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  1. Well that's it for today. Thanks Jacqui and the rest of the sail away addicts for another sail away. Good Night.
  2. Majesty may be smaller than the other RCI ships but she has that same low rumbling horn that the big girls have.
  3. When they did the zoom on the rear of the ship it was through the Palm trees, but I did see a few pink shirts, you just couldn't see who it was.
  4. Nice Variety of toots from the Nieuw Statendam. No Oostie but still pretty good.
  5. Majesty underway as well, she will be right behind the NS.
  6. I like the way you think, the problem is I seldom find anything to pick off. Wait, that may be a good thing.
  7. We'll have to watch the back of the NS for our pink ladies, hopefully they will show them this week. Nice toots from NA.
  8. Harmony with her deep rumbling toots. And horns from the Condos.
  9. Behemoth of the Seas is backing up so she will leave before the NA and the NS.
  10. Rebooted and got the sound back, now back to 2364 viewing so don't know how long it will last. I think PTZ needs bigger servers or something.
  11. Darn, didn't get to hear any Love boat Toots with the mic down, but was able to watch her sail away.