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  1. 16 hours ago, getting older slowly said:

    Glad to hear the US will be starting Cruising soon.. I hope it all goes well,


    Down here it starting to look somewhat grim... on the subject of cruising..... as the powers to be  seam to suggest international borders may open mid 2022...... and the possible start of cruise season in October 2022..... that is depending on the cruise lines and what restrictions are place on them.....


    So we will wait and see.......    


    We've tried three years in a row to do the Sydney to San Francisco cruise, but it now looks like our cruise booked for April 2022 won't make it either. So disappointing since this was on our retirement "bucket list."  I understand Australia's caution in reopening their border, but I'll continue to hope they decide to change it to early 2022.  At least we can hope, right?

  2. I was really afraid that they were going to scrap the cruise from NY.  We are booked on that one as well as the New England/Canada cruise the week before. We were pretty sure Princess was going to cancel the first cruise but were hoping they would still bring the ship up to NY for the Nov. 6 cruise.  


    I'm not sure how many cancellations this now makes for us; I've lost count!  We are also booked on the April 2022 Sydney to San Francisco cruise but sounds like that may be cancelled too since Australia is very cautious about opening their borders.  When everything finally starts going again, I just may be too old to sail!!

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  3. On 2/22/2021 at 1:21 PM, memoak said:

    Here in Oregon people 70 - 75 just became eligible for vaccine today. I was able to get a first shot set for March

    Congrats on getting an appointment! Down here in Southern Oregon vaccine is still pretty scarce, so I can't schedule an appointment yet even though I'm now eligible.  They say patience is a virtue, right??

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  4. 16 hours ago, MamaFej said:

    When I met PapaFej in 1988, my Dodgers were World Series Champions. Since he has been in my life, the Dodgers have not won another World Series. I'm not saying it's his fault. I'm also not saying it's not his fault.


    I am happy to say that my Dodgers are going back to the World Series. Let's hope they get it right this time.


    Are there any other Dodger fans here? Tampa Bay fans? 


    Another Dodger fan here.  I was born and raised in SoCal and my Mom was born in Brooklyn, so we have a long history of bleeding Dodger blue!  I even remember seeing Sandy Kofax pitch in the Coliseum once when I was a kid (guess I can't be coy about my age!). We've been waiting a long time for another World Series Championship, so this is the year!!

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  5. We were finally able to see a little blue sky here in southern Oregon.  Hopefully the smoke will lift completely by the end of the weekend.  On a happier note, we just booked a trans Pacific cruise Sydney to San Francisco for April 2022!  We were originally planning on a similar cruise n April of this year on the Golden but, alas, it was not to be.  Hopefully we will finally make it this time!

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  6. We had a major fire here in southern Oregon yesterday.  Many homes and businesses gone in two small nearby towns.  We live in Medford and were evacuated last night, but all is well and we are back home.  My nephew is a Medford firefighter and has been on the fire line over 24 hours.  Hopefully he will get a break soon.  We were just feeling good that the fires seemed to pass us by this year and then, bam, here they come.  High temps, low humidity and high winds - a dangerous combination!

  7. On 8/27/2020 at 11:30 AM, toescat said:

     Took a ride up to Eugene Oregon to pick up my grandson from school as College Football was canceled and his mom did not want him driving home to Brentwood Ca by himself.  He is a freshman and their #2 Quarterback he started at U of O in January of his Senior year of high school and had to fly home in March then they were cleared to go practice football in July and was there 4 weeks and back home. 


    In our household we are HUGE U of O fans, so exciting to see that your grandson will be one of the quarterbacks we will be watching (if football ever starts again!!).  Go Ducks!!

  8. Hi, MamaFej - Welcome to southern Oregon!  Hope you are enjoying our wonderful scenery and weather.  Thank you for sharing your gorgeous Montana pictures.  We just learned yesterday that our April 2021 Sydney to Seattle cruise has been cancelled so we are pretty bummed about that.  We had planned a similar trip for this April but, of course, that one got canceled along with all the others.  Guess we'll make it to the South Pacific one of these years! Hope the rest of your trip home goes well.  

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  9. We have two future cruises booked, one for October (which probably won't happen) and one for next April.  We had FCCs from a cruise cancelled in April, and without notice Princess automatically applied our credits to the total cost of the two cruises.  We weren't planning to apply the credits until final payment was due, but just saw that it happened when we checked our account.  I assume Princess will just put it back into our account if they cancel the cruise (sure hope so!).

  10. Thanks so much for posting this information.  My sister and I have just started watching and are really enjoying it.  We have never sailed on Princess, but are booked for a Sydney to Seattle cruise on the Regal April 2021.  It has been great getting to see the ship during the episodes.  My sis worked for Royal Caribbean for a couple years so it is bringing back memories for her watching what goes on with the crew behind the scenes, especially the turn-around days which were the busiest for the most of the crew.

  11. 1 hour ago, cherylandtk said:

    If you opted for Option 1, you will not be refunded the fees, taxes and air charges. They have been placed in a holding account, and no, you cannot see them in your Personalizer.  If your FCCs have been fully processed for your cancelled cruise you should be able to call Princess and ask them for the amounts; they do not send a statement.

    If you opted for Option 2, or cancelled on your own and/or were not given Option 1 or 2,  those Refundable fees, taxes and charges will be refunded.  Eventually.  I hope.


    We chose Option 1 and was told in a recent call with Princess that we should have our refund for taxes/port fees in a couple weeks (not holding my breath on that!).  I have seen several people on CC mention a "holding account" but have not seen this verified by Princess.  Did you receive information directly from Princess regarding the holding account?  

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  12. Hello from beautiful southern Oregon.  Great weather today - in the low 90s which is rather hot for this time of year.  Oregon has done a great job of keeping the COVID cases/deaths pretty low, so I appreciate the steps the state has taken.  The governor will be relaxing some of the restrictions starting May 15, with distancing and masks still a requirement.  I'll probably venture out rather slowly since I'm in that "vulnerable" age group, but I sure hope I can get back to Zumba classes soon.  Since I haven't been to the hairdresser in almost two months, I decided it was time to finally let the grey hair see the light of day.  I understand this is now the thing to do for us baby boomers, so I'll bite the bullet and give it a try! 

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  13. I checked our Princess account today and saw that the Z cruise had dropped off.  Then I noticed that the FCC was listed.  It was actually more than we were expecting.  Not sure why that is.  It may be recalculated at some point, but at least it is finally showing up.  However, we haven't yet received a credit for the port fees/taxes or the prepaid gratuities.

  14. Thanks to both of you for your advice.  I think the Lido deck would be nice to try since we would use the buffet fairly often as well as the pool.  I think we'll leave the room change as is for now.  After all, there is still a very long way to go before it actually happens, so Princess may make a few other cabin changes before we get there.  For the cruise we were supposed to take this April (so sad to see it canceled), they had bumped us to a mini suite.  We were so excited but, alas, it was not to be.  

  15. We will be (hopefully!) taking a cruise on the Regal in April 2021, Sydney to Los Angeles.  We originally selected a balcony cabin on the Baja deck, but have been "upgraded" to a balcony cabin on the Lido deck (L230), which is mid-forward.  I'm wondering how much movement we might feel on the higher deck.  While I've never been seasick on the few cruises we've been on, I do occasionally get a little queasy on smaller boats or curvy car rides.  Just wondering if we should request that they move us back to Baja deck. Thanks in advance for your advice!

  16. We were scheduled to take our first Princess cruise on The Golden April 8, a trans Pacific trip from Sydney to Los Angeles.  We were so looking forward to this special cruise and had been planning for a year.  I read lots about the Golden and although she was getting up there in age, so many people expressed their love for the ship.  We are so disappointed that we won't have the opportunity to be on one of her last voyages as a Princess ship.  

  17. On 1/22/2020 at 10:13 AM, mchell810 said:


    Thanks to the OP for posting since IHG didn't send any kind of notice and were completely useless when I called them to check on the situation.


    We had a booked a room at the Holiday Inn for our April cruise and received an email from IHG a couple months ago notifying us of the change.  We had also booked the Hyatt in Darling Harbor and were waiting to make a final decision on which one to keep; we decided after the email to go with the Hyatt.  I realize it will necessitate a taxi ride to Circular Quay for the cruise, but the Hyatt looks like a nice hotel with fantastic view of Darling Harbor and the price wasn't too bad when we booked it. 

  18. On 1/10/2020 at 7:04 AM, Philob said:

    The ship arriving at 6 doesn't mean you get off at 6.  The port authorities have to their thing before the first pax can be let off hopefully before 8.


    You'll have to be in line with the other hundred or so pax that want to get off at the same time as you, clear customs & immigration, hoping you're not "the one" they want for additional screening.


    After getting your ride you hope that 405 & 110 are accident free during the LA midweek AM rush hour & your driver knows about the construction delays that can happen at LAX. 


    Hopefully you should make it.😎







    Thanks for the encouragement!  If we can get off the ship around 8 a.m. I think we should be OK, but I'll probably be stressing until we're at the gate.  We were in LA in August for a couple Dodgers games, so well-aware of the crazy traffic.  Just hope there are no major accidents.

  19. We will be taking our first transpacific cruise on Princess Golden leaving Sydney in April.  Our stop in Wellington is on Easter Sunday, and I'm wondering if most shops and tourist attractions may be closed.  Can one of you New Zealanders give me the scoop?  Thanks!

  20. What would be the earliest time we could disembark our Princess ship arriving in San Pedro at 6:15 am?  We would be handling our own luggage.  Also, we will probably take Uber to LAX and have a flight departure time of 11:30 am.  Is this cutting it a little too close?  This will be on a Wednesday, so I know the traffic can be a bear.


    Thanks in advance for your help.

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