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  1. JohninDC

    Taxi fare AC Marriott Aventura to FLL

  2. JohninDC

    Budget Rental Code

    Some of the WDW boards (All Ears, etc.) sometimes post FL specific car rental codes - check them out.
  3. JohninDC

    Shuttle Sanford Airport to Port Canaveral

    Flying in day of your cruise? Your safest option, if available is the cruise line transfer. Pray that your flight is not delayed or cancelled and buy some good trip insurance - too risky for me. Good luck and have a great cruise!
  4. JohninDC

    Is Uber XL ok to use?

    1. I've used Larry's Limos in the past and highly recommend them; they are often suggested on the FLA departures board. 2. Uber and Lyft have no problems operating at POM, PE, FLL and MIA The restrictions that used to be in place (i.e. job protection for poorly run taxis) are long gone. Have a great cruise!
  5. JohninDC

    Is Uber XL ok to use?

    Not sure SAS will pick up at a Miami hotel and transport to Port Everglades - their focus is mostly FLL and nearby hotels to Port of Miami
  6. JohninDC

    Port of Tampa

    Bahama Breeze is a short walk away.
  7. JohninDC

    Parkiing in Miami

    If you search the FLA departures board you'll find that all of the locals suggest parking at POM, not off site. None of the hotels offering parking deals includes a shuttle back to your car, so plan on a $30 cab ride. You might look at staying cheap outside of south FLA and then drive in to Miami the morning of your cruise. West Palm is only about 90+ minutes away and even Orlando is doable if you get up early (about 4 hours). Parking at POM is covered, convenient and secure; parking anywhere else will likely not be covered, for sure will not be as convenient, and will be less secure. It is your car - do you feel lucky?
  8. JohninDC

    Skye Reef for snorkeling?

    Welcome to the boards! I would also check out the Money Bar - it meets all of your needs. Mitsugirly is a frequent poster who has a photo intensive review of the Money Bar linked in her signature - or at least it was linked before the "upgrade" Check it out.
  9. JohninDC


    UberXL is usually a minivan or large SUV - 4 passengers plus bags for the ride from MIA area hotels to POM should be easy.
  10. JohninDC

    Shuttle transport from MIA area hotel to Port Everglades

    UberX for 2-3 passengers and bags from MIA area hotels to PE will run about $35 -- taxi will be closer to $70+ You could save a few $ by taking the hotel shuttle back to MIA, riding the Tri-Rail train to FLL and then a $10 Uber to the port, but the savings are not worth the hassle IMHO
  11. JohninDC

    Ft. Lauderdale Q&A/FAQ Part 2

    I would choose flying in late the day before over cutting it close with a 2:00 arrival EVERY TIME!
  12. JohninDC

    Town Center/Beach with Turtles

    You can swim out to the turtles (they congregate in an area where the tour boats feed them) and also to the ship wreck, but that is a LONG way out and back on your own. Using a tour boat or riding the boat included with the BoatYard admission is a better option IMHO.
  13. JohninDC

    Dolphin encounter with lunch at Chankanaab?

    Try the search function for this board to find related threads, but I seem to recall that the reviews of the lunch buffet were not very positive.
  14. JohninDC


    Two minivan taxis or two UberXLs will get you from MIA airport hotels to POM for about $30+ per vehicle You can check with Super Shuttle for a quote if riding together is important, but I doubt you'll beat the Uber/cab fare price.
  15. JohninDC

    Ft. Lauderdale Q&A/FAQ Part 2

    If you are not at check in at least 90 min prior to departure (so 3:30) you will likely not be allowed to board. Why wait? We usually try to arrive early and enjoy lunch and some pool time before they open up staterooms.