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  1. I was on the balcony 2 floors above you on the Victory last fall. We loved that room and balcony. Ours came with 2 chairs and 2 loungers. The balcony along the side of the ship had covering, so on the rainy day, we were able to still use the balcony. It was nice to have both rear and side views. We didn't have any soot issues. I also like the room layout better than a traditional balcony room. The placement of the bathroom and the desk area created a better flow to the room. When ever possible, that is now our 1st choice cabin.
  2. At 12 yrs old, they would be in Circle-C. They have their own room for 12-14 yrs old and do activities past 10pm. This is from a few years ago on the sunshine. My kids are beyond this age, but I would assume they still have a similar program.
  3. You won't be able to get a cabin and balcony that connect on a Conquest class ship. If you were to open the balcony divider on a room with connecting cabins, it would block one of the balcony doors from the stateroom. Carnival will not allow those dividers to be opened with the exception of balcony cleaning or emergency operations. The only dividers that can be opened are the ones don't block the balcony door. To answer the question about which one you would choose. I guess it depends on what you want out of the cabin. You won't be able to get a cabin and balcony that connect
  4. I have only been in a spa cabin on the Dream. The decor was a little different than the rest of the ship. The design/color was a little more relaxing. They also provided trials size Elemis brand soap, shampoo and conditioners in addition to the standard brand in the dispensers. The main thing, like the previous poster mentioned, is on the Dream class and above, they have the upgraded spa area exclusively for the spa cabins and guests who have purchased the spa pass. Also based on the cabin locations there is less foot traffic in the hallways. We really liked the spa cabins and have another one
  5. We stayed in 7127. That is closer to the lobby elevators. It was a quiet on that deck. We didn't hear anything from above or below. We walked to the back elevators often when going to dinner or up to the lido area. We never noticed any smell of smoke on deck 7.
  6. They are supposed to be ready for FTTF, since that is what you are paying for. I have heard a time or two where they were not ready for FTTF, but they guests were allowed to leave their luggage. One said they complained to Guest Services about the room not being ready and were give an OBC for the amount of the FTTF.
  7. A few weeks ago on the Victory I thought we were going to be in a man overboard situation. Starting about 4am, they were calling for a missing passenger to contact guest services over all the public speakers. Around 5am, they started making the announcement in all quest cabins also. They would call for the passenger about every 15 minutes until somewhere around 7:30 when it stopped. You could here the concern in the tone of the person's voice making the announcements. We found out from another passenger that they were doing room to room searches and had come in there cabin to search closets, u
  8. We just got off the Victory 2 weeks ago and had a great experience. It wasn't at all a booze cruise. The staff seemed to be some of the best that we had. Being only a 4 day cruise, I was shocked at how quiet the ship was after about 10 pm. There were people out, but not like I have seen on 7 or 8 day cruises. I thought the food was on the same quality level as other new ships I have been on. I like the size and layout of that ship. It is one of my favorites. Sad to see it is being redone next year. I like it the way it is. Enjoy you trip.
  9. We just sailed a few weeks ago from the Victory with aft wrap balcony for the first time. I would take that over a suite. The balcony length along the railing was about 40'. Having both aft and side views were nice, but also we always seemed to have some sun and some shade (2 days were rain vs dry areas) and parts always had a nice breeze, while parts had still air. Definitely the best balcony we have ever had. Also with the back corner layout, we found the cabin felt bigger since the desk with the hair dryer was off to the side and not in the path to the bathroom. If you want fast
  10. The common space that is lost to new cabins are in 2 main locations: - Deck 3 Main Theater - The new theater will only be 2 decks. All of the seating that is under the balcony level of Deck 4 is gone. The new bottom floor will be deck 4 and have about 1/2 the main floor seating of the old Deck 3. However it is a flat floor with movable seating, so it can be used for multiple functions not just a theater. - Deck 5 aft. All of the public space behind deck 5 rear elevators is turned into cabins. On the current victory, that holds a lounge used mainly for Karaoke, the comedy club and the
  11. The last ship I sailed on, I was told that it was a 5 minute wait between drinks, but they could serve an alcoholic drink and a non-alcoholic drink at the same time. If you wanted 2 non-alcoholic drinks, you had 2 wait 5 minutes between them or if you wanted 2 alcoholic drinks you had to wait 5 minutes between them. We often got a mixed or frozen drink and a bottle of water at the same time.
  12. A little late with the answer. Just got off this morning and was going to let you know it was docked at D this morning. Enjoy your trip. Manol and Ionna at the alchemy are great and we really enoyed Lexi in the piano bar.
  13. It has been several years since I sailed, so I am not sure if there is anything "other than normal" currently. When we sailed, check in was the same as we had experienced at other ports. There is a multi level parking garage next to the terminal. There are other cheaper options in the area, but we chose to park at the port for convenience. Sail away was a little different because it was well after dinner before we were in open waters. You spend hours on the Mississippi.
  14. I have been on this itinerary twice. The first time we did the tour of the Hemingway House on our own not through Carnival. We took a taxi there and walked back to port. We had plenty of time to do the tour and walk around the shops near the pier. The second time we just walked around the town. Went to the southern most point, the winter white house and in and out of the stores.
  15. My first cruise was on the imagination (Key West/Cozumel) in 2010. I have sailed on the same Victory route you are asking about and we are actually doing it again next week. I really liked the Victory as a ship. It is bigger than the imagination and has some features of the bigger ships. It seems to have a really good passenger to public space ratio. I prefer longer sailings than the 4 days trips, but sometimes that is all that works in our schedule. In comparing to the Imagination, I like that the life boats are on deck 4. It gives better views from the upper decks. I like t
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