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  1. We have had this problem on a couple of cruises booked but the strange thing is when they take it out it is usually less than to what they have added in, it never seems to be the same amount. So they still want more money than original invoice. We have had this happen on 2 cruises & it gets fixed then falls off the rails at a different amount. I’m sure it will get fixed sooner or later.
  2. oh no would never do that, once we are on the ship all is good its getting past their website that is the problem. We enjoy cruising too much. If we meet you in April I will tell you all about it.
  3. I agree, I prefer dealing with Celebrity, I just wish their computer system was updated but with a pandemic I realize that will not happen. We find it's always interesting to see what errors there are on our copies when we receive them from Celebrity, very rarely are they correct, but they always do fix them. Yes, I believe you are on the same cruise as us in April look forward to meeting you both.
  4. I only check prices on line but I never book that way. Although we do book with Celebrity as it gives us a lot of flexibility w/o having to wait for a TA to call us. We changed a booked cruise to another one which of course has the All In but the agent also wanted to add in the gratuities as an extra charge & she said the back office takes it off. My DH said why bother when it’s included anyway so she didn’t but we have had this go in & out by different amounts many times. I guess my question is how many people notice this happen on a regular basis.
  5. Probably is a non refundable, is that what you wanted?
  6. Yes, it looks like Celebrity has corrected their website.
  7. I wasn’t looking to book, I was just checking out the pricing with cruises booked & noticed that NRD shows All In & refundable shows no perks. I have been on many Celebrity cruises & know their website is strange but just wondering if they are upping the ante for NRD to get more bookings!
  8. Their website is awful if you put in refundable there is nothing about All in. But I still love their ships.
  9. Thanks did not see that thought it just pertained to Gratuities.
  10. The website has gone back the way it was nothing other than meals are included, this for a cruise fall of 2022.
  11. Has anyone noticed that Celebrity website now has Gratuities as an extra add in? I was checking the website for a TA & you can now choose to pay your gratuities ahead of time.. Is Celebrity doing away with Aways Included? Funny thing is prices were even higher than last week, it didn’t say anything was included other than meals.
  12. One cruise a few years back we were invited to the Captain’s table. Anyway between main course & dessert a woman comes up starts talking to the woman at the other end of the table, starts drinking her wine then she pulls up a chair & orders dessert from the waiter who didn’t quite know what to do. The Hotel Director looks to the Captains Club host as he wanted him to do something but he just shrugged, so the Hotel Director asked this women if she’d like to join us. Meanwhile she is already sitting down? We found out later the Captain’s club Host was moved to another ship after that
  13. It changes to the new format when you tr6 to go in to the cruise planner for a particular cruise but unfortunately it just keeps asking me to sign in over & over again for my Nov cruise. I guess I should have read that it only applies to the Apex for now.
  14. I just wish Celebrity would update their ships to show the right configuration. I just checked the Summit & it still shows the old way. I found out the hard way about the Constellation when we booked the TA & the cruise before in Italy for 2022 it was very confusing as what we could see on the website did not correspond to what we were being told, price wise.
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