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  1. EXACTLY!!! Hard work by everyone on board-- Engine Room, Galley, Hotel staff, Restaurant staff, and the Bridge Team. As always, prayers and best wishes for all those selected to open The Aqua.
  2. Both On board, the Hero cards first go to the Department Head, reviewed and then given to that particular person. Once a month, a employee of the Month is honored. Emails would go to the Corporate Office in Miami, and eventually make it back to that particular ship, Department Head and then to the particular staff member. Given all the staff changes about to happen, a positive "Hero" card could mean an assignment to the Aqua, a promotion, re-assignment to another replacing someone heading to the Aqua. Also given yesterday's announcement, Hero cards could become even more important to staff members than have been. How they plan to implement the announcements made yesterday at the New York Stock Exchange remains to be seen.
  3. Have you filled out the "Accessibility & Medical Questionnaire" form? There is a section on it which covers dietary issues.
  4. What is your next grand adventure? I hope that all is as well as possible in your world and with all those you hold dear.
  5. The Buffet usually has a different dinner special each night. The Freestyle Daily will tell you each day what the Buffet Dinner Special will be. The main Dining Rooms have the same menu each evening. On side of the menu stays the same each evening and the other side will have a different menu each evening. Menus are posted outside of the dining rooms so you know what is being served. Usually there is a theme dance party beginning about 10 P.M. each evening. There is no need for special clothing. Relax and enjoy your cruise
  6. 32 Days on The Jade!! OH WOW!!! I would love it. May I suggest that you read David McCullough's book--" The Path Between The Seas". It is an extensive (well documented) history of the building of the Panama Canal. It took from 1870 to 1914 to complete the project.
  7. To me, Cabin 4545 looks to be a crew area ( could be crew cabins, gangway storage). I would not book anything on Deck 4. I have had cabins on Deck 5 under the Galley, I didn't mind it at all.
  8. There is a General Manager's Conference being held in Miami right now. All 19 General Managers are in attendance.
  9. Prayers for you as you heal and for Dad. Parts of the cruise was very hard on him. Now that he is "home" again, how is he?
  10. I lay mine flat on the floor in the closet. You stand them up in the closet, they could roll side to side in rough seas.
  11. OH WOW!!! Very difficult decision to make. Prayers and Blessings to you and to your family. Mandy
  12. OH WOW!!! Security having to disembark passengers is rare. Lots of stupid people out there.
  13. I wondered if Rumi joined his friends in Miami. Got a note from Steven Saturday, he was on his way to Miami. This sounds like a wonderful Conference.
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