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  1. JohninDC

    FURY Catamarans in cozumel

    Thanks for the feedback.
  2. JohninDC

    POM to MIA

    Taxi van or UberXL will be about The same fare - take the quickest option.
  3. JohninDC

    Paradise Beach now offering an All Inclusive option.

    We were there earlier in February and did no notice any difference in pay as you go portion sizes. The volcano nachos were still fabulous.
  4. JohninDC

    Park and Gos

    Park 'n Go is the most often suggested
  5. JohninDC

    Mr Sanchos or BarHop

    I would suggest the Bar Hop-more social and a good tour of the island. Paradise Beach can be fun, but is more oriented to groups and families.
  6. JohninDC

    Does anyone remember

    Taxi is now $8 each way, Tropicante is still great, and I did not notice a bookstore but I was more focused on the beach.
  7. JohninDC

    How easy is Tri Rail

    Check the schedule on www.trirail.com. Trains on the weekend are not frequent, so you may wait a while. Or use Uber X for about $35+ from MIA to hotels near FLL.
  8. JohninDC

    Paradise Beach now offering an All Inclusive option.

    Thanks for the detailed feedback.
  9. JohninDC

    Paradise Beach - Aqua Park and Other Questions

    All of the tourist spots offer bottled water and use purified water for ice, cooking, etc. But there might have been some bad ice in the 12th margarita I had, because I slept through dinner and felt horrible the next morning. So be cautious!
  10. JohninDC

    Costa Maya and Cozumel - Which is best for Ruins

    I agree with what Miami said. Ruins are easier to visit from Costa than Coz (and even easier if you stop in Belize!)
  11. JohninDC

    Waiting to Embark?

    I would post on the HAL board, but you should be able to board ealier. Double check your documents - 3:30 is likely a deadline and not your assigned time.
  12. JohninDC

    Full day in Miami

    Uber to MIA, pay to store your bags, and ride the Airport Flyer bus to South Beach - boozy brunch, beac, people watching, art deco architecture, hip on/off bus tour, etc. Or Uber to South Beach, and pay to store your bags at the Luggage Lounge. www.resortpass.com has resorts and large hotels that will sell you a day pass to their spa, pool and beach facilites. Pullman Hotel and some others near the airport off day rates for rooms. www.between9and5.com is one source to check. Or rent a car for the day and go where you want. Good luck! 😎
  13. JohninDC

    Port Everglades to MIA - take Uber?

    I think you get $10, but there's a time limit (2 weeks?) to use it so do not sign up until you are ready to ride either local or on vacation (I'm have used both in Charleston to avoid parking issues).
  14. JohninDC

    Paradise Beach now offering an All Inclusive option.

    Thanks for the detailed feedback.
  15. With a 12:15 flight I doubt the OP has time to rent a car, drive, has up, return, etc.