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  1. We've used insure my trip dot com in the past and were happy, but recently found a policy issued by my home/car insurer with better coverage for less $$ Check with your insurance provider to see if they offer travel insurance. Our number one priority is medical coverage, including emergency evacuation, while travelling outside of the USA - those helicopter flights are not cheap! After that the trip interruption, etc. is less of a priority for us. Good luck!
  2. JohninDC

    Playa Mia

    Lots of positive reviews on this board, especially for the kiddie water park - perfect for your 5 year old. Most of the negative comments are about the buffet food - ordering off the menu seems to be a better option. Good luck and please report back with your review.
  3. JohninDC

    Day rate at Fort Lauderdale hotel?

    www.between9and5.com and www.hotelsbyday.com are two sources to check. www.resortpass.com is a source for resorts and large hotels offering day passes to their spa, pool and beach facilities. Good luck!
  4. JohninDC

    Favorite Miami hotels? Kid friendly and pool!

    Homewood Suites on the edge of Mary Brickell village will offer big rooms, great breakfast and nearby dining, shopping, etc. Hampton Inn Mary Brickell is closer to the action, but the rooms will be smaller. Doubletree in downtown offers an amazing pool plus some rooms with a view of the port. From any downtown hotel it is easy to Uber or Lyft to Miami Beach for some time on the sand, etc. I cannot help with science museum, etc. Hopefully some of the locals will comment.
  5. JohninDC

    Carnival Cruise - Day in Cozumel with 2 year old!?

    Chank is another good option for those with kids, but the $20 admission fee is somewhat discouraging.
  6. JohninDC

    What to do after Cruise?

    From POM take an Uber to South Beach and store your bags at the Luggage Lounge. Enjoy SB for the day - boozy brunch, beach, people watching, art deco architecture, hop-on/off bus tour. Collect your bags when ready and Uber to FLL. www.resortpass.com is one source for large hotels and resorts offering day passes to their spa, pool and beach facilities - tipe them to store your bags while you enjoy.
  7. JohninDC

    Flight time question?!

    For a 10:30 flight you need to be at FLL NLT 9:00, and with the typical TSA chaos 8:30 is better. With the drive from POM to FLL taking about 30-45+ minutes that translates into off the ship, with bags, and clear of customs/immigration by about 7:30 or so - then grab the first taxi (fare will be about $75+) in line and pray that traffic cooperates. Do you want to spend your cruise worried about making your flight home? I would choose a flight leaving at noon or later, but it is your call.
  8. www.resortpass.com is one source for hotels and resorts offering day passes for their pool/spa/beach areas (tip them to store your bags) There is also a hotel located inside the MIA airport - cleverly called the Miami Airport Hotel - that offers day rooms (but no pool ) You could taxi/Uber to South Beach, store your bags for a fee at the Luggage Lounge and enjoy the day on the beach - boozy lunch, people watching, art deco architecture, etc. and head to MIA in time for your flight.
  9. JohninDC

    Nacci Cocom tips

    The $17 cab fare covers up to 4 passengers in the cab -- we too have shared cabs with others from our roll call or paired up with others from the taxi line.
  10. Welcome to the boards! How much for their shuttle service? Vans? Busses? Pick up at MCO area hotels?
  11. JohninDC

    Transportation from MCO to port Canaveral

    Welcome to the boards. How much did you pay for shuttle service? Vans? Busses? Do they pick up at MCO area hotels?
  12. JohninDC

    Using Hilton points

    Doubletree has an amazing pool plus some rooms offer a view of the port. Quieter part of downtown compared to Brickell. It all depends upon what you want.
  13. JohninDC

    Playa Mia Grand Beach Park

    If you search on line there are several pictures of the Playa Mia menu posted. Google or Bing are your friends!
  14. JohninDC

    Pink Beaches - How to get to solo

    I would look at some of the catamaran sailing tours (Silver Moon, etc.) -- organized tour, drinks, lunch, swimming with the turtles, beaches, etc. Look at the itineraries and schedules to find one that works for you.
  15. JohninDC

    Hilton Tampa Westshsore

    Put the hotel address into Google maps and then you can search for nearby liquor, grocery or drug stores.