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  1. I have been corrected and agree that my first though of 28 was a mistake. Our friend google says that when there are no parenthesis the order of the equation is done in the following order. Brackets, parenthesis, powers, division, multiplication, addition and then subtraction. That would make the answer 10. Go ahead and build the bridge.
  2. I agree with Keys Kathy as that is how I came up with the answer as well. When there are no parenthesis then the formula is usually done in the order of the equation, and although century cruiser used an engineers background I would disagree, since there are no parenthesis then there is no set order and probably two different answers that would be correct. Both 10 and 28 could be the correct answer, only Ali Baba knows for sure.
  3. Copper10-8, I agree with you that flying into the old Hong Kong airport is a memory I will never forget. I've only flown into it a couple of times and it still seems like we were dodging buildings on that final approach more than lining up for the runway. I have not flown into the new airport but did tour the island it is located on. It has been a few years since I have been in Hong Kong. The first time I visited it was still under British control and then I went back a few years later after they turned it over to China. Same way with visiting Macau, first as a colony of Portugal and then
  4. Jacqui, Love the goose on a moose. Too funny.
  5. Thanks Roy for starting the thread, at least we get a little practice for when the real thing starts again someday. Good Night all.
  6. A few crew members out for the sailaway but otherwise pretty much deserted.
  7. I have been to Funchal twice, both on TA's. It is indeed a beautiful island and the ocean cliff views are outstanding. The first was on RCL's Navigator and I took a ship's tour around the island. The second time was on the Rotterdam, and since I had been there before I just wandered around myself and did some touring. I even tried the HO/HO bus for a couple of hours and it was very enjoyable. There were enough years between the trips that you could see the difference in the old winding roads to get around and the new expressway that they had built to shorten the trips. On anot
  8. Roy, after reading your brother's obituary I think I can understand why he was so independent and just kind of did what he wanted instead of listening to the doctors. He was a man that was used to giving orders, not taking them. Thank you for sharing this with us.
  9. We will miss your humor, well everyone except those who don't have a sense of humor. Thanks for all your posts John, and for all the jokes and memes.
  10. Gerry, glad your repairman got the furnace working again, and yes, Thank God it didn't go on the fritz when that arctic blast hit us.
  11. I also received an offer today for the free casino sailings via email, and Volendam was one of the ships in the offer. However, I don't think mine was for a free verandah cabin, just a free cabin. I have taken advantage of these offers in the past and usually the free cabin has always been an inside cabin and you just pay the port charges. Once and awhile the offer will include free ocean view rooms, but I don't remember getting one for a free verandah cabin, but maybe your offer is different than mine.
  12. Gerry, Hope your repairman gets there soon. I had that happen a couple of years ago and it took them two days to get the part they needed so I had small heaters all over the house. I was lucky and it was early spring when it happened so it was not bitterly cold. Lucky it didn't happen a couple of weeks ago when we had that arctic blast come through for 10 days. It was cold here then but nothing like what you were having up there. Neil
  13. Doesn't look like Odyssey has started dropping lines yet, so with no sound, it is not worth waiting for. Good night all.
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