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  1. I have always used the book exchange aboard HAL so I would certainly miss them on future cruises. I do enjoy reading a good book while sitting on deck watching the sea slide by. When HAL started cutting back on the libraries I started bringing 7 or 8 books along and would leave them in the exchange a book section when I finished them. I usually found enough other books to keep me busy when I had finished those that I had brought. On sea days I would usually read a couple of books each day, and I also prefer a real book, rather than an E-reader. E-readers are fine for those who enjoy them, but I always liked leaving something for others to enjoy.
  2. For all of us that miss our sailaway threads with the current hold on cruising, there is some hope for us. Today the Celebrity Apex is on the Fort Lauderdale camera as she docked earlier today. No, it's not one of our blue hulled beauties, but it does give us some hope that cruising and our sailaways may resume some time in the future. If nothing else it gives us time to think up proper insults for this ugly ship. Some of us certainly enjoyed our shots at the Edge and the Apex appears to follow the same mold. Just seeing a cruise ship in port though certainly gives us hope.
  3. That should work as well. It is a well known fact that a diet soda or a light beer cancel out all the calories of whatever you eat. At least I saw that on the internet once, and if it is on the internet I am sure it has to be true. LOL
  4. Can I get an order of large fries and a Diet Coke with that? Thank you.
  5. Call me crazy, but I think this guy really made his point, don't you?
  6. That is the first time I ever saw an elephant give mouth to mouth to save a life.
  7. Wow, after I had my auto accident, I really felt like a horse's Patoot.
  8. I don't remember those trees at Woodstock, but I do remember all the grass, and trust me, I would have never forgotten her.
  9. You really have to applaid this couple for their excellent taste in clothing.
  10. Amen to that Roy. Thank you both for giving us all the daily and a little ray of sunshine each day while we are all stuck on land instead of being at sea.
  11. Thank you to everyone who posts on this thread. Over 8000 posts to bring us all a laugh or two while we are all stuck at home instead of enjoying a cruise like we would rather be doing. In the words of Forrest Gump. Life is like a box of chocolates, but its the nuts that make the world go round.
  12. Ruth, Mine shows the same as yours, but if you try clicking on your user name, the last option on the list should give you a way to sign out. See if that works for you. Good Luck.
  13. I got an email showing that the new Ryndam was going to have its name changed to the Rotterdam and become the new flagship for HAL. My first cruise with HAL was on the old Ryndam and I did a TA on the former Rotterdam. I enjoyed both ships so I hope HAL names another one the Ryndam in the future. I would love to be back on a ship again but until this corona virus is under control, I just don't see myself enjoying a trip at sea. I have underlying health issues so I have to be careful, but I sure do miss that salt air and ocean breeze.
  14. I had gotten one a couple weeks ago and another one came today. The one's I got were a promotion from the casino, and also included $250 in casino play plus free drinks while in the casino. I have gotten these in the past but this is the most generous one I have seen. The one I got the reservation had to be booked by July 31st, but you could book a cruise up until March of next year. I am not a big gambler so I was kind of surprised when I got the first one a few years ago. They used to be for a free inside and then you paid for upgrades. All you paid was the port charges unless you booked the upgrade. Even as good as deal as it is, I am going to wait until this Covid-19 is more understood before I book another cruise. I love to cruise, but don't want to end up in quarantine if Covid is still a problem when my cruise would come up.
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