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  1. Currently? I think it is a dead issue - permanently. When I first heard of the idea, I thought it would be a way to simply collect and store information about vaccines, Covid test results, and possibly boosters if needed. I saw it as a way to conveniently have the information easily accessible in situations that required it, like international travel. Instead, it has become a flash point like so many other aspects of this pandemic. I can’t see even state governments trying to implement it.
  2. I was not aware of any federal push to implement a passport. The press secretary addressed that at a recent briefing. She said there would not be a federal requirement for vaccines nor would there be a federal database. So what is the source of all the outrage? Who is forcing anyone to have a passport?
  3. Sounds like a good strategy and one that has worked for you. I’m wondering if that will hold true going forward. There could be lots of pent-up demand that would fill up ships. Or there could be lots of people who are reluctant to sail with the requirements/restrictions that might be in place, leaving plenty of cabins for upgrades.
  4. Thank you to both of you. Yes, that helps.
  5. We are interested in the Australia/ New Zealand itineraries on the Oosterdam, but it has been a while since we’ve sailed Holland America. I know the Oosterdam is an older ship that has been refurbished. Was it in good repair and well-maintained when you sailed? What about service? Food quality and preparation? Were the shore excursions organized and well run? The entertainment is less important to us, but I’d appreciate any comments you have. Thanks.
  6. Has anybody been getting emails about Power Up Points lately? I have not received any activities in a while - probably since the Christmas one. Anything in the new year?
  7. Gulf Coast area near Houston. I’ve tried the hubs, but the new wait list is about 50,000. Registration sites for hubs in other nearby counties crash upon opening then fill quickly. Drugstores have not had new shipments in weeks, and they had only a small number for first line workers. None since.
  8. Just did. None within mileage search area allowed on booking site. They go fast.
  9. Thanks, but not where I live. We do not have a Tom Thumb or a Randall’s. I’ll check their website to see if they are within 100 miles or so.
  10. I guess it depends on where you live inTexas. In our town, the waiting list at the hospital is over 1,000 as of yesterday. The health department does not maintain a list nor do they answer the phone. They randomly make doses available on the website, but there is never an announcement so it is like throwing bread crumbs to pigeons. If you happen to be checking at that moment, you might be able to register for an appointment before they are all gone, but it is entirely luck.
  11. Maybe it is because those countries are limiting international travel or passengers from certain areas. But I agree that it does not make sense to think that we will be cruising in the U S winter season either. Things don’t seem to be getting better here any time soon
  12. Perhaps the OP was more concerned about the availability of travel policies going forward. That is a different question from insurers going out of business. I expect travel policies to change in ways that will address the risks of cruising in the time of Covid. Insurers will want to limit their exposure to known risks. Such changes will have to be approved by state regulators, and it will take time to enact. The point is that we may still be able to buy travel insurance when cruising resumes, but it may not offer the same kind of coverage we had before.
  13. It is my understanding that most travel policies are underwritten by companies that sell other kinds of insurance, not just travel policies. They may do less business in that sector or eliminate it entirely, but I don’t think the major insurers will go out of business.
  14. Celebrity sells policies underwritten by Arch Insurance administered by Aon. The names and addresses of both are listed in the policy. Cruise line policies may not cover bankruptcy at all. That is something to check before buying. Covid has made us all aware of things we probably did not think about before. I agree that third-party insurance provides better coverage, but I do not know of any policies that don’t cover you off the ship. Can you give me an example? As far as agencies going out of business, I was just explaining the language regarding third-party su
  15. How will you be reimbursed if you have to cancel? Do you get another FCC and the difference in cash? Some third-party policies now recognize FCCs as a form of payment. The significance of that is you can be reimbursed fully in cash. It depends on whether you’d rather have a discounted premium or cash reimbursement.
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