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  1. Hello cruise friends, We are just home from our first Princess and first Alaska cruise. We were blown away by the Princess product. I can easily compare cruise lines, because we are frequent cruisers, Elite on Celebrity, Diamond on RCI, and platinum on NCL. So of course I booked onboard!! I am looking at a Sky Princess Caribbean sailing out of Fort Lauderdale. Specifically, a Penthouse cabin S3, corner aft. At this early date, most are available. In your opinion, which deck on 9. 10, 11, 14 and 15 would be best. Thanks in advance, Happy cruisin' Susan
  2. Thank you!! Love love love your comment!! And I hear what you are saying about suites on other cruiselines. I was surprised when the price of the largest suite on Princess was less than the smallest suite on X and NCL. After some research, it's because of the all inclusive nature of the "other" lines, as well as separate Haven or Retreat exclusive areas and restaurants, but I don't care, due to the significant price difference. I am grateful for your sharing, it confirms my decision. Susan
  3. Thanks again, HDWT, for your very positive comments and experiences. I was not concerned about the balcony walls and ceilings, but was just hoping that we would be able to view the Alaska sights easily! Plus neither of us get motion sickness, so not concerned with motion. I've noticed the creaking on older ships, but not bothered by it! Susan
  4. Thank you Karatemom2, geoherb, havedogwilltravel, skynight, voljeep and blazerjan for your informative and positive comments!! We are only familiar with the Celebrity and NCL suite experience so we are really looking forward to a 10-day with Princess! I really appreciate your enthusiastic responses! Also, while I enjoy aft cabins, my DH prefers mid-ship, so this will be perfect! Happy cruising! Susan
  5. Hello cruise friends, We will be taking our first Princess cruise to Alaska, August 24 on the Grand, in a couple months. We were lucky enough to snag the Grand Suite and I have a question or two. I cannot find any pictures of the suite other than some youtube videos from 2015. Does anyone know of any updated pics since the March 2019 refurbishment? Or does anyone have any experiences in this suite or suggestions? It's a special celebration year for us and we want to make the best of it. Thanks in advance, Susan
  6. Fabulous information!! This is getting printed out and placed in my travel folder!! Thank you!! Susan
  7. Finally!!! Had to book an 8:50pm flight and get home at 5am in the morning. Red-eye is better than missing a morning flight. Only issue is hanging out at the airport all day and evening. Maybe we can rent a car or find something to do. Thanks for your guidance!
  8. Oops, glad I double checked on our sailing. Embarks 8/24 and returns 9/3!!
  9. Thank you soooo much. I was going to call Princess, but knew to try the "experts" here first! 😊 As well as the locals. We embark 8/24 and disembark 9/5 on a Thursday. Sounds way too stressful to me! The Fort Lauderdale port which I am far more familiar with is a hop and a skip away from the airport, literally 5 minutes. I am so glad I asked here. I was able to find a 1pm flight, it's got a connection in Charlotte, but it's worth it. And I don't get home too late due to the EST difference. Happy Cruising! Susan
  10. Hello cruise friends, We are new to Princess and taking our first Alaska cruise from San Francisco. We will be spending a few days in SF beforehand, so our flight getting there is fine. My question is for the return flight. Would 10:40am be too early to make it from the ship to the SF airport in time? We will be in a suite, so we will have priority disembarkation, if that helps. If not, the other flights to Philadelphia would have us at the airport until late in the evening. I appreciate your advice!! Susan
  11. Wonderful, Melody!! We are leaving for a 10-day Celebrity Bermuda sailing in two days! Now that Mike is retired, more cruising! In August, a 10-day Alaska sailing on Princess. Then RCI in November to S. Caribbean. Two planned so far in 2020. I really have been itching for a Tahiti/Aussie/Hawaii longer sailing in 2021. Happy Anniversary, you two!! Fabulous!! And yes we were a great looking table! 😊🍸nn' Happy cruisin Susan
  12. I am happy to hear that some here still dress in the evenings. No matter how I try, I am unable to go casual for dinner. Certainly not formal, but love my maxi-dresses and bling accessories. Most times DH wears a nice shirt and khakis. Occasional sports jacket and tie. Or not. No more packing his tux. I see a mix throughout the ship, from VERY casual folks who eat dinner in the buffet to lovely dinner outfits with lots of sparkle. The ladies seem to set the tone more so than the men. But love those casual Tommy Bahama shirts too!!
  13. Thanks what I thought! I feel the same way, and bid in the weak area first, but raised it to "fair." I figured why not go for it!! Waiting to hear!!
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