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  1. 6 minutes ago, CruiserBruce said:

    There are other threads discussing this. There have not been any confirmed reports of the Lahaina side car rental places shuttling people.


    Thanks for the response, CruiserBruce.  I've checked a few of the other threads and agree that nothing seems to confirm that shuttles are available.  Guess we'll just plan to Uber to the rental place.  Thanks!



  2. Our ship will be arriving in Lahaina in April 2020 and we want to rent a car for the day.  However, it looks like the information in this thread may be for those coming into Kahului.  Does anyone know if any of the Lahaina car rental places provide shuttle from the port?  When I google the question, I see conflicting information so trying to find the straight scoop! Thanks.

  3. I’m debating whether to get the coffee card, so this thread has been helpful. I’m not a constant coffee drinker but like a good cup in the morning and a latte every once in awhile. Can someone tell me the cost of a brewed cup of coffee and a latte at the IC? We’ll be on the Golden for a 29 day cruise in April. Thanks!

  4. 1 minute ago, leck57 said:


    I'm on a Ruby Princess cruise from Sydney in a couple of weeks and the bottled water package is not listed either so I assume not able to be ordered for cruises departing Australia. A shame as I always order it. On my Personaliser for this cruise only the Beverage Package option is listed, I can't even order the 5 for 4 beers. 

    I'm sure there is a reason but not an obvious one.


    Thank you all for your responses!  It sounded like a great deal but guess we will just have to lug some water on board if we decided to bring some.  I've heard the water on the ship is perfectly fine, so I'll probably just bring a water bottle and fill it as needed.  I've seen warnings not to fill the water bottle directly from the dispenser, so I'll be sure to fill a cup and then pour it into the bottle. Got to watch those nasty germs! 

  5. 3 minutes ago, voljeep said:

    OP - what cruise is this in regards ? Caribbean, med, japan, Australia ?


    I went back again and checked, but when I scroll down to the bottom it only shows the beer options.  We are boarding in Sydney Australia for a trip through the South Seas ending up in LA.  Maybe the bottled water is not an option for ships sailing out of Australia?

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  6. I've read on the board that bottled water can be pre-ordered to be delivered to your cabin upon embarkation.  I've been searching on the Princess website but cannot find it listed.  Can someone tell me where the ordering information is on their website? I've searched in the beverage package section and even gift shop services, but no luck so far.  Thanks for your help!




  7. We will be on the Golden sailing from Sydney to Los Angeles in April 2020.  Previously I read that the Golden would be getting MedallionNet by December 2019, but that is no longer indicated on the latest announcement from Princess.  I'm thinking they may have decided not to do it since the ship is being sold. That would really be disappointing since I was looking forward to a good internet connection. Does anyone know the latest scoop?

  8. 47 minutes ago, racj846 said:

    Cannot answer you question specifically, but given the distance you have to travel to Sidney, suggest you get there a couple of days before.  This would give you time to explore not to mention adjust to the significant time difference.

    Thanks for the advice.  We are planning to arrive a couple days early in order to acclimate to the time difference.  We'll try to do a little sightseeing but thought we would save The Rocks for departure day since it is so close to the ship.  We've never been to Australia, so very excited for the trip (just not looking forward to the flight!)

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  9. We will be boarding the Golden in Sidney in April and have never been in that port nor cruised with Princess before.  We have read about The Rocks and would like to spend a little time walking around the area since it is so close to the dock.  Are we allowed to get off the ship after embarkation for a couple hours and then return to the ship? 

  10. A few additional things I've been wondering about for our trans-pacific cruise on the Golden next April:

    1.  How many formal nights will there be on a 29 day cruise?

    2.  Can you use OBC in the casino?

    3.  Do they offer Zumba on the Golden?

    4.  Will there be any problems using credit cards in Tahiti, Bora Bora, Tonga or Samoa?


    Thanks everyone - love all your comments!!



  11. My sister and I will be doing a trans-Pacific cruise, Sydney to Los Angeles, in April 2020 on the Golden.  We've never done such a long cruise before and this is our first time on a Princess cruise.  Any general information or tips on what to expect on a long cruise would be helpful.  Thanks!

  12. My sister & I just returned from a wonderful cruise on the Norwegian Jade. Thanks to all of the fantastic advice provided by Dubrovniktravellady, we were able to see all we wanted during our stop in Dubrovnik. I thought I would share how we did it, which may be helpful for others:

    Ship docked at 2 pm and we decided it would be easiest to take the ship's shuttle ($12 roundtrip). It dropped us off at the Pile gate and we decided to climb to the wall from that location. The steps are rather steep and I took a short breather before getting to the top, but I'm 65 so figured I deserved it! It was well worth the climb. What beautiful views of the sea & the city within the walls. We walked around to the Ploce gate where we decended and then walked out of the city to the cable car (great directions Dubrovnik Lady!). We thoroughly enjoyed our ride up & back down, enjoying the views from every angle. We then reentered the town at the Buza gate, which is a short walk from the cable car. There are many steps down into the town, but it was not difficult. We then walked around the town, enjoying all the sights. Finally got back to the Pile gate and took the shuttle back to the ship. So easy - a wonderful day! :)

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