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  1. I'm in a different situation. The first half of my upcoming b2b is with my husband. After the first half my husband gets off and my niece gets on for the second half. Both cruises will be in a different cabin. Princess won't link the 2 cruises. I'm also told that neither the purchased internet, coffee card nor any obc I may have left over will follow me. Technically it is 2 separate cruises. So I understand.
  2. Great way to start a review. You have me hooked.
  3. They really do it nice. Makes me sorry I couldn’t book for this year. It’s my turn to host.
  4. We've done 2 Christmas cruises in the Caribbean. On Christmas Eve, the CD read "The Night Before Christmas" in the Piazza. It's also shown on the TV in the stateroom. Christmas Eve mass from Rome as well as Christmas morning mass was shown on the TV. On Christmas Eve we got little red Christmas stockings with a candy cane with our pillow chocolates inside. Once when we first boarded, we witnessed "snow" falling in the atrium while the costumed carolers were singing Christmas carols. There were gingerbread houses displayed in the atrium as well as the buffet. I think they do it very nice.
  5. I’ve seen peanuts and honey roasted peanuts in the Regal and Royal buffet on most nights. The first year the Royal Princess sailed the Caribbean, they had candied macadamia nuts.
  6. I once watched a lady pick out what she wanted, then return the rest to the jar. I’ll get my own from the buffet.
  7. Oh, I do have another question though.... are all balcony and mini suite cabins fully covered? I don’t like being exposed to the balconies above
  8. A couple of weeks ago, I did a search here but didn’t find exactly what I wanted. Then, Low and behold, after I made my post I saw a comparison of Celebrity to HAL. NS was discussed and that did help. Here I’m also hearing good things about the NA. So, I guess I’ll be happy on either one. I guess it’s flip a coin time. Thank you again for your responses.
  9. Haven’t been in HAL in many years and I’m looking to try again and would appreciate any feedback. Our one and only HAL cruise was 9 years ago on the Maasdam. 14 days with the most amazing Caribbean itinerary. But we were bored on the ship. Best entertainment was the crew show. We really enjoyed that. Rest of the entertainment was a xylophone player and a violinist. Not our cup of tea. We've mostly sailed Princess, but it seems that with the new ships, the ship is the destination, Not the itinerary. Don’t get me wrong, the ship is very important, as is the itinerary. Quite frankly we’re getting bored with Princess’ same Caribbean ports and we’re looking for a change. Last few cruises we didn’t bother to get off the ship. Now to my question, 2 ships, same itinerary. If you had to choose between the Nieuw Amsterdam and the Nieuw Statendam, which would you choose and why? We are in out early 70’s and fairly active. We only want to compare the ships, not the ports as we’ve been to them before, just not on the same cruise. The ports offered are the relaxing beach ports. Just what we need right now. Thanks in advance.
  10. I’ve seen it displayed in the buffet over the food. It would be nice to know in advance. But I do look while they’re setting up.
  11. I remember on the Regal Princess, they did have the shrimp and oysters the same tune they had the cake/chocolate Extravaganza
  12. I believe there’s a place on the back of the order ticket that you sign where you can add a tip. We usually have dollar bills for tips. When we run out, we go to guest services to change a $20 for more $1’s
  13. Vanilla! Sounds good. Never thought to add a flavor. What other flavors do they have?
  14. Makes sense. So used to carrying both cards when they were actually paper cards. Thanks for that information.
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