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  1. Please be careful with your personal information. While I’m not saying any of your friends here on CC would cause any mischief, you’ve given us your full name, approximate age and residence state. With just those little bits of information, I’m sure much more could be found and possibly result in identity theft.
  2. Thank you. I was logged in to my NCL account. I think I'm getting a deal being charged $273 for a 14 day cruise if I purchase in advance. That's only $19.50/day.
  3. I’m looking at the available plans for a 14 day cruise and I’m a bit confused. For the social media plan it appears that the price is complete for the entire trip. For the Unlimited wifi and Premium unlimited wifi it appears they are pricing at $273 and $331 PER DAY, respectively, so 14 days times $273 ($3,822) or 14 day times $331 ($4,634) for internet use. Is this correct? I’ve included information from the NCL site below. Thank you for any insight you can provide. The unlimited social media wifi plan - unlimited use throughout the cruise – save up to 15% when booking onli
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