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  1. 5 ships is about average for Cozumel - do not sweat that number of cruisers. After spending several hours at an all-inclusive beach club you are likely to not have time (or desire) to touring the chocolate factory -- I would check to see what time they open for tours. Same for the tequila tasting. You could save one or both for your next cruise and head to Nachi Cocom for the day - AI for about $55 each, never crowded (limited to 130 guests per day, and great food/drinks/service. You could tour the chocolate factory, do tequila tasting, then spend a few hours at a pay as you go beach club (Paradise Beach is big, with great facilities and a HUGE pool; Money Bar is smaller, usually not crowded, and offers good snorkeling from the shore, but no traditional sandy beach) for the afternoon. Whatever beach you choose I would depart for the ship NLT 3:00 - and keep track of time with a watch, not your cell, so that you stay on ship time which often differs from local time.
  2. JohninDC

    10:55am flight out of FLL?

    For a 10:55 flight you need to be at FLL NLT 9:30, and closer to 9:00 is better with the typical TSA chaos. With the taxi Uber ride from PE to FLL taking only about 15 min (closer to $10+ in Uber or $15+ in a taxi as Bruce mentioned above), that translates into off the ship, with bags, and clear of customs/immigration by about 8:30. Usually should not be an issue -- you could carry your bags off if you want to give yourself some wiggle room in your schedules.
  3. JohninDC

    Fort Lauderdale secure luggage store post cruise

    Or head to MIA airport (UberX from PE should be about $40) and store your bags there for a fee - then catch the Airport Flyer bus to South Beach for about $3 each. Or head to SB and store your bags at the Luggage Lounge for a fee. When you are ready collect your bags and use the Airport Flyer bus or Uber/Lyft to get to MIA.
  4. JohninDC

    Passport Confusion

    Passports are expensive up front, but are good for 10 years (I think only 5 for kids under 18 - it has been a while since we had anyone that young in my family); it's a worthy investment IMHO, but it's easy for someone to suggest how you spend your money.
  5. Or rent a car for the day - put the bags in the trunk and go where you want.
  6. www.sunny.org has lots of FLL area hotel info. We like the downtown/q7th street area with lots of nearby dining and shopping. You have time to head to downtown Miami if you prefer - lots of hotels there will be close to dining and nightlife. Shared shuttles like SAS, QLS, Go Airport and others are easy and the typical one way fare starts at $15 per person between FLL (and nearby hotels) and POM (and downtown Miami hotels). Fewer shuttles operate later in the day when it is hard to fill the van - UberX or standard Lyft (good for 2-3 plus normal baggage) will run about $35+ between FLL and POM/downtown Miami. Taxi on the same run will be about $70+
  7. JohninDC


    The basic $17 fare covers up to 4 passengers in the same cab. We've paired up on occasion with others from our roll call or in the taxi line to save $$
  8. JohninDC

    Is Pirates Cove still in business??

    Welcome to the boards! Boatyard is nearby and offers snorkel tour, water toys, good facilities, etc. Farther down the coast you'll find Harbor Lights & Lobster Alive - both rent chairs/umbrellas, offer good food and drinks, but do not have any of the water toys, etc. You should be able to arrange for a snorkel tour through them or a beach vendor.
  9. JohninDC

    Hollywood and water taxi

    Or stay in the downtown/17th street area of Four Lauderdale, enjoy the water taxi and some fun dining options within walking distance. UberX the next day to POM will be about $35+
  10. Avis and Hertz have hotel locations very close to the port in Tampa. Enterprise in Ybor city is also close. If you get a better deal dropping cars at the TPA airport, and UberX to the port is only about $20 -- I would drop 6 plus bags at the port and then return the cars. The drive from MCO to the port of Tampa will take about 90 min.
  11. Arriving late into MIA? If so I would focus on airport hotels in the Blue Lagoon area - the Homewood Suites there offers big, suite style rooms plus a great breakfast and is a 5-10 minute walk to a local strip mall with grocery, drug and liquor stores for last minute cruise supplies. There's also a Hampton Inn and other hotels in the area. UberXL should get all 5 of you and bags to POM for about $30. Your 10:50 flight is doable, but you do not have any flexibility for delays. Van taxi or UberXL from POM to MIA will run about $27+ (flat rate fare for the taxi) and on weekends the ride will only take about 15+ min; I would choose Uber as the cab drivers in Miami are almost as crooked as the taxis in Philly! Get a low number or carry all of your bags off the ship. Have a great cruise!
  12. JohninDC


    Chank offers a nice beach, small pool, sea-lion shows and opportunities to see the dolphins, nature trails, etc. Perfect for a 3-year old. The other popular option for families with younger children is Playa Mia, with a kiddie water park perfect for toddlers, plus a nice beach, water toys, etc.
  13. JohninDC

    What to do with 6-8 hours in FLL (with baggage)

    What hotel is offering day rates of $80?
  14. JohninDC

    Uber FLL area to POM

    Nope! Uber and Lyft are widely available and leaving in the morning from your hotel you can even pre-book your request. Fare for UberX from FLL area hotels to POM should be about $35+ Have a great cruise!
  15. JohninDC

    What to do with 6-8 hours in FLL (with baggage)

    For hotels and resorts offering day passes try www.resortpass.com You could rent a car for the day, put the bags in the trunk, and then go where you want - beach? I would also look at cruise line excursions - Everglades tour? - that store your bags under the bus and drop you back at the airport.