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  1. JohninDC

    Transport from Port Everglades to Airport

    UberX or standard Lyft, good for 2-3 passengers plus normal bags, will run about $35-40. Taxi on the same run will cost about $75+
  2. Check Target or Amazon for a travel booster seat sized for your 3-year old. Some are even inflatable!
  3. JohninDC

    Need some transportation advise

    UberX or standard Lyft - good for 2-3 plus bags - from MIA to downtown hotels will run just under $20 and another under $10 ride will get you to POM the day of your cruise. Taxi on the same runs will cost about $30 and $12 respectively.
  4. JohninDC

    Barbados for first time

    The Boatyard, just down from Pirate's Cove, also offers a package admission including chair rental, shared umbrella, "free" drink, snorkel/turtle trip and free taxi back to the ship - $20 each the last time I checked.
  5. JohninDC

    Best massage in Cozumel close to Carnival pier

    Massage is offered at all of the beach clubs - I would check out Money Bar (no admission, good snorkeling from the shore, good facilities, and good food/drinks/service). Taxi each way should be about $12
  6. JohninDC

    Avanti limo service

    From where to where? What city/port?
  7. Doubletree has an amazing pool and offers some rooms with a view of the port. I have no experience with the other hotel options you listed. Good luck!
  8. JohninDC

    Best Deal Port Everglades hotel Nov. 14?

    I would start my search at www.sunny.org with lots of FLL area hotel and tourist info. Good luck!
  9. JohninDC

    Athens, Santorini and Mykanos Tour Operators

    Lots of posts on this board about doing Santorini on your own. There are two competing companies just down form where your tender will drop you off that, for 15 Euros each, will transport you via boat to the other end of the island and shuttle you to Fira. Tour Fira on your own (great views! ) then catch the included bus from Fira to Oia - tour Oia on your own and then either walk down the steps (takes about 30 min), ride the donkeys (yuck!) or pay another 6 Euros for the cable car. All three options will get you back to where you catch your tender boat to your ship. Have a great cruise!
  10. JohninDC

    Private airport transfer with a tour?

    The cruise lines usually offer the hop-on/off tour of Miami and Miami Beach with luggage storage and a drop off at MIA. If you can book the hop-on/off cheaper on your own an UberX (good for 2-3 passengers plus bags) to MIA from Bayside Market will run about $20.
  11. BNBR is right! UberX fare from MIA to downtown hotels will be about $20 per car. Fare for UberXL or SUV/mini-van taxis will be closer to $27-30
  12. JohninDC

    Private airport transfer with a tour?

    What port? What airport? What sort of tour? This board covers all of FLA including many ports - JAX, PC, Tampa, PE, POM - we need a few more details to provide you with useful suggestions.
  13. JohninDC

    Resort for a Day in FLL

    What day? www.resortpass.com is one source to check for other resorts and hotels offering day passes.
  14. Traffic that early on Thanksgiving day should be easy to deal with - I would worry about the weather more than the traffic.