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  1. I read that cargo ships are testing their crew for the virus before they can board. I am thinking that Carnival could test all passengers. A lot of tests I know but it's better than not sailing at all. Maybe reduced number of passengers? I just want to cruise!
  2. That is what I have always done but John Heald said not to do that but contact him. Not sure how to do that.
  3. I had no problems getting my Carnival gift cards—1 in November and 1 in December. PayPal worked quickly and easily. Fast delivery of my e-gift card. I never had a problem in the past with e-gift cards. Now if only AARP would fix my problem of not being able to earn points since Nov 19. No problem redeeming.
  4. Wouldn't do the steakhouse again.... sad. So sorry you had a “sad” experience in the Steakhouse. 🙁 We were on the Vista in July. There were 8 of us and the service was excellent. Everyone enjoyed their food. My wagyu was the best I’ve had on any ship. The chocolate sphere is delicious if you are a chocolate fan
  5. We have always requested early dining. And always request a table for 2 and always tell them when we have reservations. We don’t enjoy waiting for people who show up late or not at all But I keep reading about YTD to see if we need to change. So far I am only convinced that I like dining in the aft dining room so I will choose accordingly (like the Vista). Another consideration is being able to eat at 5:30 so we have more choices of what we want to do instead of waiting till 6:00.
  6. We were on the Dream the end of September. We sat down for 10 minutes then boarded. We got there a little early.
  7. The Dream was leaving Galveston when this happened. Prayers for the family.
  8. Prepared for the Texas culture? Please explain.
  9. I totally understand wanting to be on the ship as soon as you can. Me, too! I hope you get on the ship quickly and the joy of being on a cruise will replace any frustration!
  10. I chose pink Himalayan salt on the Breeze because that’s what I eat at home. That was the first and last time it was offered to us in a Steakhouse. We have not had it offered to us on the Vista or Dream since then.
  11. I would email him again and explain you didn’t understand his response. I just emailed the Freedom a month ago and he is the only maitre’d that sent a response from the many ships I have emailed in the past. I think it’s a different maitre’d than the last time we were on the Freedom but the last maitre’d was amazing.
  12. When we are not traveling with our large family, we enjoy a table for 2. I send a request for a table for 2 and have always have always gotten tables were happy with—not too close to others. Even on our last cruise when we checked the first day to see where our table was and we were not at a table for 2. The table we got was a good location. Don’t be discouraged—there are good tables for 2. 😀 I don’t know if it makes a difference but we do early dinning.
  13. Thank you so much for posting! We are on the Dream in 8 days 0 hours and 34 minutes. So excited—Dream class have been my favorite ship. Although this is the first time on the Dream. I haven’t been able to find the 5 day out of Galveston.
  14. I had wagu for the first time on the Vista. My usual order is the filet. I thought it was amazing! My husband was disappointed because I ate all of it. I never eat all my beef and he always gets a good portion. My daughter also thought it was good and she has a more sophisticated palate than I do.
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