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  1. We are booked on the Infinity Feb 22/21 but it seems to have disappeared. In fact all Infinity cruises are gone from Feb 22/21 to Mar 27/21? Does anyone know if it’s Charters or Dry Dock? Thank you.
  2. Oops I read it wrong if it was from your TA it will not show up until on-board.
  3. We had the same thing happen last week on an upcoming cruise in Nov. Just call & they will re-add tell them the copy # that it was on & they will fix no problem. As you booked through a TA they should take care of it for you.
  4. I know luggage tags are only available 49 days before cruise & e docs usually are emailed a few days before that.
  5. It appears that Celebrity has now corrected this, at least every cruise that I have checked now seems to be the correct $ exchange rate.
  6. The Jones Act includes cabotage which is the transportation of people or goods in the same country. It is the Merchant marine act of 1920.
  7. It’s not the PVSA that is the problem it’s the Jones Act.
  8. Celebrity does not consider Ensenada or Vancouver to be foreign ports we even offered to get off the day before in Victoria. I totally agree with you Vancouver is a foreign port but not where the Jones Act is concerned. Anyway I wish Geremlx good luck & hope it works out for him.
  9. Don’t believe so, but about 5 yrs & too many cruises ago.
  10. We were not allowed to do Hawaii-Ensenada then Ensenada to Vancouver. Due to the Jones Act. It’s the problem & it is antiquated.
  11. No but he will have luggage hence cargo.
  12. So why not go with it’s the $ rate that posted day, instead of fixed $1.42 which is inflated.
  13. Don’t know but we even offered to get off in Victoria the day before & they would not allow that either.
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