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  1. Late to the party as usual. For another bump up / review only.
  2. Hello, I really can't comment on the HAL tour you mention but I assure you that you'll enjoy the Falls. In 2011 we did a 15 day Veendam Antarctic cruise from BA to Valparaiso / Santiago. Totally different from the cruise you describe and are looking forward to. To make a long story short, we flew down to BA 5 days prior to embarkation, spent two days in BA, purchased AL tickets to the Falls, stayed at the Secret Garden B&B for two nights and returned to BA for another night at the same B&B in BA (who held our luggage and such). With that said, the Falls where spectacular and worth a two day minimum visit (if you'd like to take the boat ride on the river and Falls and the next day visiting the Falls topside and railroad, etc.). We visited the Sheraton (able to walk to on the trail from the Falls) for 'sunset drinks' prior to getting back to our accommodations, showering and enjoying a local eatery with local cuisine, drinks and music. You can't go wrong regarding when and how you visit the Falls. Be well & safe travels! You'll have a blast! Bob
  3. It's been a couple of years ago but we rec'd a similar check from HAL. I believe the amount was in the $30-$40 range. I deposited into my checking account with no problems although I was wondering what it was about. I found out later that it was a refund on some port charges (missed port I suppose or a port charge adjustment that the 'bean counters found) from a cruise that we had taken three years earlier. Go figure... Best of luck & safe travels. Be well. Bob
  4. https://www.foxnews.com/travel/holland-america-cruise-ships-collide-during-parallel-parking-job-gone-wrong
  5. Funny that you should bring this up. We'll be on the 'Farewell' Prinsendam cruise for the month of June.. It's our favorite HAL ship actually & enjoyed the company of both "master's" Capt. Turner & Capt. Gunderson. Since it's such a port intensive itinerary it's difficult to see when an appropriate farewell night might occur. I just envisioned a final awesome dinner, a 'clean out' of the wine cellar and a last 'Gala' night with toasts, memories and, perhaps, some tears shed. It appears from prior posts thus far that such farewells are not to be had. And so it goes... BTW, we were great fans & past cruisers of both the Ryndam & Statendam. RIP. Be well & safe travels to all. Bob
  6. Hello, We will be taking our 1st Cunard, QM2 on the 24th of May Crossing. I was just looking for opinions on the steak house (we're sort of 'foodies'), if we need to pre purchase a reservation or if there's plenty of available spots usually available on a 7 day crossing. Thank you ahead of time. Be well & safe travels. Bob
  7. The GE card has been a real 'lifesaver' for us thus far (aka, making a 45 minute connection with baggage & immigration) regarding international arrivals for further domestic connecting flights. And it also makes port arrivals so much easier (versus standing in a line) IMHO thus far. I guess it's just follow the arrows, no? We have the card (& any other visa hard copies needed, ETA's, proof of vaccination's & such) attached to our passports (bundled separately & easily removed via a simple office clip & rubber band) for travel (cruises, airline travel, foreign land adventures, etc.) purposes Enjoy. Be well & Bon Voyage! Bob
  8. On the 2018 HAL WC the ship handled the visas. Seemed like it was $50 / pp at the time. I also believe if you fly in you can obtain one at the airport on arrival. But things always change, so as mentioned, you might want to email their embassy for any updated information. Good luck & Be well. Bob
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nieuwendam ??? Be well. Bob
  10. Your correct. They had folks aboard vote (via computer) for suggested itineraries and also had a comment area at the end of the form to add areas desired, etc. That's my recollection since I do remember voting. Be well. Bob
  11. A wonderful & personable gentleman. We were fortunate to join him twice for Captain Table's dinner's when he was assigned to the Prinsendam several years ago. Enjoy you retirement Captain Chris & be well! Bob & Judy
  12. I believe you will have a wonderful cruise regardless. To answer your original query, we tend to take longer cruises and have never had a problem checking in a flat beverage box filled with the following: #1 six pack of bottled water (like Evian that has hard bottle packaging, that we refill with the ship's tap water for cabin use and excursions), #1 six pack of Gatorade (that helps my wife's led cramps), #1 six pack to small tonic waters (again for cramps and other needs) & #1 six pack of mixed, canned pop (for cabin use). I wrap the carton (which fits nicely under the sink on the shelf) in 18" commercial saran wrap (which we have at the house) and tape a cabin tag on it & drop it off with the luggage at check in. We have yet to encounter a problem doing so. Obviously this doesn't work if you need to fly into a port. However, when we do need to fly into a port whether it be within the confines of the USA or internationally I do a similar packaging with just a roll of local, inexpensive saran wrap without any problems really (that's if time permits of course). Between the carry-on luggage bag, the smaller gizmo (aka, I- crap, computer stuff ) bag & camera bag, #2 bottles of allowable wine / couple I really don't care for caring on water, pop and such these days. My 'burro' carrying days are over I'm afraid. Alternately, just taking a couple of waters aboard and refilling, as needed, also works great.The ship's water is just fine and dandy. Best of luck & have a Great Cruise whatever you decide. Be well & safe travels. Bob
  13. We've been on both (PP once on a Med /TA) & our favorite, The Elegant Explorer, 3X on 21+ day itineraries and will be on 'her' again for the month of June for a 'her' final 'Farewell Cruise'. I would sail the PP at the drop of a hat. We had a great time and it's very much like the Prinsendam 'intimacy-wise'. Don't miss the chef's dinner (you'll need to sign up the after boarding, very limited) that takes you down to the kitchen for appetizers (you wear chef whites) and then are led to their private DR for a multi course, with wines meal that's fabulous. Good luck. Be well & Have a Great Holiday Season & a Super New Year to come! Bob
  14. Thanks for the step by step information. Safe travels always (especially during the Holiday Season). Be well. Bob
  15. Well, as in the past I usually purchase a package or two prior to a cruise depending on the cruise length. I've already purchased some packages for scheduled 2019 cruises (28 Day June Prinsendam, 46 day October Rotterdam for example) and wondered if the good folks at HAL would honor the earlier purchases with the 50% discount (sort of 'grandfathering'). I purchased several cases prior to the 2018 WC (in which they we're changing over from the Admiral and Navigator packages to the Cellar Master 1,2,3 packages) and the beverage manager was quite amenable as to the change in selection of wines, and the 50% discount on the pre-purchases was reflected as OBC's on my account on Day 1 or 2 of the cruise. If they do not honor the discounts as they stand now would cancelling the pre-purchased packages on-board be an option? I would think it might be. I was just curious. I always take aboard a hard copy of any pre-paid purchases and such and they all have the purchase dates. It appears under the Terms & Conditions of the Mariner status amenities that all or part of the program can be discontinued without notice as per the Mariner Society benefit site: ". Terms and Conditions Holland America Line's Mariner Society Rewards Program (the "Program") is operated by Holland America Line ("HAL"). HAL reserves the right to modify or terminate the Program, or to change the Terms & Conditions of participation and benefits of the Program, in whole or in part, at any time with or without notice. " https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/mariner-society.html May everyone have a wonderful Holiday season! Be well. Bob
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