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  1. Hello again from West Berkshire, where our case numbers seem to be dropping again. This is clearly good news but I confess to feeling rather gloomy this week - probably a combination of the normal January blues, the miserable weather, hormones and the fact that despite the vaccine roll out, I feel somewhat sceptical that things will be very much better by the spring. (At today’s press conference, Professor Chris Whitty, England’s Chief Medical Officer denied having said things would be better by Easter, saying the PM May have misquoted him - so I rest my case!) My other half also
  2. A slightly belated happy new year to everyone! As I said to friends & family, good riddance to 2020 & welcome to 2021. My other half & I had a quiet but enjoyable Christmas - our turkey joint for six was enough for lunch, two rounds of rolls and a final “hurrah” of turkey toasties on the 27th. We do still have some mince pies, Christmas cake and rather a lot of chocolate to keep us going. Fortunately, I am pretty disciplined so the chocolate will probably last for several months more. 😊 I am right at the bottom of the UK priority list for the vaccine with m
  3. Season’s Greetings to everyone! I wish you the merriest Christmas you’re able to have this year. 🎄🎄🎄 I have just heard on the Classic FM news that people in parts of Suffolk & Humberside have woken up to some snow this morning. In my part of the world it is dry and chilly - I think we will see some sunshine today. Christmas Day is normally spent quietly with my other half so our plans have not been changed by Berkshire’s move into tier 4. I am cooking a turkey breast joint with all the usual trimmings later on - Waitrose tells me the turkey serves a minimum of 6 peopl
  4. A very happy Christmas & greetings of the season to all Cunard cruisers. 🎄🎄🎄
  5. Well, I’m pleased my festive preparations are complete - we have a marvellous Nordmann fir in the lounge and a potted, living one in the garden, which we have rigged up with lights and silver baubles. (It’s only about 5 ft but the idea is to keep it small & compact with my other half’s bonsai skills. Apart from some gift wrapping and collecting the turkey & other Christmas bits on 23rd, my Christmas preparations are complete. This is just as well since the PM has just announced that London & the South East are moving to a new set of tier 4 regulations, similar to the Nove
  6. Thank you for the photos - the cakes look wonderful. 😀🎄
  7. I hope everyone who is celebrating Thanksgiving today is having the best day they can possibly have, in light of this extraordinary year we have all been living through. We have the local neighbourhood festive light switch on this weekend. We are also going to have a community Christmas tree for the first time this year - which brings me nicely to @Colin_Cameron - very much looking forward to seeing your cakes when they are ready! 🎄🌲🎅🏻 My local area is going to be in Tier 2 from December 3rd - it won’t make a lot of difference to me and I had already resigned myself to n
  8. Our neighbourhood VE Day 75 WhatsApp group has morphed into a festive neighbours group, with plans for safe, socially distanced activities during December. However, in advance, we are all being encouraged to put our lights up on November 28, which is a Saturday. There is normally a very good display locally and the idea is to bring some early seasonal cheer to people as they come home from work, walk their dog or pop to the post box. We don’t normally have much in the way of exterior decorations ourselves (a door wreath, some plants) but 2 sets of battery operated lights have arrived from Jo
  9. It is Remembrance Sunday here in the U.K. Due to Covid, commemorations at the Cenotaph and across the country have been much reduced in scope and people were encouraged to pay their respects instead from their doorsteps at 11am for the two minutes silence. I think this was a very good idea and something we should repeat next year - such a simple way for neighbours to come together in a communal act of remembrance. As so often seems to be the case, it has been a cold, damp and miserable day for weather. I’ve been reading lots of news reports about people decorating their houses ear
  10. I received a text this morning from a friend who lives in an outer London borough to say that people were queuing outside the specialist card shops in her local high street as these will be shut under the rules to come into force in England on 5 November. These shops often have the best selection of Christmas cards which was no doubt the reason for the queues. In the same vein, a colleague who lives on the London/Surrey borders said her M&S Simply Food Store had no crackers and very few cards. My partner made a planned visit to our local IKEA and said he couldn’t believe how busy it was.
  11. Can I have Rome, even though the port of call is actually Civitavecchia? We always find some new aspect of its ancient past to enthral us. Madeira - I love going out for beef estepada and Madeiran garlic bread. I agree about Bergen too. And probably any port on a fjord - I never tire of the breathtaking scenery.
  12. Well, I missed most of the press conference in the end because it started much later than we were advised and by then it was time for pizza in front of the TV, watching something which wasn’t going to a) give us indigestion and b)result in us spitting out the pizza in apoplexy! The announcements were much as I expected. Schools are staying open for now but I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a longer Christmas break than their normal two weeks. A senior cabinet minister was doing the TV rounds this morning indicating that the 2 December end date might not be the end date after all, if the R r
  13. I’m just waiting for the PM’s press conference to start but it appears from news reports that the lockdown will start in England on Thursday and last until 2 December. It will be similar to the March one but apparently schools & universities will remain open. However, the main teaching union is saying that schools should shut. Quite a few details have leaked out but we obviously need to hear the details from the PM himself.
  14. @Ray66 - correct! That’s QV last year. Love the photos from QE too. @Bluemarble - thank you for posting your QM2 pumpkin display. Although we don’t do anything for Halloween ourselves, I do love the pumpkin art and enjoy seeing all the wonderful creations.
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