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  1. They work 52 weeks a year? Don't they every go home?
  2. The Butler and Concierge are in addition to the Room Steward.
  3. Yes, the Butler and Concierge are not included in the DSC.
  4. If they service from another galley, wonder what they will say/do when the passengers complain that the food is not hot enough for them?
  5. Yes, I'm sure someone is possibly responsible, but you nor anyone else knows why this has happened. You don't know if it was approved by someone or if there is another issue. Just keep complaining if it makes you feel better. BTW, I don't care one way or another if the Jewel or any other ship has football or not, which I would guess the majority of the passengers would agree. And since the Jewel is my second favorite NCL ship, I will still sail it football or not. And if there is a TV show that I have to see, I'll just tape it.
  6. Are you serious? You think Del Rio approves something this trival? Or do you think that if you keep blasting him, all of a sudden the football game will be on the Jewell? I seriously doubt that Andy Stuart approved it either. BTW, the no lobster in the MDR was Sheehan, not Del Rio or Stuart....recommend researching something before you blast someone for it. As I said to someone who complained on and on about Game of Thrones not being on the ship's tv, if it means that much to you, tape it and watch it when you return home.
  7. I always go to the Teppanyaki restaurant a few times during each of my cruises and there have been those with seafood, shellfish, peanut, etc. allergies and no one had an issue, because the restaurant is very on top of allergies.
  8. I didn't either, I just have always know that some times of the year, especially holidays are more expensive, so I would never say I paid double because I chose to cruise on a holiday.
  9. I guessed she was saying, because they were cruising over a holiday, the fare is more expensive.
  10. I agree with you, they should cancel and then rebook a cabin they are satisified with, but they will probably pay a higher price then the guarantee rate. I could never choose the guarantee rate, because it is a gamble, as you can either get a great cabin or a not so great cabin. BTW, not sure anyone who read the information on guarantee rate would have been mislead or how it is in some way morally wrong.
  11. I was a little confused by the OP's post, because I know that they have shown football games on the number of Jewel cruises I've taken.
  12. I so enjoyed your review, it was very well balanced. I also love your attitude and glad you had a great cruise.
  13. They are very careful of allergies. Since you are allergic to soy, which they use a lot, your food might be cooked in the back kitchen to make sure of no cross contamination.
  14. Not to worry, you can either sell them on here or on ebay.
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