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  1. www3traveler

    Cabin upgrades at the pier?

    Probably not Most cruises are booked full.
  2. www3traveler

    My Excitement is Dwindling..help!

    I just talked to a friend that disembarked The Epic today from Her Transatlantic voyage. He had a blast. Missed one port of call because of a weather issue-- the Port authorities there closed the port.
  3. Thank you for all your wonderful postings. I hope you had a wonderful cruise.
  4. www3traveler

    New Ship - First Couple of Sailings

    I sailed on The Getaway on the 16th of January 2014 from Southampton, United Kingdom to New York City. Wonderful cruise Once we arrived in NYC on the 26th of January, She Bud Lite Hotel for the Super Bowl. Aside from being in mid January, it was a great cruise.
  5. www3traveler

    Bliss Panama Canal

    I booked a Studio for my Panama Cruise. There is so much outdoor space to watch. Hopefully on your cruise at least part of the bow area will be open. Enjoy
  6. www3traveler

    Escape Nov.-Booted Off

    Just read a posting for that cruise in the Roll Call section, WOW!!! Very eventful cruise--- glad it does not happen very often. Very tough cruise for staff.
  7. www3traveler

    Bliss in the Canal Today

    What I was really asking is what was the total cost Norwegian paid today for The Bliss to transit The Canal. Last Spring it was a little over One Million Dollars. Wondered what the price was today.
  8. www3traveler

    Bliss in the Canal Today

    Has anyone said what it cost to transit The Canal today?
  9. www3traveler

    Bliss in the Canal Today

    OH WOW!!!! THANK YOU My turn this time next year.
  10. No, he has been on The Jewel for several years now.
  11. www3traveler


    I love finding the differences each ship (even those in the same class) has. Probably my favorite is the spiral staircase going down from the lounge on The Spirit to the Bridge Viewing Room window.
  12. NORWEGIAN SPIRIT as of 6 November 2018 Captain: Stefan Nordberg Hotel Director: Armando Da Silva Food and Beverage: Timur Coskun Restaurant Manager: Kerwin Miller Beverage Manager: Erine Mendoza Executive Chef: Lloyd Johnson Executive Housekeeper: Clyde Harbin Guest Services Manager: Alvina Athanse Cruise Director: David Betanzos
  13. www3traveler

    NCL BLISS Theme NIGHTS Question!!

    Given that the Alaskan and Mexican Riviera cruises have ended for this season, you might want to ask this question again after the first cruises out of Miami later this month. Themes and the order of the parties might be different. The Glow Party is usually toward the end of the cruise.
  14. www3traveler

    NCL Sun - Main Dining Room Differences?

    Hi, The Four Seasons Restaurant is located just off the lobby forward on Deck 5. It is listed as Casual Contemporary. The Seven Seas Restaurant is located Aft on Deck 5 and is listed as More Traditional. Both serve the same menus. One side of the menu changes on daily basis, the other side changes on a weekly basis.