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  1. Obviously if the TA called and told her she would miss the deadline that day, something had gone wrong. OP why didn't you have your TA follow up on the deadline date, since he didn't think you had requested a refund?
  2. I had one shirt come back with the buttons cracked and broken. I took it to Guest Services and they said they would take care of it. A few days later, my shirt was in my closet with brand new buttons.
  3. Don't know if it helps with social distancing, but since some reported that they couldn't get reservations to use their free dinners, it might help there.
  4. I'm not surprise, some folks are really, really needy and think of the butlers as their personal slave.
  5. I remember one of my butlers telling me about another passenger. It seems as though the couple would put the coffee in the coffee maker, but would call the butler to push the button.
  6. No, I stop them as well. First I let the pre-Concierge know I don't want them and then reinforce it with the Butler when I get on the ship. Only a couple times in all my cruises have they been delivered by mistake.
  7. I think that is one reason. Another is that many are disputing it with credit card companies and it takes time to research and third and thus holding up the process more, I think they want to hold on to the money, just like the other cruise lines, for as long as they can.
  8. I've been in an aft Haven suite and had excellent service from the Butler.
  9. Some better information. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/05/09/cruise-ships-amid-coronavirus-crews-stuck-board-beg-go-home/3102135001/
  10. One of my first cruises on Crystal, the ship was only half full and it was totally awesome.
  11. I'm with you, no mask for me on a cruise. I'll wait till all this calms down before I cruise again.
  12. I just can't figure out why it is such a big deal to some, since so many companies have this policy. Maybe some aren't in the business world where this is a standard policy.
  13. Many employers have no posting on social media policies. It just sounds like NCL has it in the crew's contracts and is enforcing it.
  14. I'm sure NCL has lost some customers including yourself, but they have probably gained the same amount or more and I base this on the fact that all my cruises have been full. I've also notice that a lot of posters who said they would never cruise on NCL have come back and are posting they are cruising with NCL like nothing ever happened. There are always going to be those that like a cruise line and those that hate a cruise line, but in the end it all seems to balance out. Kevin Sheehan also made some decision that were not customer friendly; i.e., getting rid of lobster in the MDR, so it wasn't all roses with him either.
  15. Not just New York, same thing happening her in Arizona.
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