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  1. This ^^^^ pretty much sums up the long awaited responses. There is nothing of substance (good or bad) that I could find. Basically, she could have cut and pasted the following and posted it for every question: "What a great question. Whatever you're interested in is a priority to us. As you know, at Celebrity we have lots of options so that everyone is happy. Sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns. Have a great day, llp" Admittedly this is a bit flip, but the lack of actually addressing the questions is reminiscent of every political debate in the last 20 years.
  2. For Caribbean cruises (typically a week to ten days), has anyone purchased local SIM card(s)? If so, do you use them year after year, or one and done? Any tips/suggestions? I have pre-paid cell service that doesn't allow roaming and an unlocked phone.
  3. When we went in March, LCS was awesome (well, except when you went into the smoky casino)! LCS / BB King shared a very nicely laid out venue. There was seating set up on the dance floor for the LCS performances in addition to the sides, back and balcony (left, right and back). When BB King played, the dance floor was VERY active. Both sets of performances were highlights of our cruise, and I hope/imagine it will be for you as well. Occasionally there was noise from someone walking by or coming out of the shops, but not often. Looking at the deck plans it is in the identical space as the Koningsdam. Perhaps you were looking at Nieuw Amsterdam?
  4. If sailing from the US, that is the case (or has been for us). I do not know how it is dealt with for departures in non-US ports (I would ASSume the same thing, but we all know where that will get me).
  5. Just be careful with their gratuities. I looked at NCL recently with this sort of offer. They price their beverage package at around $100/pp/pd and charge you tips on it (same as they do on many of their "free" inclusions). So you're paying $20/pp/pd for the "free" beverage package. However, if the total works out in your favor and the ship & itinerary are good, enjoy! Let us know afterwards if you enjoyed it less, the same, or more than your Celebrity cruises, and why. We are always looking for a good deal (on any cruise line) where we can have fun!
  6. Thanks -- since we generally like to get the nicer wines and the Zacapa 23, it makes sense for us. But that is good advice (knowing that each ship / cruise may have a different stock)...
  7. Not knowing your likes/dislikes, here are some suggestions: 1. Wynwood (a funky, hip area of Miami - has a fair amount of modern art; if you like modern art, don't miss the Wynwood Walls - a free, walk-through gallery; if you like bread don't miss Zak the Baker; brunch can be had at many places) 2. Miami Beach / Lincoln Road (very touristy, but a nice open air "mall" - if it's hot out SKIP this) 3. A water taxi trip in Fort Lauderdale (and Las Olas area for lunch/brunch is good) 4. If it is August / Sept, check out the Miami Spice restaurants (mostly fancy restaurants that offer a fixed price menu for certain days/meals - https://www.miamiandbeaches.com/offers/temptations/miami-spice-months) 5. The new Frost Museum of Science is very good for a 2-4 hour visit, if that's of interest
  8. I called yesterday on this subject. It took a "resolutions agent" to resolve it (a call back an hour or so after the 20 minutes I spent with the initial agent). For us, having the classic as a perk (included in the fare) meant that the upgrade was $10/pp/pd - 10% sale = $9/pp/pd. On top of that, there is the gratuity of 20%. So $9 + 20% = $10.80/pp/pd all in. Hope that "fuzzy math" helps. Also, with the 10% discount, mine show different prices online that the OP had (but the math still works out).
  9. I recently attached a PDF to this thread:
  10. Just a note... I have a site blocker installed on my network, and this is what I see before (without the PDF) Then, after I turn off the blocker I can download the PDF. So, if anyone is having difficulty, they may want to turn off blockers when visiting the Celebrity site. Generally speaking, this isn't great design of the website, but it may help us users. Enjoy!
  11. This is what I downloaded a few days ago. Celebrity-Cruises-Beverage-Packages-Premium-Classic.pdf
  12. Miami local here... if you do want to walk around Miami, I'd recommend you take an Uber/Lyft (or...gulp...cab) to your destination. As @hcat mentioned, the port is not walking distance to anything. Depending on your interests, look into Miami Beach/South Beach, Wynwood, and Brickell (including Brickell City Centre). Once there, you can walk around a ton in each of those destinations. Enjoy! PS: My wife and I will be joining for the NYE 5-night cruise on Infinity!
  13. This flying billboard made me look forward to my NYE cruise! If I read correctly, the aircraft identifier is C-GPNL, which would link it to Canadian North (https://www.airfleets.net/ficheapp/plane-b737-28872.htm). They entered into a marketing agreement with Celebrity (for those packages you mentioned - https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2017/10/16/1199579/0/en/Celebrity-Cruises-selects-Canadian-North-as-airline-partner-for-the-Western-Canadian-expansion-of-its-innovative-All-Included-cruise-program.html). As to whether those packages are available, that's WAAAAY beyond my pay grade 🙂
  14. I don't have the current drink menus at the bar, but the attachment is from the X website today... it gives which alcohol is in each package. Generally speaking, if the beverage is made with the Classic-included liquor, it is covered. Celebrity-Cruises-Beverage-Packages-Premium-Classic.pdf
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