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  1. thanks for the info. i know these threads from my amsterdam cruises - always very informative. had booked various excursions with private companies through these roll calls. its still a long way to go but i will join the thread. thanks again
  2. thanks for the comment - sounds reassuring
  3. after a few world cruises on the (no longer existing) amsterdam i have finally decided book the 2023 world cruise on the insignia. i never sailed on oceania but i hear they are several notches better than holland america. still a long way to go - but definetely something new to look forward to.
  4. eureka!!! good news!! the remaining 2 suitcases arrived friday, undamaged, and after exactly 7 months the contents looked ok to my neighbors who opened them for me. thank god its over......hope the other amsterdam guests will get their stuff too, soon.
  5. no information as yet about the other two, but i have the tracking numbers, so they have been found and that gives me hope for another delivery next week. my neighbors are waiting for the honey from pitcairn
  6. i got 3 out of 5 suitcases today !!!! contents is ok, no smell, no mildew. hallelujah......
  7. still no news from fed ex but i got an email from holland america that they "hope to have everything delivered by fed ex until 10/18".........hope on deliverance......
  8. we live in florida and would have certainly picked up our bags from fedex or hal in fll.....but we are stuck in germany since our return from perth.......
  9. i got the same email. at least i know my luggage is not lost. we have waited 6 1/2 months, i guess we can now wait a little longer...lol
  10. holland america luggage shipping have just repled to my various inquiries "...than you for submitting your itemized list to the luggage shipping inbox. as you know, we are actively working with government authorities....." and so on.... blah blah blah. and that i should please be patient....... i got this email a few months ago after i had submitted the detailed list, and thats no reply to my various recent emails. something is wrong, very wrong. may be they lost the luggage and dont know what to do or what to say.....
  11. no info from hal, no reply to my emails, no news from fedex, no tracking number....i am getting a bit worried.......
  12. i still have not received anything.....hmmmmm
  13. thanks for the info. as i said, nothing received so far but i keep my fingers crossed....
  14. have not heard anything yet. from whom did you get a mail with the delivery date. from fedex or from hal ?
  15. i wonder if holland america's able director crick has anything to say concerning this subject.....if it really is a subject......
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