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  1. From a very reliable source a few minutes ago-- Lars has left NCL and is working for another company(not Hal). From what I was told, it is a company based in Asia.
  2. i have not seen an official announcement for either the Senior Bridge or Hotel staff. I do know that Captain Niklas Persson is Her Master. He brought Her out last night.
  3. Clarense Bennett is on The Bliss for another couple of weeks. Then he will have some vacation time before joining The Encore.
  4. Restaurant Manager Noel Chaves is scheduled to join The Jade in a few days.
  5. WOW!!! Thank You for all the wonderful pictures. Really surprised at how quickly this is happening this morning.
  6. Once the ship is cleared by the local officials ( 30 minutes or so), you can leave the ship. It will posted what time you MUST be back on board (usually 30 minutes before your scheduled sailing time). So if your itinerary for Roatan says 10:00 A.M.-- 5 P.M.-- you can leave the ship about 10:30 A.M. and have to be back on board at 4:30 P.M.
  7. Fleet wide There have been several threads on different sites about this.
  8. Did a New year's Eve cruise 2 years ago on The Getaway. Parties all over the ship. Very few people actually dressed fancy. Very crowded and loud.
  9. You do NOT GET the shore excursion credit until AFTER you have taken the excursion.
  10. On some of the larger ships-- The Farewell has been added to the end of the International Crew Show on the afternoon of the last Sea Day instead of the last night before returning to the home port. Much easier on staff especially the Bridge Staff.
  11. The $50 Shore Excursion Credit has to be used in each port. You can not combine them to pay for a more expensive excursion. Use it each port or lose it.
  12. Somewhere during your cruise will be a Q&A with the Captain and the Chief Engineer. During that presentation there will probably be a slide show of the Engine Room. It is really interesting.
  13. Thank You very much for all of your information and assistance through the years. Yes, even from the Pacific Northwest of the United States, it is a little sad for me to see this date coming. THANK YOU AND BEST WISHES Mandy
  14. I travel solo all the time (37 cruises). The only time I make a reservation is for Ocean Blue and only on the day I want to go. Most of the time you can walk up to any Restaurant Hostess Desk and ask to be seated. You might have to wait a minute or to be seated. I have never had a problem.
  15. EXACTLY This thread has gone on long enough.
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