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  1. I would wait to book for 3 reasons: (1) For the moment no one knows what the protocol will be for booking dinners. (2) For the moment no knows what the protocol will be for booking entertainment. (3) Is this cruise going to sail with what requirements: masks, social distancing, how many passengers will be allowed to sail?? Why to many questions to be answered before I would book anything.
  2. I doubt She is picking up crew unless they are vacation replacements. As of a couple of weeks ago She still had crew on board that had NOT gotten permission from their home countries to go home yet.
  3. Thank You my thoughts exactly. Since the "No Sail" order expires before the Election, I wonder what the CDC will do. This administration seems to be able to tell the CDC what it can and can not do.
  4. Exactly my question??? Mr. Del Rio said Friday in a email to all officers and crew that Norwegian did NOT know when cruises would be able to resume. I have seen the email. It was sent to me by a crew member that should have not shared it. Mr. Del Rio went on to say that crew members would be contacted by the agencies or shoreside departments. He also mention that due to the restrictions in many countries crew may not be allowed to leave or enter. He did say that there is some small movement of crew as relief crews. I would believe 60 days or more to bring even one ship on line. Will be a long process no matter what date or dates for the CDC "No Sail" order. I would not be surprised to see it extended into 2021.
  5. The answer is NO An email went out Friday before the cancelation of the White House meeting to all officers and crew saying that they have not date at the moment when cruises can resume again. Then it went on to say that so many countries are still restricting travel. India for example is still in lockdown in many places. My comment: if they can not go across the street to church, staff certainly is not going to be allowed to fly out of the country and will the country that they want to enter, accept them. There still crew members who have NOT made it home yet because of the restrictions in their home countries. Getting people back to work is not going to be an easy process no matter when the CDC "No Sail" is lifted.
  6. I doubt he will be returning anytime soon. Just saw on ABC's website, that member of the White house Residential staff have now tested positive. Every time there is a news release, it seems to get worse.
  7. I saw a news story this morning saying that yesterday's meeting will probably not be re-scheduled until after the 3rd of November. Which in my opinion would mean that all of the cruise ship companies are going to have to make another round of cancellations. At this point, I do not see of any of them being able to start up anytime soon. The other issue and had has been availability of crew. Many countries are still in lock down because of their high rates of Covid. I heard yesterday that there are still 3 Norwegian ships (Star, Escape and Joy) that still have crew members on board that currently still can not get home because of their countries travel bans. Very hard times we live in right now.
  8. Just saw a news report saying that the meeting for today has been canceled and not date has been set to reschedule.
  9. There is supposed to be another meeting at the White House this time with cruise company officials this time. Who know what the results of that meeting will.
  10. My question is and has been about crew members. A large number of crew members live in India and Southeast Asia. India especially and a number of other countries still have very large numbers o Covid-19 and are under quarantine orders. Will they be able to l eave their home and countries in order to return to work. Will the countries where the ships are, accept crew members coming into their country. The Joy and The Escape are still anchored off Singapore. Last report I saw couple of weeks ago said there was still crew on board trying to get home. If those two ships repeat the process to bring crew back that will take 45 to 60 days. Lots of hard decisions to be made yet. Hopefully the meeting at the White House goes well tomorrow but anything can happen including another extension.
  11. There is supposed to be another White House meeting on Friday. Maybe or maybe not there will be a positive announcement at its conclusion.
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