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  1. I had posted this on my small review thread previously, but I was on the Dec 22nd sailing and arrived at the pier around 1:30pm. There was somewhat heavy traffic getting to the drop off point due to the single lane for cars. However, once out of the cab, the check in process was pretty quick. I think these letters are new (we did not get a letter like this but our edocs did say to check in for 1pm) but I would listen to the letter and not rush to get to the ship too early.
  2. Comments regarding entertainment - much like food, it is so personal and depends on your taste, but here goes. Priscilla - enjoyed it but thought some portions could have been cut to shorten the show. I was however very impressed that NCL put on a show that could be considered too "edgy" or "controversial" to some. My wife and I were saying we can't believe that when this show was pitched to some executives at head office that they actually said yes, let's go with it. Positive marks to NCL for this. Burn - Didn't love it, but I enjoyed it. My wife couldn't wait for
  3. Ports were good. For us, two new ports were Barbados and St. Lucia. Barbados sand was like baby power and the water was so clear, just amazing. Second time going to Tortola and it seems like it has not recovered from the storm. We looked back to pictures from our visit many years ago and it was a beautiful place. Now, not so much. Was sad to see. We typically don't do any excursions, just catch a taxi to a beach. This cruise, we never do this, but we decided to completely stay on the ship during the St. Kitts stop (been there twice) and it was pretty nice having the peace an
  4. Hi all, wanted to comment briefly on our recent Epic cruise from San Juan. Just for background, I have sailed on 4 NCL cruises (last one on the Epic in 2014), 3 Celebrity, 3 HAL, 1 Princess, 1 RC and 1 Carnival. Before boarding I had read a bunch of poor reviews and was actually a little anxious that the cruise would not live up to expectations. I consider my wife and I to be very easygoing and overall we had another very enjoyable cruise in general, and we enjoyed the Epic in particular. First thing to comment on is the arrival and departure that might help others go
  5. It's unfortunate that before a cruise even starts you are anticipating some issues. That being said, from reading over all the posts on this thread, it seems that while the December 8th disembarkation/embarkation was terrible, it was a one time issue. However, getting in and out of the port area seems like it will be a weekly problem and therefore if you are flying out on the day the cruise ends you should probably walk off with your luggage and try and get off the ship in the first group to make sure you don't miss your flight. I always like to try and enjoy a final breakfast before disemb
  6. sandycruzr, when you say self assist I assume you mean the option of carrying your own luggage off the ship? I have a flight to go home for 12.50pm (i can't change my flight time) and am somewhat worried by your post. I hate the thought of having a feeling of pressure to 'run' off the ship first thing on the last day, but I guess I may have to do that so that I don't run the risk of missing our flight back. Do you think this is certainly an ongoing issue then, or something isolated for whatever reason?
  7. Can anyone that either ended or started their cruise today on the Epic from San Juan post an update on how the disembarkation/embarkation process was today? Was it chaotic like last Sunday or are things back to normal? Thanks in advance.
  8. I don't disagree. I have done both ways, bringing wine on board and buying packages. Since I always fly in the day of my cruise, buying wine is a bit of a chore and this time I just don't feel like going through the effort. Also, while I enjoy wine I am not a huge aficionado so I am okay with being limited to the choice on the ship and I do understand the markup. I do like to try and get the wine list in advance though as I will see if i can try a few of the choices on the list if I can find the bottles locally beforehand.
  9. Thanks very much. I found some photos online already but I think they were older lists so I was looking for something very current. Thanks again.
  10. Hi all, second attempt at this as my first post was several weeks prior to the Epic moving to do cruises from San Juan, which starts tomorrow Dec 8th I believe. If anyone going on the Epic from San Juan could post a picture of the Viva Vino Wine List that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. You are correct. Starts Dec 8th from San Juan. Hopefully someone might remember and post the list then. Thanks.
  12. Would be much appreciated if someone that is on the Epic now, or in the next few weeks, could post a copy of the current Viva Vino menu. I understand the menu changes from ship to ship, and over time as well, so I would love to get a look at a current list before my upcoming cruise. Thanks in advance.
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