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  1. Carnival.com still has me as cruising in 98 days. It's not even cancelled there.
  2. She was reading the notice to me and she said Sunrise cruises through Dec-something and then cruises after Dec-something... until December 31st... blah, blah, blah ... and then she said Oh, your cruise is cancelled. I don't remember the exact dates but is before my cruise and then after my cruise. She then asked if I booked a casino promotion because I have $200 OBC. I told her it was a birthday promo. She said casino promotions have to refund in the casino department but mine can go right to accounting. I don't know how they do things or why but I just want my money back. I am not waiting around until this 'thing' is over. It could take years and years and years.
  3. I just got off the phone with Carnival. I called to find out options on refunds for those not vaccinated without a medical exemption. After looking and looking and looking the rep I spoke with told me my cruise was cancelled and they would be refunding my money. She said it will go through accounting and take 1-3 weeks for a refund. I wasn't informed prior to my call that my cruise was cancelled. The website even says I cruise in 98 days. I booked under a birthday promo and I am losing $200 in credit onboard but at least I am getting all my money back. Hopefully one day I will be able to cruise again.
  4. Thanks everyone. I have a feeling my cruise is going to get canceled. It is not until December but it involves Key West. KW is no longer allowing cruise ships over a certain number of passengers. SO I hope they just change the itinerary and not cancel the whole cruise.
  5. At least I think my questions is different. I tried searching but I couldn't find my situation... I have a cruise booked. When I booked I was given $200 OBC for a birthday promotion. If my cruise is cancelled... will my $200 transfer to another booking?
  6. I have looked and looked and looked... I don't think I am searching right. I booked a cruise on the Carnival Sunrise in one of those rooms that are square looking. Does anyone have pictures or videos of those super interior rooms??? Are they called something specific. Everything I find is a regular interior room. The room I booked is 6289.
  7. We are sailing from Ft. Lauderdale. I told them to arrive at their appointment time. But they will do whatever they want like most people. Oye!
  8. Do people in wheelchairs get to board before others? We have FTTF and friends of ours do not. One set of friends are traveling with elderly parents. My friends husband just had a bunch of surgeries and may need a wheel chair as well as the elderly mother. Do they board at their normal time or do they get let on early??? My friend said she was told they would probably board before us because of the wheelchairs.
  9. I cannot find a current drink/cheers comparison chart anywhere. Is there one? I am pretty convinced I am going to get it but I just want to see current prices:)
  10. I would love to do the Cable Car. How long does it take? How much does it cost? Is there anyone in the port offering tours there or do I have to go outside the port? Should I just take a taxi there myself? What would that cost? Is there anything to do right near the cable car in walking distance? Does the car go both ways or do you get off at he other end? Thank you!
  11. Thanks for the feedback! The cruise I am looking at is 17 days. I wonder how much relaxing I actually need:)
  12. I am looking at cruises and found some great prices for HAL. Great! But I don't know anything about HAL. I have cruised CC and RC. Loved both. Both had things that were a step above the other but not enough to say one line is better than the other. 1. Activities. I am not very fit and active but I do like to do things. Pool, rope course, waterslides, etc. 2. Entertainment. I love comedy shows. The more the better. I also like the music shows and the game shows (Quest, Love/Marriage/etc) 3. Food. This is tricky because everyone's taste buds differ. Is the food like a buffet or better? Desserts? How are they? Are there a lot of options like RC and CC? (The RC desserts I had were terrible, weird consistency and taste, and I ended up buying candy and a cupcake from their cupcake shop because I wanted something sweet to eat.) What is the feel of HAL? Is it a party cruise or a relaxer cruise? Are their things to do all day long? What type of activities do they offer during the day? Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you.
  13. I tried searching for an answer but I didn't see what I was looking for. I have the Barclay card. I have roughly 60,000 points. Would I be better off paying off a $200 charge or getting $200 OBC? The OBC is 20,000 points. How many points would it be to pay the $200 charge? I never even new about the reward boost thing. Ugh... just thinking about all the lost points!
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