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  1. So glad to run across one of your old reviews ! You take such phenomenal photos, even if photo bucket has put a band across each one. I am enjoying rereading this during the COVID time when we can’t actually be on a cruise ship. I hope tour health has improved.
  2. So very glad to come across this old review ! I always loved your reviews, Mickey, and to reread them during this time of the virus when we can’t actually go on a cruise is a blessing !
  3. Were you able to go to Iceland ? Due to the COVID situation, my cruise to Greenland and Iceland was cancelled. Carnival says perhaps they will do the same itinerary in 2022. Hopefully, I will be able to do that one.
  4. We were also booked on that Legend cruise !! I was so excited about it and so disappointed when it was cancelled. I had been planning for it for a year ! I was also booked on the Mardi Gras ‘s first cruise and then b2b on her TA crossing. Both of those were cancelled , too. It is frustrating !
  5. Cruisin USA, I really enjoyed your review. I looked in your expanded signature to see another review and a few say posted not on cc. Where did you post those reviews,I would like to read them, also.
  6. Wrigley80, I have thought much about you and your reviews. I enjoyed them so much and I hope you are still cruising ( at least before this COVID shutdown) . I can’t even imagine how much time they took. I do hope to see or hear you again on cc.
  7. Hello, I am enjoying reading your review ! I have read a couple of others and enjoy them, too. You put a lot of work into these and I really appreciate it. I was wondering , in your list of cruise reviews, some say not posted on cc. Where could I find them ? You give such great information about the ships. Also, I love your positive attitude !! Thanks.
  8. Hi, Froufie thank you so much for this review ! I am going back through old reviews to keep me encouraged while we are locked in due to the corona virus. Have you done any recent cruises or reviews ? I enjoyed reading yours and would like to read more.
  9. I am new to your reviews, and am enjoying your take on the Breeze. We have sailed on it and loved it. Thanks for taking the time to do this review!
  10. One more thing, since you have sailed on many different Carnival ships, which one do you prefer ? We have done the Magic and the Dream, but not the Vista. We have never sailed out of Miami, because , living in NC , it is too far of a drive and we have been too cheap to fly. Maybe we need to rethink the flying thing.
  11. Thankful to find another of your great reviews ! Rereading to pretend I will be cruising tomorrow ! Thanks.
  12. One quick and probably stupid question, are the braised short ribs pork or beef ? Thanks. I love looking at the menus and your food porn pictures !!
  13. Thanks so much for this review ! I am working my way back through all your reviews as I try to keep my mind on cruising again when this quarantine business is over ! Do you still have one scheduled in the future? I am supposed to be on the Madrid Gras Dec. 5. if they are sailing by then. I would love to sail with you some day. You have such a positive attitude and such a wonderful writing style ! You make me laugh and that is a gift !! Thank you again !!
  14. Hi, Jamman, iam rereading your review during the quarantine and dreaming of what cruising is like when we finally get to cruise gain ! I love your reviews and rereading them takes me away to a better place. We have now had four cruises cancelled and are hoping our b2b in December on the Madi Gras . Thank you for all the time you put into writing this !
  15. Hello, Wildra ! I am rereading this surfing the virus shutdown as i desperately needed a good laugh. Thank you so much for the time you spend doing your reviews ! You have such a fantastic sense of humor and are a great storyteller ! I only find three reviews listed in your expanded signature, but i think there must be more. Can you post a link to any earlier ones, please ? Thank you !!
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