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  1. I’m from Aus and only at the $25 level and since getting there it’s always been around $32 that I have gotten as OBC. That is for sailings from Aus so the ship is in Aussie currency. I’m always happy with that !
  2. Yep the Sapphire -the return of the trip that goes over the top. Melb, Sydney etc to Perth. Always like to do a flight first 🙂 I also looked at the Shanghai trip on the Sapphire but as I’m doing the Majestic one this August from Shanghai (like you did ) , figured I didn’t need to repeat it even if on a different ship. Hope your favourite cabin opens up for you !
  3. My sister who isn’t elite also keeps getting the same message about no pricing all today. I booked Perth to Sydney yesterday in Emerald mini with big balcony , so am happy but I did notice they aren’t available for Perth to Brisbane leg.
  4. The message comes up for folks that aren’t elite. Elite can see prices and book today. That started at 9am “Sydney” time today (6 hours ago) and bookings open to everyone same time tomorrow. Not sure of times outside Australia .
  5. I got off her yesterday after the 2 day cruise up from Melbourne. I had been given a free upgrade from from a Caribe midship balcony to a mini on Dolphin. It was the one with the extended balcony. I have previously been in the extended mini on Emerald on The Diamond and had read that the 2 equivalent on Dolphin were different , as in no bath , single beds and a different layout. I understand they were designed as accessible cabins but didn’t meet all the specifications. I really enjoyed the cabin. I liked the layout and the big bathroom and as I travel solo the single beds didn’t worry me. I have always had covered balconies so was concerned about being on Dolphin, but being the furthest aft on the side , I didn’t feel exposed . My shower was fine, but I did notice the water at the buffet stations was warm and needed ice. I saw running repairs and the usual painting on the promenade decks and general maintenance happening.
  6. I like fake sushi then, I also like a lot of other “fake” foods from around the world as well I imagine. One thing I don’t do is use inflammatory and bullying language in posts to make me feel superior.
  7. Good to hear that about Sapphire, Melbourne is just a train trip away . I loved the Diamond and the Japanese baths on her. Though it doesn’t matter that the Sapphire doesn’t have them, as I’m sure she is just as nice. And I really loved the Majestic so will be happy try the Regal too! 🥳
  8. I found it very hard to find a cruise where those suites weren’t booked out. But I did manage it a few months ago and for 3 people sailing in one it was approx $1100 each per night. That is in Australian $. That is just a ballpark figure from memory.
  9. They are also doing offers on The Sun Princess 4 day out of Sydney to Moreton Island and return on Jan 5th 2019. Sister-in-law's sister got an offer but didn't take it up. Not sure what exactly but it did include a free 10 day cruise.....
  10. Yes it is in USD, was hoping it was going to be AUS like Majestic from Shanghai next year. But didn't hold out any hope 😞
  11. I booked Rome to Sydney today, have 3 days to really decide !!! And there were a lot of cabins showing as sold on that sector at 9.15 am. And at one stage Rome to Singapore was showing as sold out, its not now. Guessing a lot of folks did what I did . As my sector is over 45 days I need to call Princess to get reduced deposit and 3% off fare as can't utilise a future cruise deposit. To get a bigger balcony I had to go up to a mini, as all bigger balconies were sold out for obstructed balconies and balconies, maybe some will become available in about 4 days time...................
  12. Thanks again. Last question to Mick or Sarah , are those prices in US $ or Aus ?
  13. Thank you. Is that from a website ? Or do you have a brochure. Looks good !
  14. Do you have a copy of the itinerary ? Always looking to book more..............
  15. I was on her for 3 nights prior to this cruise and I got chocolates every night as well. But with food being subjective ; we were happy with the dinners and lunch in Club Class. With it being such a short cruise and club class only a few steps away from our Window suites I don't think we ate at the buffet. Although we did venture up for a cup of tea and something sweet to eat one afternoon......
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