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  1. https://www.americanexpress.com/us/credit-cards/features-benefits/policies/ https://www.americanexpress.com/us/credit-cards/business/business-credit-cards/american-express-business-platinum-credit-card-amex/61468/?linknav=US-Acq-GCP-BusinessCards-ViewAllCards-LearnMore-Platinum&irgwc=1&veid=yce2Lo1tqxyPU3AzCL15H0lvUkFRg0QHPWLV0s0&pid=IR&affid=1137073&affname=TPG&sid=SBS10051&pmc=92&rulename=&MPR=67 https://creditcards.chase.com/a1/23Q3/sapphire/dual?CELL=62DZ&sitelink=7&jp_cmp=cc/Sapphire+Reserve_Brand_Exact_Sapphire+Reserve_SEM_US_NA_Standard_Control/sea/p56274826623/Chase+Sapphire+Reserve&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI67qJtePAgQMVOzrUAR0o-AooEAAYASABEgIacPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Just not finding where it says Amex Business Platinum includes $250,000 in medical coverage. I see the usual rental car, baggage, trip cancellation /interruption, and delay; but not a word about medical. I do see a link to travel insurance where you can buy medical coverage through Amex as separate build-your-own elements needed to complement coverage for those other travel risks already included or as a comprehensive package. Is that what you are talking about? Chase Sapphire Reserve, on the other hand, includes $2,500 in Emergency Medical - not a substantial amount, but many people rely on other existing coverage or pair CSR with an annual medical policy.
  2. Maybe it should have some direct impact on the voters so they’d be motivated to get involved. Nothing like lots of angry constituents to get the attention of Congress.
  3. Thank you for pointing out that the pre-existing conditions exclusion can extend to non-traveling family members as well. Many people don’t realize that is true even if they may be aware it applies to themselves and/ or their traveling companions. That is the most significant shortcoming of credit card coverage. None of them cover pre-existing conditions, and there is no waiver. The look back period means you have to be very careful when booking to be sure everyone in your circle is clear. Sometimes that is not possible.
  4. I’m not involved at all, but it did my heart good to see so many gracious and forgiving replies.
  5. You can still buy third-party insurance, but if you are concerned about medical expenses because of a pre-existing condition, it is too late to get a waiver for that.
  6. The effective date is usually 12:01 AM on the day after your premium is received. It is determined by the actual date the insurance company receives the payment. Did you pay for the insurance at the time of booking?
  7. Are you talking about Emergency Medical or Travel Accident? Not the same thing. FYI: The PP with unlimited coverage is from Canada. That is not the same thing, either.
  8. PP is aware of those cards but does not consider the $2,500 emergency care as adequate for foreign travel. A premium card with a nearly $600 annual fee is more appropriate for someone who travels often, not a couple of young people on a lark to Mexico.
  9. You’re right. I thought I was responding to the same person. Anyway, the information has been presented so anyone can avoid being caught unaware.
  10. Thanks. You mentioned emergency only. I understood that to be something different. Since you buy travel insurance as well, you’re completely covered.
  11. Credit card travel benefits cover cancellation, interruption, and delay - not medical. Wouldn’t help these girls or anyone else in a similar situation.
  12. Please consider that emergency services alone will not be enough. That does not cover hospitalization beyond what is required to stabilize you nor does it pay for any transportation to get home. It will not pay for your companion’s expenses while waiting for you to recover enough to travel.
  13. In this case, it appears the first hospital is capable of handling the injuries - if it would. My initial remarks were addressed to people who rely solely on their US healthcare policies when they travel. There are additional expenses besides medical that will not be covered in case of illness or injury. Trip Interruption is a separate issue. Any policy I’ve ever seen covers at least 100% of trip cost - many cover 150% - to allow for reimbursement of the unused portion of your trip plus the cost to get home. I suppose it is possible to max out depending on the refund amount due and the cost of a return ticket.
  14. Medical evacuation coverage in a comprehensive travel policy provides for hospital to hospital transfer if it is medically necessary. That, too, is the nearest one; it does not necessarily mean an air ambulance home. But it will pay to fly you home by commercial air when you have recovered enough to travel, even if it means first class with a medical escort.
  15. For medical. At out of network rates. Check to see what it does not cover like transfer to a better hospital or repatriation or any additional expenses for a traveling companion who is not hospitalized. Or return of remains, if it comes to that.
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