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  1. I like "live" reviews with pictures as I know how much time it takes to do those.
  2. When picking a suite on deck 17, make sure you are not right under the Haven Restaurant. Also on deck 18 you are beneath outdoor deck 19 with the hot tubs which can be noisy at times. Having been on both decks, deck 17 is best. It is also easier to get to your suite on deck 17 from outside the Haven area.
  3. deck 17 balcony is almost 5 feet deeper than the deck 18 balcony. First pic deck 17.
  4. You and Chad helped make it a fun cruise with all the work you did on the Meet and Greet. Hope to see you both on a future cruise.
  5. Participants are pre-screened. No one is pressured into doing anything.
  6. Good for you. One of my profs said, "Do what you love and it wont seem like work".
  7. About us. We have been "us" for a long time now. Although we are no longer young, for me Noreen will always be that young woman I met and married in college. During that time she also worked as a computer operator for a construction company in Oakland. She recently retired as the head of IT for the local cable company. In law school, (Go Bears!), I also worked as the admin assistant for the city manager of Dublin California. I'm now a semi retired attorney. This was the first time we've cruised in the Haven. It wont be the last. we are booked to cruise Alaska and Mexico again on the Bliss. (I get a year to practice my telenovela Spanish) This report is a wrap unless there are further question/comments. Hasta Luego Amigos.
  8. After spending 2 nights in Long Beach, we headed home to Hawaii from Long Beach Airport. This airport is 20 minutes from the hotel and is more comfortable than LAX. We gave our grand daughter her gifts from Mexico. She took care of our cats, fish and plants while we were away. They all survived. Next I'll wrap up this review.
  9. What type of law do you practice V8? I'm a business litigator but started out in criminal defense.
  10. The RMS Queen Mary is an aging but still luminous vessel. In her heyday with a top speed of 30kts she could easily beat the Bliss in a trans Atlantic race. The wooden promenade deck crackles underfoot and her lifeboats are poorly maintained. We took a water bus (fare $1) to the Queen Mary to dine at Sir Winston's. This on board restaurant is not ADA accessible requiring a climb of 2 flights of stairs. No problem for us as we trained for 2 weeks on the Bliss stairs. There are 2 Hyatts in Long Beach and we were almost taken to the wrong one. The one we booked has a pedestrian overpass from the hotel to the Seaside Village and Water bus stop. (Also the Tattoo fair).
  11. We arrived at San Pedro/LA in the rain. The area holding our luggage was full and half the size of a football field and I mean soccer. We should have hired a porter since they have a separate line that moves faster through Customs. After clearing Customs we exited the building and turned right and walked to the taxi stand half a block away. Our cab driver said that this was the first significant rain all year. He took us to the Long Beach Hyatt Regency next to the Convention Center where we had free early check in. In a park near the Hyatt a tattoo fair was being rained out. "Too bad", I told Noreen, "I always wanted a tribal tattoo". "Go for it", she replied. More on Long Beach including The Queen Mary next.
  12. There was a mouse in our suite but not a dormouse.
  13. Delicious cold asparagus soap at the Haven restaurant. Wait for it...