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  1. Grills, near PC searves great seafood and is very popular with the locals.
  2. Uber and taxi drivers follow the money - if there is a cruise they will be available. You can always check with the hotel front desk for their transportation recommendations.
  3. Easy enough to stay near FLL and make your way to POM the morning of your cruise. UberXL from FLL area to POM should run you about $75 each way. www.sunny.org has lots of hotel and tourist info. Many cruisers choose to stay in the downtown/17th street area (Embassy Suites, Hyatt, etc.) with lots of hotels and nearby dining options good luck! 😎
  4. Check Larry's Limos - often suggested on this board. 😎
  5. Some drivers would not turn on the meter and "quote" a flat rate fare of whatever they thought they could get away with. On the meter it should be about $15+
  6. Hotels in the Rocky Point area, near TPA, are popular with cruisers (Chase Suites, Hilton, etc.); pre-virus many offered both airport and port shuttles, or you could Uber to the port for under $20. Nice area on the bay with several dining options. Westshore area is the closest to TAP airport. Pre-virus I would say an 11:00 flight home is reasonable, but without knowing about post cruise screening I would choose a later flight. Have a great cruise! 😎
  7. Bad experiences years ago with Fox, Thrifty and other discount brands. If you regularly rent from National or Avis and have some sort of loyalty status with them you should have no issues.
  8. I would choose the later flight to be safe with whatever screening/disembarkation procedures are in place when you cruise. If you wind up with a few hours to kill you can store your bags at the airport for a fee and then head out for a boozy lunch.
  9. www/sunny.org has lots of FLL area hotel and tourist info.
  10. Several. Park 'N Cruise and Lots of Honor are the most often suggested on this board.
  11. Hmmm? 🤔 If you leave early, as I suggested (7:00 or before) the chances of an accident blocking the turnpike and any alternatives for 5-6+ hours seem pretty small to me. You could be safer and drive to FLL area the evening before and spend the night in a hotel near the port. OP - it is your call!
  12. We once drove from Orlando to Miami the morning of the cruise. Got on the road early, dropped the rental car off, and were on the ship by noon. As long as you give yourself some cushion by getting up early there are traffic options that should get you to PE in about 3.5 or so hours. The only hesitancy I would have is about the check in process changes caused by the virus.
  13. POM to MIA is a quick 20+ minute cab or Uber ride - flat rate fare for the cab used to be $28 between port and airport; Uber or Lyft will be closer to $20. So the distance between port and airport is not an issue, it's getting off the ship and cleared, as discussed above. I agree with the suggestion that you look at flights leaving after 2:00 - if you get off and cleared early then there are options for a fun lunch before you head to MIA.
  14. Embassy Suites is showing its age; if you can get into the Hilton for about the same price that is the one I would choose.
  15. Welcome to the boards neighbor! 😎 As LHT said, most hotels will only book 1 year out, and some only go 330 days. Give it another couple of weeks and you should be good.
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