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  1. PaperSniper4

    What is the cost of the Classic Beverage Package Perk?

    Yes indeed. We typically book early to get a cabin we really like. Sometimes I've spend a month or more doing research on the ship, itinerary and cabin, so once I know what I want, I act. However, usually I do that about 14 month out; and the cruise I am considering now is nearly 22 months out! My TA tells me it is not very booked now, so I will wait unless he assures me I can get the better rate if Celeb lowers it. Right now I have a very good OBC from my TA, and the Celeb perks are nice also.....but like all of us, I want the best deal I can get! <g>
  2. PaperSniper4

    What is the cost of the Classic Beverage Package Perk?

    I probably stated my original post poorly: you are correct that what I wanted to know is what additional cost I'd have if I were to select the CBP perk - IOW, would I additionally be required to pay a gratuity? On RCI once I received the perk of a "free drink" package for my wife and I, but we were required to pay $50 for those gratuities. No problem with RCI doing that, since it was stated up front, but I was just curious about Celeb's procedure since they are also an RCCL company. I thought they might have the same thing. But, although I have started a minor tempest by my posts above <g>, my questions have been answered and I thank all who replied. Yes, it's important to figure out the personal value of each perk that's offered. Some are easier, like the $150 pp OBC and "gratuities pre-paid"...but even that $150 pp might be variable if one never spent a dime while on the cruise and that OBC was not refundable, like many are not. Thanks to my wife (and me), we rarely have to worry about getting our non-refundable OBCs....they are gone after a few days! <G> One thing that complicates my comparisons this time is my TA offers two perk packages: one with a non-refundable deposit, one with a refundable deposit. If I take the non-refundable I'd get an additional perk. In my case, the deposit would be $900 payable about a year in advance, so I was attempting to assess the value to the two deposit schemes by including the CBP as my third perk. That gets even more complicated than trying to figure out if I'm liable for tips with the CBP perk! HA! So I took the easy way out and decided to not book anything right now!
  3. PaperSniper4

    What is the cost of the Classic Beverage Package Perk?

    Good thought on the intangibles....and I'd forgotten an after-dinner specialty coffee would be nice. For our in the cabin drinks, I will probably take a covered coffee cup to the bar during the day and have them put a drink of two in that for later. Hopefully I'd not spill any on the way to the cabin, but the covered cup will help me there!
  4. PaperSniper4

    What is the cost of the Classic Beverage Package Perk?

    Heh heh, the value to me is closer to average $30 a day for the two of us! That's about $330 for the two of us on this planned 11 day cruise. We just don't drink much, even on vacation. One reason we are both always on a diet! <g>
  5. PaperSniper4

    What is the cost of the Classic Beverage Package Perk?

    We are not big drinkers. At home we usually have a glass of wine for my wife and a martini or scotch for me, but only 4-5 times a week. We do bring two bottles of wine with us for cabin consumption. We rarely visit the bars on the ships or elsewhere. On most cruises I order a bottle (usually scotch) delivered to our stateroom with varying success. On some lines the bottle is bigger than I need, as in 1 litre for a 7 day cruise (Carnival), or smaller, as .375 litre on a 10 days cruise (RCI). Go figure. <g> In our case, looking at an 11 day cruise and the "perks" available, I'll go for the gratuities ($319 for 11 days), then the extra OBC ($300), and last the beverage package. The beverage perk makes financial sense, as otherwise I'd purchase a bottle for our cabin. However, it's a hassle to get our drinks at the bar....we prefer them on our balcony, so I have to get the drinks and carry them to our cabin. So the beverage package is a bit of a pain, but cheaper. <g>
  6. PaperSniper4

    What is the cost of the Classic Beverage Package Perk?

    Yep, that's the plan if I find someone who can make a martini I like! <g>
  7. Thanks very much for that info; answers all my questions. BTW, I'd rather be sailing also!
  8. Great, thank you. And those are included under the Classic Beverage Package, right? And does the CBP come with gratuities per-paid also? Or will they charge our account the 18% gratuity with each drink? We have never had a beverage package before, but since it's a perk option, I'm considering it. Usually we just get a bottle delivered to the cabin when we sail.
  9. It's one of the perks I am considering for the current pricing. However, if I have to pay a gratuity with each drink that could be expensive. So, does the perk of the CBP include gratuities, anyone with experience know? Thanks! Doug
  10. Any idea if the Classic Beverage Package includes a martini at other than the "Martini Bar". IOW, any of the regular bars.
  11. PaperSniper4

    Solstice Class - Equinox space aft? What's there?

    Thanks to all who replied. You confirmed my thoughts: that area is a nice quiet area! Good idea about the cooking smells, I might also consider deck 8 if we book this cruise.
  12. Considering a cruise on the Equinox....and choosing a cabin around the third of the ship near the stern on decks 6, 7, 8. If my photo was attached to this post, I refer to the area between the port and starboard cabins. For instance, between 7295 and 7344. Anyone know what's there? I am trying to avoid noise, music, etc for our cabin, which is why I avoid cabins near an atrium, a club and elevators. Thanks ya'll! Doug
  13. PaperSniper4

    Medical Use of a Heating Pad

    Within a few hours of sending to the email link above, I got an email saying my question was forwarded to Guest Medical Department: <guestmedical@hagroup.com> I hope this helps someone trying to get in contact for such matters. Doug
  14. PaperSniper4

    Medical Use of a Heating Pad

    Thanks. I sent an email to that address about the COPD and heating pad.
  15. PaperSniper4

    Medical Use of a Heating Pad

    Does anyone have an information on bringing a heating pad on a Princess ship? My wife and I both have a medical need for them. Yes, there may be allowed on RCCL's ships (RCI, Celebrity for example); just contact their Special Needs Department (special_needs@RCCL.com). But Princess is not an RCCL cruise line, and their procedures are probably different. There is no mention of a heating pad under Princess' Special Needs on their web page. I suppose I will have to call their Customer Service phone, but I'd prefer having something in writing. So, if someone has a link it would be appreciated! Thanks! Doug