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  1. I have been trying to interpret that. What I think it means is that any promotions that were applicable to the original booking will not be transferred to the new one but, if there are any promotions offered with your new reservation at the time you make it, they should apply. I may be wrong. Only Seabourn can answer that.
  2. We're not cancelling our October cruise just yet even though October will be too soon to consider cruising. We're waiting to see what happens as, being UK bookers, the best we can get at the moment is FCC equivalent to our deposit. However, I thought I might as well cancel our pre-booked shore excursions to get in line for the refunds. The confirmation emails confirm they are now quoting 60 days for these refunds to be processed.
  3. You should also take into account that the cancellation policies are quite different in the UK. Once you book and pay a 10% deposit, you will normally forfeit at least that deposit if you cancel at any time. I booked our October cruise through the UK because the net price was significantly better but, if we cancel now, the best we can do is the FCC offer under the Book with Confidence policy. In retrospect, we might have done better booking through the US as, if I understand correctly, we could get a refund of the deposit up to, is it?, 120 days before sailing.
  4. If you're going to make a UK booking, it would be advisable to use a UK TA. They will often give very reasonable discounts on the website price. They can also arrange sending of necessary documents to the US and elsewhere. Mine are happy sending what is necessary to Panama.
  5. A VPN can be useful to compare prices. If you go to the website from the US, you will see only the US prices and offers. With a VPN, you can check, for example, the UK prices/offers which will quite often be different. Then you can choose whether to book via a US or UK TA.
  6. Indeed! I just wish I could remember where my towel is. (It would make a very good face mask.)
  7. Unfortunately, I think this is Seabourn's tactics. Particularly for those of us with cruises in the second 'window' (from August 1 to October 15) who have to cancel more than 30 days before departure, we cannot wait to see if the cruise will be cancelled if we are convinced cruising will not be safe enough by then. We have to cancel and opt for FCC. It would be too risky to wait to see if Seabourn will cancel it. So there is no practicable way of getting a refund. We are just waiting until just before we have to make the final payment before making a final decision what to do.
  8. I am not an apologist for how long they are taking to issue a refund but there is a difference. They cannot treat a reservation as confirmed until they have put through the credit card details and at least put a hold on the funds.
  9. I am fairly certain Seabourn has changed the wording of the Terms and Conditions of the Book with Confidence policy. I wish I had saved a copy of the previous wording. It is now much clearer. In simple terms, the FCC will be equivalent to the non-refundable part of the normal cancellation fees so that, for example, for those of us booking from the UK where the deposit would be non-refundable immediately after booking, if we cancel before final payment, the FCC would be equivalent to the deposit paid. In those circumstances, it would make sense that the FCC cannot be used for the deposit on a new cruise. However, IMO, it still does not make sense that, if you cancel a week before the cruise and get FCC for the full price, you still have to pay a deposit on a new cruise. Also, for anyone thinking of cancelling a cruise in the second window of 1 August to 15 October, you have to fill out a short form requesting the FCC. For those cancelling a cruise in the window up to 31 July, that is not necessary.
  10. In Jeni I assume being away from her computer, I have found this LINK which I think may be the one she meant (unless there is a problem with msn links)..
  11. You may be right but I thought someone might know because FCCs are not something new but have been in use in the past. Maybe this one is different.
  12. I have already ready seen that and, no. it doesn't help at all. It is very vague and uncertain. It says the FCC cannot be used towards the deposit, which sounds ridiculous to me, and does not address either of my questions. As a set of Terms and Conditions, it is one of the most useless I, being a lawyer, have read. To quote 'FCC may be subject to additional terms and conditions as provided by Seabourn (my italics) and may not be used for deposits, TF&PE, or SeabournShield.' A set of terms and conditions are supposed to be comprehensive! These leave more questions unanswered than just the two I have raised.
  13. When I took a flight from Panama to Colombia yesterday, I had to complete a form about where I had been and my health. How much more important is that when boarding a cruise ship to be confined in close proximity with a few hundred people for days or weeks. Incidentally, two hours after I landed in Colombia, the Government announced a ban on all foreigners (like me) commencing about twelve hours later.
  14. Hi I asked this in another thread but did not get an answer. I am thinking ahead about how the FCC works if I accept one when I may cancel our cruise. I have seen a helpful post pointing out some potential issues. Accepting an FCC in itself does not seem to be a problem but choosing a later cruise might. It seems very odd to me that the FCC cannot be used for the deposit where the cost of the later cruise is no more than the value of the FCC. But if that's so, when/how do you get your deposit back when the FCC covers the whole cost? You must get it back, surely? And what happens if you have to cancel the substitute cruise? Do you lose the FCC PLUS the deposit you paid? In the current climate, that would be risky. Our cruise starts October 14 so we are still subject to the 30 day cancellation policy. If things don't improve significantly over time, I imagine that will be converted to the 48 hour policy. I just hope that happens before we are liable to make the final payment. Ours is a UK booking. We don't have to make any decisions until just before the final payment is due. Does anyone know the answers to my two questions?
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