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  1. teacher34

    Legend Transatlantic

    I did it !!! Yeah ! Got the booking for my DH and I on this ship. I couldn’t believe how quickly they are selling out and how fast the price is going up. I looked at what I wanted in the morning before work and by the time I could get back after work, the price had jumped $100 ! In fact, I was talking to the person at carnival and he was starting to book my cabin, when it sold before he could book it ! Crazy, but he did say some cabins might open up for me to upgrade , but at the way the prices are going up, I doubt we could afford it. I am just thankful we got on board for this trip. The itinerary looks fabulous !! Now to just wait a year and a half !
  2. teacher34

    Dancing of the Ships

    I want to book the TA from NYC that stops in Greenland and Iceland. I can’t find it on the website, so how did you book it ?
  3. teacher34

    Legend Transatlantic

    Forgot to say I am retiring as of June 1, 2020 and this is on my bucket list. I will have taught for 49 years ! I am looking forward to retirement !!!
  4. teacher34

    Legend Transatlantic

    I am very interested in this cruise, but when I went to Carnival’s web site I couldn’t find it listed. Did you all do it through a Carnival travel planner ?
  5. I have loved all of your reviews ! I was happy to see this pop up again, because I was wondering if you were still cruising. I know you had remarked at one point that you all were going to do a land vacation, but that was years ago. Have you gone back to cruising yet and if so, will you be posting another review ? Your photos were JSU excellent and I loved reading your reviews. I hope you and your partner are well. Thank you for all the reviews you have done !
  6. teacher34

    Any recent reviews from these members?

    I greatly miss GA Pearl and Wrigly, as well as Mike and Tracy. They wrote fantastic reviews ! I am sad that GAPearl dropped her membership to CC, as I think someone said. I hope she did ‘t get anything negative that hurt her. I do hope she heals quickly. I also loved a reviewer from way back called Italianfemmy. She was a photographer and her pictures were excellent . Does anyone know what happened to her ? I am so thankful for Jamman’s reviews , which are fabulous ! There are some other reviewers I am just discovering, but I still miss the old ones. I am not as interested in drink photos and info about drinks, since we don’t drink , but I love hearing the pros and cons of each ship and getting info about the different ports. To everyone who takes the time to do reviews, thank you. I really enjoy reading them.
  7. I am consideringHolland America for our next cruise. We have sailed four different t cruise lines and I know each differs. My questions are:1) which food venues are included and which have an extra charge ? 2) how can I find more information about the spa facilities on different ships? Are you able to purchase a week pass for the spa and what would that include ?
  8. I understand about life ! I am glad you all are ok, and I hope things will settle down for you so you can get back to writing. This looks like it was an amazing g trip for you. I would never be able to do all the walking you did, so I will experience it through you. Thanks.
  9. Willdra I am so enjoying this cruise review as I have all your other reviews. You have a wonderful, engaging style of writing. I am concerned though, because you have never stopped in the middle of a review as far as I can remember. I hope you and your husband and family are all alright. I am just worried about you all.
  10. I was so excited to find out you are back on the boards ! I have read all your reviews and absolutely loved them ! You have a good way with words and your pictures are fantastic and truly capture moments in time. I am very glad that you will be go8ng on another cruise and hopefully, reviewing that. I wish you were go8ng on the Breeze, because I would love to read your review of that as we are going on it next March. Best wishes and welcome back !!
  11. teacher34

    Last minute help concerning parking

    I can’t believe I forgot to say the port or the ship ! I have been so frazzled lately ! We leave Mar. 3 on the Sunshine out of Port Canaveral . Thanks so much for the help !
  12. I know people have written about this before, but I couldn’t find the posts. I saw some people write about the park and go parking,lots that will shuttle you to the cruise ship. I don’t know what it’s exact name is or where it is located. Also, I wanted to know what it costs. Could anyone help me , please ? We usually stay at a hotel that allows us to park and shuttles us to the ship, but somehow I forgot to make a reservation this year ! Thank you for any advise you can give me.
  13. Kmom, I really enjoyed your review. You have a wonderful sense of humor and a great reading style. We have never done a 4 day cruise, because by the time we get down to a port, we want to make the drive worthwhile for us. Since I am a teacher, we are forever tied to a school schedule. I hate that, because you are right, things are so much cheaper in the off season. Also, I would love to do a New England cruise in the fall, but that will wait till I retire. We have sailed on the Spirit and the Liberty and were satisfied with them. In March, we will be sailing on the Sunshine and like you, I have heard negative things, but as I read every review I could get about her, many people seem to love her. We sail more to be on the ship and look at the ocean than to go to ports, although we do go off for some ports. The thing that sold me on the Sunshine is their three level Serenity area. I am with children all day everyday, and when I cruise, I want to be able to go to a quiet adult area and look at the ocean and read a good book. I am set to enjoy the Sunshine, so we will see. Again, thank you so much for doing your terrific review !!
  14. Thank you so much for taking the time to do these reviews ! They are fantastic ! Patti is a wonderful photographer and I love looking at her pictures. Between your writing and her pictures you two are an unbeatable team !
  15. I am so happy to find your review !!! I was looking for it. I love your writing style ! I know when I set out to read your review it will take me aboard with you and I will laugh till my sides hurt ! Thank you so much for tak8ng the time to write this.