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  1. NLH Arizona

    NCL Bliss Skipping Glacier Cruising

    Yep, it was pretty far out there!
  2. NLH Arizona

    NCL Customer Service Not What It Used To Be

    What more are you looking for? Make sure you tell the Hotel Director what you want.
  3. NLH Arizona

    Booking party of 3 for Teppanyaki-Breakaway

    For the Teppanyaki restaurant, I would book four and then change it to three when you board the ship, otherwise they might not have room for one more if you book for two, since seats are limited.
  4. NLH Arizona

    Platinum Dining Perk Question

    Yes, the Cruise Next Consultant should have known and I'm sure your difficulty convincing her had to do with others who were really trying to scam them for additional meals. People on here are still have an issue that it was changed from 2 dinners for 2 for each Platinum passenger to 2 dinners for 2 per cabin and I'm sure they go to the Cruise Next Consultant complaining to get additional dinners. Next time, I'd print off the terms and take it with you, just incase you have the same issue. https://www.ncl.com/latitudes-rewards-program/faq
  5. NLH Arizona

    Platinum Dining Perk Question

    You should have received one coupon for two and another coupon for one for the third Platinum person, per the terms: For 3rd and 4th Platinum, Platinum Plus or Ambassador members in the same stateroom, an additional Welcome Back Card will be delivered. If there is only a 3rd Platinum, Platinum Plus or Ambassador member in the same stateroom, an additional Welcome Back Card will be delivered but this guest will be treated as a solo traveler who get one dinner only. The benefit is only if there are 2 guests dining on the same visit.
  6. NLH Arizona

    Buffet etiquette

    To me there is a big difference in sticking one's hand between two people and getting something and going around a person who is holding up the line, because you want something further down the line.
  7. NLH Arizona

    Buffet etiquette

    If someone is holding up the line and I want something beyond them, I'll go around without holding anyone up, but I would never ask someone to reach in between them and another, as I would consider that to be very rude. I've had folks just reach between me and another and I will say..."I'm sorry am I in your way and BTW the line starts in the end".
  8. NLH Arizona

    New and Improved CC

    I remember when Cruise Critic updated/changed their system some years ago and everyone hated the changes and now they want it back to that. In a short time everyone will be fine with this one, just like they were eventually fine the last time.
  9. NLH Arizona

    Has specialty dining improved since 2015?

    I only eat at three of the specialty restaurants. I think Cagney's and the Teppanyaki restaurant are about the same quality and service; always good. I think La Cucina has upped themselves in the quality department from my 2016 to 2017 cruises.
  10. NLH Arizona

    Specialty Dining Reservations on the Dawn

    You can book restaurants that are either a la carte or fixed price with your dining package.
  11. NLH Arizona

    Specialty Dining Reservations on the Dawn

    Suites are 130 days out from your cruise and the computer will realize you are in a suite and allow you to make reservations.
  12. Pitchers of iced tea and ice water refilled daily and oatmeal raisin cookies.
  13. NLH Arizona

    Miami Hotel Recommendation

    I've stayed here a few times as well. The hotel has always been clean, near restaurants and close to the port.
  14. NLH Arizona

    NCL is heartless!!!!!!!!!!!

    I took the poster to mean that not taking responsibility for not purchasing travel insurance was a results of one's own actions.
  15. NLH Arizona

    Dining onboard credit for snacks ?

    You possibly could, since the Atrium Cafe is listed under specialty restaurants, but I would ask to make sure when you board the ship.