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  1. The topic is NCL looking at Pay for Perks, and I simkply suggested that NCL look at offering a friendship package, for a fee of course, to people in groups who wanted the service, but not the suite. Much like the airlines let me check luggage and buy a drink without paying for a big seat.
  2. That would be true. However, on the GEM, which I just got off of, the 11th floor has 10 suites wth connecting rooms for family and friends. The suite occupants get priority, special dining facilities for breakfast and lunch, and afternoon snacks delivered to your room. Your family and friends in the connecting room do not. Does that make sense?
  3. Yes, I keep hearing 25 staterooms. I also keep hearing two ships. Is the 25 and two a permanent limit, or just an experimental start?
  4. I must agree wholeheartedly with what you say. I just got off our 24th NCL cruise, which is where I heard rumors about their new "experiment". I was looking for a way to express my opinion to management, when I saw your posting. Eleven of my 24 cruises have been suites or Havens. About ten of them have been with at least one other couple. I like the suites, but if you have a suite and the other couple doesn't, you'll seldom see each other. That's why I'd like to see them offer an opportunity for family and friends to buy the suite package, so the party could stay together. On the other hand, offering a priority perk to everyone will substantially devalue the suites. How do we get this idea across to management?
  5. Cardex.. What floor? We have always loved the aft rooms, but get the higher floors after a bad experience with lounge noise on the Sun 10 years ago and are now paranoid.. We're going on the GEM next week, and only penthouses available are on deck 8.
  6. Anotter -- Good news! Just saw your other post about penthouse upgrade. Suite guests get priority ahead of all others. Butler will escourt you off as soon as ship is cleared.
  7. Great! Looking forward to meeting you anotter. We too had midship balcony, and bid on a number of suites. Aft penthouses are nice in general, but because of concern about possible noise, I bid very low. Let me know how it is. I bid much higher for two bedroom SC and H4, which we got. Let's look each other up next week and discuss. Lynn
  8. Good luck to you! -- I can say that because we're not going the same week. Otherwise, we'd be competing against each other for the few remaining suites 😉
  9. Thanks. It still doesn't seem logical to me as a potential customer, but the fact that you've noticed the same thing makes me feel a lot better.
  10. OK. I've lurked long enough. Thank you to all for your input, especially Jamie. We are booked on GEM BA for Bermuda in two weeks. Trying to catch an upgrade to suit or haven status, but I'm having trouble making "logical" sense out of some of NCL's pricing policies. I.E. Asking $300 more for haven one bedroom penthouse (H5) than the two bedroom haven (H4). Normally the opposite. Front facing penthouse higher than aft on this cruise, but lower than aft on cruise two weeks out. Over the past few weeks, I have seen several other similar pricings that do not seem logical, which makes bidding difficult. Is there anybody that can explain?
  11. Booked on an April cruise from Boston. It appears to be about half full. I'm just trying to plan my bids.
  12. In theory, that's a very good point, and a concern that I share. However, in reality, it'd have to be some one cruising the same date, on the same ship, with a current reservation for the same room category wanting the same upgrade. I'm sure there's lurkers out there, but the roll call for my April cruise only has about ten visitors, and they range from insides to havens already booked.
  13. Booked on an April cruise from Boston. It appears to be about half full. I'm just trying to plan my bids.
  14. [" The opinions about the Haven seemed split. Half the people say they would never sail without being in the Haven, the other half say they would never waste the money as you can do two cruises for the price of one Haven room. Each side is adamant about their position. So it comes down to what matters to us." An economist would tell you that NCL has priced it perfectly if exactly 1/2 had to have it and 1/2 said they wouldn't spend the money!:cool:
  15. Heard story of a couple who had a suite. He was in a wheelchair and unable to speak. Early in the week, he falls in shower, and they file complaint, seeking damages. A couple days later, adjacent guest complains about loud, obscene arguments occurring next door every night. Hotel director and security chief makes recording, then visits couple and asks who the loud man was. Couple denies any additional guests have been in the room. When they play the tape, the wheelchair bound victim starts swearing up a storm. Apparently, the couple loved to cruise, and had used the ploy on numerous other cruise lines to get refunds, comps, and discounts on future cruises. NCL put a stop to all future trips.
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