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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this review! I really enjoyed it !
  2. This is such a great review. ! I love your thoroughness and your great pictures ! Please don’t stop. I see that you last posted on Japan. 11 and it is now Jan. 18. I hope this isn’t the end, because this is so good ! Thank you for taking the time to write this !
  3. We were also booked on the first two Mardi Gras sailings . I actually never got a letter saying they had been cancelled, but thankfully, I read it on the fb site. I was totally depressed for that whole weekend. I was so looking forward to being on that new ship and seeing all those new, for me, ports. I was excited that you and your wife would be on it as well, since I have read all your reviews . My husband nd I are on the TA legend in June at least. I am anxious to read this review of the Legend. Thanks for writing .
  4. My husband and I are booked on this cruise and we are doing our first b2b staying onboard for the next leg . I am so excited about this ship. We were booked on the inaugural cruise and the TA but those were canceled. This is longer to wait, but I am excited to see the Christmas decorations.
  5. I was booked on the inaugural cruise out of Copenhagen and the TA b2b. It would have been my first to those European ports and my first b2b. To say I am disappointed is a huge understatement ! I am scrambling now to find something else. I really wanted to be sailing in August, but would never do the Caribbean that time of year. Oh, well, there must be something else.
  6. I have never sailed on this ship and am very interested 8n your review. Also, I always love food porn ! We are from the Asheville area.
  7. Thanks again, Jamman for such a wonderful review. I was so impressed with your summation of the ship. You have the ability to point out the pros and cons without being negative or mean. You did a fabulous job. They truly ought to put you on the payroll at Carnival. Your writing style along with Patty’s pictures make the review seem as though the readers are there with you. I have been reading your reviews for years and if possible, they only get better !i can’t begin to imagine all the hours you put into these reviews, but please know they are greatly appreciated ! Thank you and Patty again. by the way, don’t worry about your cataract surgery. I had it done on both my eyes when I was only 50, but it made a world of difference ! Wishing you luck.
  8. Jamman , I just love looking at your pictures of the sail away from NYC ! I will be sailing from there in June on the TA to Europe. I have never seen the Statue of Liberty in person or Ellis Island.i am so excited and your pictures just fuel my excitement ! Thank you so much !!
  9. I am so glad your review is here ! I have been waiting for it, as I love looking at Patti’s pictures and reading your interesting account ! So sorry you were sick. Thank you and Patti in advance for taking the time to do another fantastic review !
  10. Where will you post your pictures? I will definitely want to see them. I have studied much about Iceland since we will be stopping there on our cruise. We will have 12 hours in port. I know the Golden Circle is supposed to be fantastic, but I love architecture , also, and there is a church in Reykjavik that looks amazing both inside and out. Have you seen pictures of it? You could do amazing pictures of it!! (Just a suggestion!)
  11. So very glad you are back on cc ! When and how are you going to Iceland? I am going on the Carnival Legend TA that will stop in Greenland, Iceland, the Shetland Islands, Belfast, cCork, and finally ending in Dover. I wish you would be on that cruise to take pictures! You have such a gift with photography !
  12. I noticed that Nicole and Jimbo are both on this cruise. I have enjoyed reading reviews from each of you many times. I hope to meet you both and can’t wait to read your reviews of the trip !
  13. I am excited about retirement, but nervous also. I have taught for 47 years and I can’t imagine what I will do in Aug. when I don’t go back to school in 2020 ! I decided I needed to get as far away as I could! I finish in June 2020 and then turn 71 a couple of months later. I have been looking forward to cruising whenever I want, instead of always on a school schedule ! I hope we meet up on the cruise !
  14. I was too late in deciding about this cruise and by the time I called they were sold out, but I got on a waiting list and two days later I got the call someone had cancelled. It is just an ocean view, but I am happy to be on the ship. I am doing the b2b with the TA. I saw that several people have posted they are doing the b2b. I wonder how many of us there will be. This will also be my first solo cruising, ecause my husband can’t get the time off work. I am retiring in June and will have plenty of time !!
  15. Lasekeye, I am excited that someone else is doing the back to back ! I keep looking at pictures of the interior Mardi Gras and it looks so different from Carnival’s other ships ! I LOVE the new design in the staterooms. The things they have added make so much sense !!
  16. How many points do you need to become diamond?
  17. Thank you! I will definitely be off at all the ports on the first leg ! Can’t wait !!
  18. Hello, everyone! I am so excited because I finally booked my first b2n and it is on the Mardi Gras ! The first leg of the trip is from Copenhagen to South Hampton, then the second leg is from South Hampton to New York! I love the pictures that I have seen of the Mardi Gras and her cabins look amazing ! I will have just retired in June , however my husband is still working so he isn’t able to get the time off. As a result, I will be doing my first solo sailing. I am a bit nervous about that ! I will become platinum on an earlier cruise and that also excites me. Any advise for me ?
  19. Thank you so much ! I just got that ocean view cabin on the European segment ! Now I am back to back on the Mardi Gras , doing the European part on Aug. 31 to South Hampton and then back to NY. I am excited ! Is anyone else doing it solo?
  20. Thank you ! I will call Carnival right away. I would be satisfied with an ocean view , although we always have a balcony when we cruise the Caribbean .
  21. Hello, everyone ! I just booked this TA and I am on the waiting list for the first European segment. This will be my first time cruising as a solo, but my husband can’t get anymore time off work. Together we are doing the TA from NY to Dover in early June. I am a bit nervous about sailing solo. Does anyone have experience doing that ?
  22. Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to do this fantastic review ! I felt like I went along with you. Patti’s pictures were fabulous. Thanks again. I can’t wait to read your review of the new Sunrise. We were supposed to sail on her in Oct., but things came up and we had to cancel. I will love seeing the pictures of it.
  23. I absolutely love your reviews !!! They brighten my day and give me something to look forward to. You have a fantastic sense of humor and a great writing style, plus I learn a lot about the ship you are on as well as the ports. This is a in, win, win deal !! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this ! I hope we end up on the same ship someday !!
  24. We are booked for Dec. 6, 2020. It is so far away, but I retire in June of 2020 and this will be the first time we can cruise when the ship is decorated for Christmas. I am excited to see all the decorations, but especially to be in one of those new cabins. They look so different from the other ship cabins !
  25. Happy belated anniversary !! I have been looking forward to this review for months ! I love reading your reviews and looking at Patti’s wonderful pictures ! I can’t wait to read the rest of the review ! A cruise to Hawaii is on my bucket list, but first we are doing the TA that stops in Greenland and Iceland as well as four other stops. I really wish you and Patti were going to be on that cruise. I would love to meet you both. Thanks for doing this review !
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