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  1. NLH Arizona

    No Straws but still Bottled Water

    The difference is that plastic water bottles can be recycled, where as straws usually end up in landfills because items smaller than two by two inches either falls through the machinery that sorts the recycling or clogs the machines up.
  2. NLH Arizona

    Birthday towel animals

    I guess it would depend on what you consider a ton of towel animals. How many are you thinking?
  3. I don't know any brand that hasn't reduced benefits in one way or another. Being Diamond at Caesars, last year they took away aspiration tiers, which included free airfare to one of their locations and a folio credit. My bank no longers counts my debit card purchases to receive benefits, now it is only my credit card. My grocery store won't allow you to keep your gas points for more than the month you accrue them and the next month, where there use to be no expiration on them at all. I don't shop, bank or cruise for perks and even though I enjoy the perks, it is not the reason I do business with a company or cruise line. I shop, bank and cruise with companies that three me how I think I should be treated and their products are up to the standards I want. I also don't feel that they are not showing me the value of my business, because being in business for many years, I understand that things have to change. As far as a robust meal, I don't think that is necessary, but I do think they should give an appetizer, entree, two sides and a dessert. Some might agree with my opinion and some won't, but that is fine, because if we all thought the same way, what a boring world this would be.
  4. NLH Arizona

    Beverage Package Free at Sea Question

    But keep in mind that if you are caught giving your daughter liquor or cocktails, you could be considered for discipline under the provisions of their policy. Also, if you get caught purchasing your daughter drinks with your package, they can take your beverage package away. Guests who violate any alcohol policy, including but not limited to underage drinking; providing alcohol to minors or young adults; possessing, concealing or attempting to conceal alcoholic items in their luggage, when boarding, or while on board; engaging in alcohol drinking games; or failing to consume alcohol responsibly, will be considered for discipline under the provisions of this policy.
  5. I do travel solo and in a suite and I don't feel cheated. I get two dinners, with one being in Cagney's, and I don't think I lost anything. BTW, I never asked to use one certificate twice because I travel solo.
  6. NLH Arizona


    This is what I take on my cruises: Clorox CLO 02174 Bleach-Free Hand Sanitizer, 2.0 FL OZ, Contains Hand Moisturizers, Alcohol-Based The C.D.C. says that as a means of preventing norovirus infection, alcohol-based sanitizers can be used “in addition” to hand washing, never as a substitute.
  7. You are correct. When "freestyle" began, it was eat where you want, when you want and with whom you want, meaning there were no set dining times and you were not required to sit at the same table every night, but over the years people have put their own interpretation on the saying.
  8. NLH Arizona

    NOLA embarkation with wheel chair assistance

    I've cruised out of New Orleans about 5 or 6 times and I've never seen a wheelchair at the luggage drop off point. The walk is short, but it is over train tracks and there is uneven pavement.
  9. NLH Arizona

    “One and done” NCL ships

    Just cruised the Breakaway in December and even though I loved the aft penthouse, having two rooms, it will probably be the only time I'll cruise her. Just too many people for my taste.
  10. Don't know, maybe they received them in New Orleans and they weren't ready to serve on the first night.
  11. NLH Arizona


    Folks are going to say things, so just get a thicker skin and ignore what folks say, if you don't want to find a solutiion. Have a great day.
  12. NLH Arizona


    I'm not understanding why you can't bring your santizer with you to lunch or why you have to wait until 2:30 to eat, as you can go into the buffet at anytime. Bottom line is that there are many, many people who don't wash their hands after using the restroom or don't santize there hands when going into the buffet or MDR and people notice it, because they don't want to get sick, and a lot of them say they are allergic to what the ships uses, we've hear this many times. So instead of complaining that people make comments about you not using the washy washy santizer, the simple solution would be to bring your own. My bottle is quite small and I alway find a place to put it, even when my shorts don't have pockets.
  13. NLH Arizona


    Why not just bring our sanitizer in a small bottle with you and use your it where the washy washy folks are, so people will see you. If you use your sanitizer in your cabin, you can touch a lot of surfaces on your way to the buffet or dining room. Even though I use the ships sanitizer when I got to the buffet or dining room, I also bring a small bottle of my own to use before I eat, as I know you can touch a lot of things getting your food or getting to your table.
  14. NLH Arizona


    On one of my cruises, the lady next to me stuck her finger in an item to see if it had something in it. I, as I always do when I see these kind of things, loudly told a server that the lady stuck her finger in the item and it should be removed. The lady said "I didn't touch anything", as she was licking the food off her finger.
  15. NLH Arizona

    What’s been your fav?

    Regular cruise line: Alaska and Panama Canal Expedition cruise line: Antarctica and the Amazon