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  1. JohninDC

    Miami Trulucks restaurant Outstanding

    Thanks for the feedback - it's on my list for our next Miami cruise.
  2. JohninDC

    To tour Cozumel area or not

    Tours Plaza is often suggested on this board, although I have never booked through them. You can book a private tour through them, Black Hat and others often suggested on this board, or just hire a taxi by the hour for 3-4 hours to see many of the sites on the island. Touring the east side of the island offers great scenery and some fun/funky beach bars. Cozumel is relatively safe compared to other part of Mexico (and parts of DC and northern VA where I reside); use common sense and stick to the tourist areas and you will be fine. There are small Mayan ruins on Cozumel at San Gervasio - not impressive compared to what you can see on the mainland, but easy to see via taxi or private tour (bring some bug spray!). Bigger more impressive ruins on the mainland (Tulum, Coba, etc.) will require a ferry ride to Playa del Carmen and then a bus and are best booked through the cruise line. Cozumel is an island with many beach clubs, opportunities to snorkel, etc. Do some homework on this board and trip advisor and plan your day to see and do what you want.
  3. JohninDC

    Uber MIA to Port of Miami Holiday Inn at 12:30am

    If you do not want to wait for Uber or Lyft, there will always be taxis waiting - cab fare to the Holiday Inn should be just under $30 on the meter. UberX or Lyft will be closer to $20
  4. JohninDC

    Parking at Port Everglades

    Park 'N Go and other off site lots are often suggested on this board. In addition to the sunny.org site listed above www.stay123.com and www.parksleepfly.com are two sources to check for hotels offering cruise parking packages. Don't focus much on hotel shuttles to the port - Uber and Lyft are easy and cheap options.
  5. thanks for the feedback - hope the rest of your cruise was more enjoyable.
  6. Howdy neighbor! I would call the Hampton Inn directly - not the national 1-800 number. There's also a Homewood Suites and Marriott options in the Mary Brickell area.
  7. JohninDC

    Flying out of Seattle

    We stayed at the Doubletree - very nice hotel, but a walk from there to most of the sites. When we cruised Seattle a few years ago there was a LONG wait (1 hour+) for taxis. Using a porter got you served faster, and I've since given up on cabs and switched to Uber/Lyft, so the delay may not affect you. For an 11:30 flight you need to be at the airport by 10:00 (earlier is better) and the ride from port to airport will take 20-30 min. That sounds like off the ship, with bags, and clear of customs/immigration before 9:00 to be safe. You should be okay but may want to consider carrying your bags off (or getting a very low number), using a porter, and figuring out your transport options. As suggested above, check out the West coast board for lots more details and suggestions.
  8. JohninDC


    The cruise line tours to Tulum from Coz usually include time at the ruins and then some time on the beach before heading back.
  9. JohninDC

    Best option for beach day on 11-ship day

    PB will be perfect - it is very large and you can always find lounge chairs, shade, etc. HUGE pool and great facilities.
  10. JohninDC

    A great private tour with Glory Tours.

    Thanks for the detailed feedback. Care to share what you paid for a private tour for 4 and how long you were with the tour?
  11. JohninDC

    Barefoot Beach Review-Costa Maya-Dec 14, 2018

    Thanks for the detailed feedback!
  12. JohninDC

    FLL to Miami, Monday cruise. Traffic?

    Better yet skip the car rental and Uber/Lyft from FLL to a downtown Miami hotel - another quick Uber in the morning will get you to POM. UberX, good for 2-3 plus normal bags, will run about $35-40 for the car, depending slightly upon where your hotel is located.
  13. We've used insure my trip dot com in the past and were happy, but recently found a policy issued by my home/car insurer with better coverage for less $$ Check with your insurance provider to see if they offer travel insurance. Our number one priority is medical coverage, including emergency evacuation, while travelling outside of the USA - those helicopter flights are not cheap! After that the trip interruption, etc. is less of a priority for us. Good luck!
  14. JohninDC

    Playa Mia

    Lots of positive reviews on this board, especially for the kiddie water park - perfect for your 5 year old. Most of the negative comments are about the buffet food - ordering off the menu seems to be a better option. Good luck and please report back with your review.
  15. JohninDC

    Day rate at Fort Lauderdale hotel?

    www.between9and5.com and www.hotelsbyday.com are two sources to check. www.resortpass.com is a source for resorts and large hotels offering day passes to their spa, pool and beach facilities. Good luck!