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  1. We are on the Jade out of Athens on August 8th and just paid $109 for the week, which I think it is a bargain. We booked it online.
  2. So, even the prices from 2019 are the same as those for 2022 and 2023, but some of us can get it for $49. I wonder why?
  3. Here are the upgrade prices for our upcoming 7-day cruise out of Athens. $49 is not bad but we already 370 minutes so not sure if is needed for a port-intensive cruise. The difference in cost between cruise might be related to the port of departure.
  4. Because those sailings have a lot of empty rooms (60% capacity), I would think that NCL will be accepting offers fairly quickly. In the past, some people have removed their offers because they were taken too long to be approved or denied. NCL will want to secure the extra money as soon as possible. We received some offers to upgrade to a suite on our August 8 sailings out of Athens, but the minimum offer was high (50% of the current value of the suite)
  5. Hello guys . My partner and I booked cruises a few days ago after our cruise on the Joy was cancelled. Looking forward to meeting everyone onboard and possibly meeting up for drinks. We are arriving in Athens two days before the cruise . Johan and Brian
  6. The price that NCL quoted you for flights will stay the same unless you make a chance to your reservation. The additional fees are probably transfer cost. You can decline the NCL's airfare program up to final payment.
  7. I am feeling a little bit more optimistic about the sailings from Athens for several reasons. 1) If they were going to cancel these cruises, they would have done it already. 2) The messages that we are getting on NCL do not indicate that the cruises will be cancelled. Previously, the screen said "cruise on hold" 3) They have a charter scheduled for August 15th. It is more difficult to cancel a charter as they probably signed a contract. 4) Two sailings have already made final payment. We are getting ready to make final payment early next week. Fingers and toes crossed.
  8. You can only book the August 29th sailing. The other sailings are frozen or not available
  9. Not related to the Bliss/Encore, but we are in a similar situation with the Jade out of Athens - all of the sailings are currently frozen, and supposedly it is because they are going to replace the Jade with another ship of the same class. NCL has a big problem with communication. A single statement on social media would help to prevent all of this confusion.
  10. Thanks Clay, These points are becoming useless you do a double meta upgrade with 60,000 points.
  11. Does that mean that you can't upgrade from a balcony or mini suite to an aft cabin? We were planning on using 10,000 points to upgrade to an aft cabin on a panama canal cruise.
  12. Thanks. I just submitted the form to see if they will allows us to book another cruise with the airfare promotion.
  13. I wonder what would happen if CDC does not allow NCL to sail from Seattle on August 7th? 🤔
  14. Thanks for this. We were looking at going to Athens since our August 7 Joy cruise was cancelled. However, we are not able to book the airfare promotion. This sucks.
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