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  1. We had a lovely bbq at my aunt’s last Saturday and I got to see my brother for the first time in 2 years. My aunt is the convenor of our small family: my aunt & uncle, brother, cousins and their families all live on the other side of London in Essex. I am the outlier here in west Berkshire. My other half has family scattered further away too. Unfortunately my cousins could not come over for various reasons but I will hopefully see them at some point in the not too distant future. Despite England moving to stage 4 of the route map, I am still working from home on the instruction
  2. Hello everyone. We seem to be in a cycle of having pretty grey & miserable weekends at the moment - a pattern which is being repeated this Sunday morning. Apart from the regular chore of laundering our bed linen, I don’t anticipate doing much today beyond watching the Wimbledon men’s singles final & Tour de France highlights this evening. I shall be giving the big football match a miss - my policy of ignoring the proceedings so far seems to have paid dividends for the home nation! It’s nice hearing about your plans for future cruises - I look forward to reading r
  3. I’d love to be back on board next year but there is absolutely no way I am cruising again whilst there remains the possibility of having to wear a mask. I know I could book and probably move the reservation to another sailing before payment date but that feels like a lot of hassle and I am not sure I want to start looking forward to something I might end up shifting back or even cancelling. We took a refund for our cancelled 2019 fjords cruise and lost a shed-load of OBC as well as the future cruise deposit, so I think ideally I would prefer to book a short trip first and purchase some FCDs an
  4. @Host Hattie - glad to hear you enjoyed your trip to London & thanks for reporting back. It was too warm for me to do much this weekend so I largely spent it pottering in the garden and reading. I seem to be having some success with last year’s non-flowering agapanthus, a number of which are going to produce flowers for me. I’m so glad I didn’t get rid of them - maybe it was the threat of a visit to the garden waste bin which spurred them on!
  5. @Host Hattie - enjoy your weekend in London. Let us know how busy you find it. My opticians is based in the Bloomsbury area and I need to book an overdue eyesight test once their new premises open this summer. I haven’t been in central London since January last year or to our nearest big town, Reading, since last March. I’ve left Berkshire a few times but not to spend any time in big towns or cities. I can’t say I miss them.
  6. @Host Hattie - no side effects from my 2nd jab either - apart from the desire to eat cake! Cases have risen slightly in west Berkshire but this is due to outbreaks in local schools. As it is also half term this week, that might act as some sort of circuit breaker. We got some tidying up done in the storage area of our garden yesterday, which has created a bit more space to display our constantly increasing number of pots. My other half now has to book a trip to the household waste and recycling centre to dispose of the items we are getting rid of. It’s cloudy at t
  7. I had my second Covid vaccination yesterday - and celebrated with a delicious chocolate sponge cake with chocolate ganache from our brilliant local bakery just down the road from the village hall where I had the jab. My other half picked up a strawberry tart very reminiscent of those served in the Cafe Carinthia & Chart Room on QE & QV. When I saw them it did make me feel quite wistful. We still have nothing booked but I might take a look for next year, assuming everyone else hasn’t got there before me. After the Saturday chores we managed to sit on the patio which gets th
  8. It’s a wet and miserable morning here in west Berkshire - and Cornwall seems a distant memory, though we arrived home only 2 weeks ago. We have since been plagued by nesting starlings using our cars, windows, lawn, plants and just about anything outside as their toilet facilities - there has historically been a bit of an issue with them during the spring but it has never been this bad. We’ve had to stop feeding the wild birds openly which impacts on the sparrows, robins, blackbirds, doves, pigeons and others which don’t cause us any problems despite being prevalent in much larger numbers. 😡
  9. Hello everyone - we have been here today - Botallack on the “Tin Coast” in Cornwall, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. My other half & I are down in our beloved Cornwall for a week: we booked last September but I didn’t think for one minute we would actually be able to come after the truly dismal start to 2021. However, “unlock” in England came just in time for us to come down on Friday - and I even got my haircut last Monday as well!! 🥳 You can see the famous Crowns engine houses in the photo which doubled for Grambler mine in the first series of the Poldark reboot and a
  10. It was Anne Dudley’s title music to Poldark. I’ve voted for it every year since the reboot first aired but I don’t think it has ever made the top 300 though it is often played on Classic FM. I like your choices too, Lanky Lad. It’s so difficult to choose three, though, as I find my mood often dictates what my favourites are. Cunard’s live classical performances are certainly something I have been missing - I always make a point of catching them on sea days.
  11. Yes, it was The Lark - for a record 11th time apparently, though I prefer Vaughn Williams’ Variations on a Theme of Thomas Tallis, which was number 3. 2 of the 3 pieces I voted for made the top 300: Pachelbel’s Canon and Grieg's Peer Gynt Suite No.1.
  12. Easter greetings to everyone from a very sunny but chilly west Berkshire. We had frost on the cars & ice in the bird baths this morning. Last year I think I started a thread-within-a-thread when I posted a photo of Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs. This year, however, we’ve changed direction in the Kynance household: I gave my other half a box of Niederegger marzipan mini eggs & 2 Cadbury’s creme eggs and he gave me a Waitrose No 1 chocolates selection and some wine!! My OH grows many miniature trees in pots in our garden and I fetched one in last week - a pear I think - to decorat
  13. We completed our census form online last Sunday, which you were allowed to do, provided you updated your return if anything changed. I figured nothing would change given the current situation! Yesterday a record breaking 873,784 vaccines were administered in the UK, meaning more than the half the adult population has received at least one jab. Congratulations 👏 to everyone involved in this magnificent effort. However, overseas travel to Europe this summer is starting to look more doubtful, perhaps understandably given the much lower level roll out of vaccines on the contin
  14. @alc13 - here’s a photo for you, slightly arty and taken at the end of February. I believe these are Narcissus Jetfire, one of my favourites.
  15. Hi everyone. I had the Oxford vaccine on Thursday and the whole process was so quick and efficient that I was back in the car 5 minutes after getting out of it. My jab took place in a local community hall and everyone there was cheerful, friendly & welcoming. I felt like we were all taking part in a great national endeavour, albeit my part in it was very minor. I was pretty tired yesterday with the odd ache but today feel quite recovered. I read a piece by the well known UK travel writer, Simon Calder in today’s “i” newspaper about these planned round Britain cruises.
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