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  1. lovetrauma

    Not Happy with Liquor Up Charges

    One time I attended one of these feedback meetings and to our surprise they made a representive that was on that sailing from the Coroporate office also attend. I wouldn't expect it because we all were surprised but it was a good surprise. They will at least take good notes to pass on.
  2. lovetrauma

    Question on Parental Consent form

    My wife took my children on two different cruises without me as I had work. On one they didn't ask for anything. On the other she had to show them a notarized letter from me and a copy of my drivers license. So I guess it depends on who checks you in.
  3. lovetrauma

    Not Happy with Liquor Up Charges

    My family and I are suppose to sail in November on the Breakaway for my daughters Sweet 16. We were thinking of upgrading to a Haven. However now we are actually looking at other lines because of this new liquor price increase. There goes another Plantinum Family Guests that will be leaving NCL over there nickel and dime
  4. lovetrauma

    Site seems a bit wankish

    Yeah been happening off and on for a few weeks now.
  5. lovetrauma

    Breakaway - Reserved Show Question

    Seats are not assigned. You take any open seat. There is a stand by line for people that didn't reserve seats. They normally seat them about 5-10 minutes before the show for the no shows.
  6. lovetrauma

    Haven Chair Hogs

    When my family and I stayed in an Aft Haven Room we had No Problem when we went to the Haven finding chairs.
  7. lovetrauma

    San Juan Port

    What is there to do in Port when you arrive and leave so late?
  8. lovetrauma

    Anyone else having major issues with this forum?

    4-5 days I can understand. The roll call issue I sent quite a few emails sine around December 20th with No Response.
  9. lovetrauma

    Updated Breakaway Menus

    Thank you
  10. lovetrauma

    Anyone else having major issues with this forum?

    Yes been having problems for a few days. Sent emails about that and about my roll call not showing up in proper spot and got Zero replies.
  11. lovetrauma

    Updated Breakaway Menus

    Was wondering if anyone has or knows where to find the current Dinning Room Menus?
  12. lovetrauma


    My pharmist makes me smaller bottles with labels that I take with me. Then once on the ship I make up my pill reminder container for the week. I feel this just avoids any possible problems.
  13. lovetrauma

    Must-try cocktails

    Pina Colada with Armetto
  14. lovetrauma

    Cruise inside cabin but eat in the Haven?

    Sorry they are Not the Media. If they want Haven access they need to Pay for a Haven Room just like every other Haven Guest. NCL shouldn't have caved an given them even the one free dinner in the Haven. Hopefully NCL sees this video and reads their letter. Then they can see what Real Scam Artists they are.
  15. lovetrauma

    Perk Packages Question

    If you picked the Dinning Perk. I know the first & second get three specialty meals on a seven night cruise. However can go to dinner with two other people that don't have the perk and just use two credits from both the first and second person to cover them?