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  1. I found it very hard to find a cruise where those suites weren’t booked out. But I did manage it a few months ago and for 3 people sailing in one it was approx $1100 each per night. That is in Australian $. That is just a ballpark figure from memory.
  2. They are also doing offers on The Sun Princess 4 day out of Sydney to Moreton Island and return on Jan 5th 2019. Sister-in-law's sister got an offer but didn't take it up. Not sure what exactly but it did include a free 10 day cruise.....
  3. Yes it is in USD, was hoping it was going to be AUS like Majestic from Shanghai next year. But didn't hold out any hope 😞
  4. I booked Rome to Sydney today, have 3 days to really decide !!! And there were a lot of cabins showing as sold on that sector at 9.15 am. And at one stage Rome to Singapore was showing as sold out, its not now. Guessing a lot of folks did what I did . As my sector is over 45 days I need to call Princess to get reduced deposit and 3% off fare as can't utilise a future cruise deposit. To get a bigger balcony I had to go up to a mini, as all bigger balconies were sold out for obstructed balconies and balconies, maybe some will become available in about 4 days time...................
  5. Thanks again. Last question to Mick or Sarah , are those prices in US $ or Aus ?
  6. Thank you. Is that from a website ? Or do you have a brochure. Looks good !
  7. Do you have a copy of the itinerary ? Always looking to book more..............
  8. I was on her for 3 nights prior to this cruise and I got chocolates every night as well. But with food being subjective ; we were happy with the dinners and lunch in Club Class. With it being such a short cruise and club class only a few steps away from our Window suites I don't think we ate at the buffet. Although we did venture up for a cup of tea and something sweet to eat one afternoon......
  9. VIP gaming room is now Crooners for the Australian sailings as well as other changes made when sailing from Australia. As we know food is subjective as service can be as well. I sailed on her in September and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  10. The only tip I can think of is something I'm sure you do anyway and that is to appreciate the ship you are on at the moment 🙂 2 weeks after I got off the Majestic I had a week on The Jewel and a day off and then 3 days on The Golden. I appreciated all the ships for themselves. (but did change a cruise in Feb 2020 from the Golden to The Ruby).......... Each time I cruise I find something new and learn something about what matters to me on a cruise. I liked the Majestic a lot, even having to get to the shows early didn't bother me, cause I seem to get to things early rather than late anyway. I found the coffee at the Gong Cha cafe bar was somehow cheaper than at the International cafe and the coffee bar in the World Fresh marketplace. But they may have fixed that anomaly by now. I'll be interested on your thoughts on her. I sailed alone on her so I didn't feel crowded , next time my sister and her wife will be on her in the adjoining cabin . So I'll see what they think, they like small ships! We got 2 minis (with larger balconies) so we could open up the balconies and it wasn't til later we found out the cabins have an internal door between them, so it will be interesting if it makes any noise issue.
  11. Enjoy ! I really liked her , hope you do too ; and now I have 10 months to wait til I get onboard her again in Shanghai 😃
  12. I can only speak for Jewel which I got off about a week ago and as well as the 3 mains etc they had a couple of other dishes which were included and you could have them as either entree or mains. I tended to eat more in the dining room on this cruise then The Pantry ( it was the other way around last time ) as I found the food better and tastier. Not sure I even looked at items that were an extra cost as what was available was really good, or if not for me then there were other places to eat.
  13. I got off her this morning and it was a very slow trip from Sydney! Had fun but it felt a bit disorganised in parts on board. Probably because of the short trip after the long one across the Pacific and the change of some crew. It was my 2nd trip on her but after getting off the Majestic a few ago it highlights that in some parts she needs a bit of love and care but nothing to complain about. I was in a window suite and was interested to see that P&O are selling these as 5 bed family cabins when she heads over. Will be interesting to see where the 5th berth is.
  14. I used to also take the shortcut through the basketball court but you can also take the longer track around it. [emoji124]*♀️[emoji1322]*♀️[emoji124]*♀️ Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. I did anytime and 4 out of 5 nights I got a table by myself around 7pm. The only night I didn’t was about the third night where everyone wanted to eat at 7, I didn’t bother with a pager and went and ate elsewhere, the buffet [emoji1] I also ate at Harmony and Le Mer, and found the food at Le Mer just wonderful and delicious , not too big a serving. I felt the servings in Harmony were a little on the large size for me. As previously stated you needed to get in early for seats for the early shows but you adjust your schedule to account for that or go to the later shows. I really liked the ship but I’m easily pleased. I’ve only been on the 3 Sun class girls and Diamond and Golden and find all can get crowded with seats hard to get at the popular places, like the IC or theatres. I can concur with everyone that the high end shops are a total waste of space . Hopefully they will look into remedying that. The Enclave was relaxing but needs some tweaking, I prefer the Japanese Baths on The Diamond. I already had the repo cruise booked from Shanghai next year before I went on this cruise and am really looking forward to sailing on her again. And finally those extra large balconies on the bump out are a gem. Especially the ones on Emerald that are classed as obstructed, no obstruction at all on mine. But keep that a secret haha Last thing unlike the shortened promenade on Royal and Regal , deck 7 goes nearly the whole length of the ship and only on the 2nd last day did I discover it actually goes to the back a bit where you can view the wake and someone had moved two padded loungers there. It was a nice comfortable very private view from there. Keep that a secret as well......... Sent from my iPad using Forums
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