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  1. At the bottom of Norwegian's website on the right hand side, look for "Newsroom", click on it for his comments.
  2. The announcement was made by Mr. Sommers while he was on The Jade last week. Computer guru's may not have got up with the announcement yet. Itinerary changes seem to happen on a weekly basis right now.
  3. May be too early to know what shows will be on board. Crew members are only now beginning to board. I have not seen anything yet about entertainers going on board yet.
  4. Never heard of the Flamingo Bar and Grill on the Getaway. Illusionarium has not be on board for several years.
  5. I always pre-pay mine. When I book a cruise, I always add the cost of the gratuities. If the price for them goes prior to the cruise, my cost is locked-in.
  6. Does anyone know what the plan is for The Encore? According to a ship tracking site, She is due to arrive in Seattle on Sunday the 44th of July which is a month and 3 days PRIOR to He 1st scheduled Alaskan sailing.
  7. Thank You great letter. Will be curious if you can a response.
  8. Captain Martin Holmqvist. I am not sure where he calls home.
  9. I know of a number of Senior staff members who have either decided to retire or found other jobs and are not coming back. Almost impossible to say which crew member will be where in a certain timeframe right now. There have also been a number of crew members who have died from COVID-19 or its complications. Very glad I am not the people trying to figure out ship itineraries or crew placement right now.
  10. Since Captain Niklas is currently Captain, I am assuming that Captain Martin should be on in early August.
  11. The Pride is in Portland, Oregon in drydock.
  12. I wonder if She is chartered for a couple of weeks??
  13. If you are interested in the history of the "Original" Canal, I would suggested reading David McCullough's "The Path Between The Seas 'The Creation of the Panama Canal 1870-1914'. This is a very detailed account of the building of The Canal. I am on my 2nd reading. Enjoy Mandy
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