everything you reserve can be cancelled as long as you fo!low the guidelines. Why would the Key be any different?
  5. So you have a crystal ball that you can predict the future😊 Must be nice.
  6. You would get priority boarding, carry on luggage drop off, lunch in Chops, priority tendering at your 2 tender ports, Vroom for all 3 of you, breakfast and priority disembarcation on the last day. Only you can decide if that is enough to justify the cost.
  7. Roose Thank you for your review. Glad that the Key benefits worked well for you.
  8. It's available for both my cruises, Mariner in Dec and Symphony Sept 3rd. Interestingly it was sold out for my Sept cruise for a long time and now it's available again. I guess some people had second tboughts😊
  9. Beach Beds just showed up today for my Sept cruise but the price is $299 Too expensive for me.
  10. We tip $1-2 per bag and never had a porter ask for more, roll his eyes or damage our luggage. I really don't think they have the time to remember who tipped what and then go find that person's luggage and rip off the tags or purposefully damage your luggage.
  11. For goodness sake did you even read the article you posted? We are not talking about longshoremen who work at docks and move cargo we are talking about porters who move luggage. Please show me an article about porters who make $100,000 dollars or more a year at a hotel, airport or cruise moving luggage and I'll be convinced. False information such as this could cause naive people from not tipping their porters who may rely on tips just like any service worker.
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