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  1. Thanks for posting the link for those wanting to try that workaround. However, I was asking if anyone had any luck downloading and using the Medallion app on a non-modified Fire. I'd rather load only Fire apps on my tablet. I suspect on our next cruise there will be very few paper forms, menus, Patter, etc available, so we will have to use some sort of electronics. I'd prefer not using my Android cell as it's very small, hence my question. I understand and do support the cruise lines thoughts on limiting things like menus that we will hold, however. I suppose I will try my cell for
  2. You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in trouble if she reads that!😉 I gotta hand it to that chair hog however, at least he/she has a sense of humor.
  3. I have not been able to find the Medallion app on Amazon's list of Kindle Fire apps. Can't recall the app name but I think it's MedallionClass? Has anyone been able to try the "regular" Android version of the Medallion app on their Fire? I know there is a workaround to allow non Fire apps to work on a Fire, but I'd rather avoid that. I do have the Medallions apps on our phones and have used them okay in the past. But if we must start using phones to see menus, etc, I'd much rather have the larger Fire to read! I'll be using the Fire to check emails, read ebooks, check things on th
  4. I'd like to bring my own favorite scotch and/or gin on board with me. I have no problem being charged for that, like most cruise lines do for wine. I know I could smuggle my own on board, and did many years ago, but I stopped because it was a hassle and I started to feel a little guilty. I am cheap, yes, but the main reason I'd like to bring my own liquor is personal preference: most cruise lines that offer in cabin delivery (like Princess) have a very basic list of liquor for delivery. (My opinion of Johnny Walker Red for one thing is low.....very low. 😝) My wife and I very much prefer having
  5. That was my poorly made point: it increases costs. The fish don't pay for the honor of eating our leftover grub; the hog farmers would! <g> It took me years and years to be able to NOT eat all the food I received in the MDRs on cruise ships. I was raised to eat everything on my plate; it was a hard habit to break. At least at the buffet I could only take what I thought I could eat. The cruise line's supply officers have a tough job to do, trying to determine what and how much to order. I deplore the wasted food also, but I don't think that if gonna change anytime soon....or maybe it will
  6. Pretty sure it doesn't go to the fishes....maybe a hog farm at the end of the day? 😉 I believe folks think it's "wasted", because a few passengers are taking more than they eat, but all of us are paying for that excess.
  7. Even then we're told there is still that 5% risk. However, I am MORE than willing to take that risk....even more risk actually to get on with my life. I understand not everyone feels that way, and that's fine also. But I gotta be pragmatic....and I REALLY want to go cruising again!😎
  8. We are looking at it a bit differently: YES / NO >No washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning during the cruise - YES >Room service coffee on the balcony each morning, watching and listening to the ocean below us - YES >Drinks on the balcony each evening, watching and listening to the ocean below us -YES >Lovely, quiet cabin with nice appointments, our Kindles, books and tablet - YES >Good food - YES >Convenience of grabbing a snack or drink easily, maybe even with room service - YES Sorry, but I could not find anything that required a NO.
  9. Like some of you, I have a "cruise bag" that I keep stocked for cruises and grab whenever we go on a cruise. In it are things that I have acquired over 40 years of cruise experience, like towel clips, magnetic hooks, luggage tag holders, compact extension cords, a luggage scale, etc. Those items remain in the bag between cruises. I don't use those items for any other purpose. Yesterday I inventoried the bag just to dust it off basically <g>, and I was reminded of several things I'd added for our first cruise I had cancelled about a year ago. I can now pat myself on the back; I am ready t
  10. I guess 2 out of 3 isn't too bad, considering.😉
  11. Yes, that's what it will take. We'll have no idea how/when cruising will start until it does. As someone once sagely (or meaninglessly) said "it is what it is". Doug
  12. That is good news for my next two booked cruises! Now all I need to do to get that OBC is find the cash for the final payment and actually board the ships!😉 Doug
  13. Yeah, but I personally know of a couple of adults who might be in the situation!😉 I don't care so much about Princess Cay, but I'd sure like to feel the ship move beneath my feet, and hear and see he ocean! Doug
  14. This is starting to sound like the Carnival forum.......😲
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