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  1. I am so glad your review is here ! I have been waiting for it, as I love looking at Patti’s pictures and reading your interesting account ! So sorry you were sick. Thank you and Patti in advance for taking the time to do another fantastic review !
  2. Where will you post your pictures? I will definitely want to see them. I have studied much about Iceland since we will be stopping there on our cruise. We will have 12 hours in port. I know the Golden Circle is supposed to be fantastic, but I love architecture , also, and there is a church in Reykjavik that looks amazing both inside and out. Have you seen pictures of it? You could do amazing pictures of it!! (Just a suggestion!)
  3. So very glad you are back on cc ! When and how are you going to Iceland? I am going on the Carnival Legend TA that will stop in Greenland, Iceland, the Shetland Islands, Belfast, cCork, and finally ending in Dover. I wish you would be on that cruise to take pictures! You have such a gift with photography !
  4. I noticed that Nicole and Jimbo are both on this cruise. I have enjoyed reading reviews from each of you many times. I hope to meet you both and can’t wait to read your reviews of the trip !
  5. I am excited about retirement, but nervous also. I have taught for 47 years and I can’t imagine what I will do in Aug. when I don’t go back to school in 2020 ! I decided I needed to get as far away as I could! I finish in June 2020 and then turn 71 a couple of months later. I have been looking forward to cruising whenever I want, instead of always on a school schedule ! I hope we meet up on the cruise !
  6. I was too late in deciding about this cruise and by the time I called they were sold out, but I got on a waiting list and two days later I got the call someone had cancelled. It is just an ocean view, but I am happy to be on the ship. I am doing the b2b with the TA. I saw that several people have posted they are doing the b2b. I wonder how many of us there will be. This will also be my first solo cruising, ecause my husband can’t get the time off work. I am retiring in June and will have plenty of time !!
  7. Lasekeye, I am excited that someone else is doing the back to back ! I keep looking at pictures of the interior Mardi Gras and it looks so different from Carnival’s other ships ! I LOVE the new design in the staterooms. The things they have added make so much sense !!
  8. How many points do you need to become diamond?
  9. Thank you! I will definitely be off at all the ports on the first leg ! Can’t wait !!
  10. Hello, everyone! I am so excited because I finally booked my first b2n and it is on the Mardi Gras ! The first leg of the trip is from Copenhagen to South Hampton, then the second leg is from South Hampton to New York! I love the pictures that I have seen of the Mardi Gras and her cabins look amazing ! I will have just retired in June , however my husband is still working so he isn’t able to get the time off. As a result, I will be doing my first solo sailing. I am a bit nervous about that ! I will become platinum on an earlier cruise and that also excites me. Any advise for me ?
  11. Thank you so much ! I just got that ocean view cabin on the European segment ! Now I am back to back on the Mardi Gras , doing the European part on Aug. 31 to South Hampton and then back to NY. I am excited ! Is anyone else doing it solo?
  12. Thank you ! I will call Carnival right away. I would be satisfied with an ocean view , although we always have a balcony when we cruise the Caribbean .
  13. Hello, everyone ! I just booked this TA and I am on the waiting list for the first European segment. This will be my first time cruising as a solo, but my husband can’t get anymore time off work. Together we are doing the TA from NY to Dover in early June. I am a bit nervous about sailing solo. Does anyone have experience doing that ?
  14. Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to do this fantastic review ! I felt like I went along with you. Patti’s pictures were fabulous. Thanks again. I can’t wait to read your review of the new Sunrise. We were supposed to sail on her in Oct., but things came up and we had to cancel. I will love seeing the pictures of it.
  15. I absolutely love your reviews !!! They brighten my day and give me something to look forward to. You have a fantastic sense of humor and a great writing style, plus I learn a lot about the ship you are on as well as the ports. This is a in, win, win deal !! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this ! I hope we end up on the same ship someday !!
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