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  1. Hi there Our cruise leaves next week and the tour we had booked just cancelled on us. I am finding that many things are closed on Saturdays and Sundays, the days we are in Hilo. Anyone have good things to share that we could do? We have a rental car so we can get around. Thanks.
  2. You will be tracked as long as you put your sea pass card in the machine you are playing or give the table dealer your card, which they will ask you for anyway. They use your Celebrity Captains club number to track you. We are on Eclipse doing the same itinerary and I am not sure what they are going to do on the overnights whether the casino will be open or not. Remember that playing the machines will give you much more points. Also we were on Eclipse in the spring and as long as you were playing in the casino they were giving you free drinks. Have a great cruise
  3. Hi Everyone We are going to be in Cozumel in August and are going to book the XRAIL tour with the cruise line and also want to do Everyone Loves Sharks and Rays with the cruiseline but due to 1/2 hour overlap we cannot do both with the cruiseline. My question is has anyone booked Everyone Loves Sharks and Rays/Stingray Beach privately. I see they have an afternoon time that could work for us. I am looking for experiences when booked privately and which companies folks have used. Thanks!
  4. Yes you will only see price drops usually if the cruise is not selling well. Those cruises will typically be in the spring and fall or so called shoulder season. Us experienced cruisers used to get some free upgrades but for the past few years it never happens and with the biding for upgrades now i am sure it will never happne any more.
  5. Yes they do roll over, they are all attached to your crown & anchor number. So if you got 4400 points on one cruise that would give you a balcony cruise for that cruise and points and you would also get a cruise for your annual prime membership which you also accomplished. you will continue to gain points from each cruise you talk from April 1 2019 to March 31 2020
  6. Hi all Just off a cruise (back to back actually) on Harmony and for the first time ever I was told they would not give me cash drawn on my sea pass for use in the slots and that I would have to take it on my seapass at the machines. The idea of that is ok, I get that they want us to lose track of how much we spend and this will certainly achieve that outcome however my concern with this is that there are no receipts given for what we transfer to play. This is wrong. If you go to the cashier you get a receipt that you can then compare to your onboard account statement. If you transfer at the machine you do not get receipts and therefore have no proof of what you did or didn't do. So if I get charges on my seapass that don't belong to me I have no way to prove or disprove that I did or didn't do it. Let me be clear that I don't have a problem transferring the money. I have a problem that there is no receipt given. The machine should spit out a receipt just like it spits out the paper that says how much money we have. This needs to change.
  7. Does anyone know if his company is still operating. We used him in the past and he was always quick to reply to emails. I have sent him an email recently with no reply. I do hope that he is ok. Thanks for any input
  8. Thanks Iain. That's how we used to do it but with the changes to the website, because we live in Canada we cannot even look at celebrity cruises.com, it automatically switches us to .ca and that drop down is not there at all. Thanks for trying
  9. Hi everyone. We are Canadian and have always been able to change the website for Celebrity between Canadian and US $ as we can book in either currency. We like to book in US $ because we like to take the cruise line insurance. However, with the website changes we cannot locate the place to change currency. Does anyone know how to find it in US $? Thanks
  10. Hi Everyone We are looking at transportation from Santiago to San Antonio and trying to figure out best option. Anyone with experience that can tell me what they did? Thanks!
  11. Has anyone figured out how to "search" in a thread? The main search searches all of cruise critic, not very helpful. We used to have a "search this thread" button. Anyone found it? Or is it gone forever?
  12. I have saved it and tried to update the one that is there but I cannot. It says it doesn't meet guidelines but doesn't explain how to fix it so it meets guidelines. They have made it way longer than it was before the changes too. There is alot of wasted space the way they have done it. Anyway, I remain "not happy" with all the recent changes. It worked much better before.
  13. I have been away on a cruise while they made all these changes and just logged in tonight to look at the thread of the cruise I was just on (October 7 - 14) and the thread is GONE. So if there are any threads you are on and want to refer back to any information contained in there, you can't after the cruise has sailed. So grab it now. Whoever thought these changes are good is wrong. Users refer back to these threads alot. Now we can't I haven't even looked at my signature yet, I sure hope the details are there as it was our record of cruises too. I will be checking that now and saving it somewhere else if it hasn't already disappeared.
  14. There are several that are just 2 km from the cruise port and actually further away from the destination. So less than half price to what cruise passengers are being charged.
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