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  1. Try this one, Hopefully will have minimal pop-ups for you. Pfizer plans to roll out half of originally planned vaccines due to supply-chain problems | Fox Business I'm hesitant to summarize articles since I done so in the past and was accused of being biased for one reason or another. As Jack Webb always said on Dragnet, "Just the facts Maim". Be well, Bob
  2. FYI: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wsj.com/amp/articles/pfizer-slashed-its-covid-19-vaccine-rollout-target-after-facing-supply-chain-obstacles-11607027787 Be well. Bob
  3. I wouldn’t revise your packing list for the aforementioned May cruise IMHO. CCL’s future financial viability has been the ‘Elephant in the Room’ for some time now regarding CC non-discussions. Me thinks it’s just the attitudes of hopeful posters. Gosh, I hope I’m so wrong in regard to the consolidation & disappearance of, perhaps, HAL and other lines. We’ll see within the next 16 months or so how it “all shakes out”. Lot’s of chatter regarding vaccinations but there’s plenty of realistic obstacles (logistical & medical) to be dealt with prior to ‘normal’ e
  4. Just another method: under consideration linking proof of vaccination to your passport. 'Vaccination passport' for tourists who have had a COVID-19 shot is in development | Daily Mail Online Be well. Bob Sorry, I have ad blocker so link not a problem. Forged? Maybe I guess but I assume it would be electronically attached, etc. like Aussie visas and such. Be well. Bob
  5. Just another method: under consideration linking proof of vaccination to your passport. 'Vaccination passport' for tourists who have had a COVID-19 shot is in development | Daily Mail Online Be well. Bob
  6. 2021 GA officially cancelled (rec’d notice from HAL today) Let’s hope things will ‘clear up’ by the 2022 cruising ‘season’ in regard to CDC cruise ship protocols and foreign port health / vaccination requirements (and so much more, no?). Be well & have a Great Holiday Season! Bob
  7. Well, we’re certainly not overwhelmed with the HAL announcement nor with the the recent vaccine news. Plenty of logistical & “scientific” hurdles yet to be addressed. No “downer” opinion here, just reality. I wouldn’t be updating your packing list for a cruise (+ 7-10 days) the first three quarters of 2021 IMHO. 4th quarter could happen, perhaps, depending on foreign ports protocols, proof of immunity, yada, yada. Hopefully (always a great word) I’ll be wrong. No worries here. May everyone have a wonderful & “safe” holiday season.
  8. Great news but still a few things to be considered / worked out. 1. Length of immunity even with # 2 initial vaccinations (day 0, day 21). 2. Documented side effects (adverse and minor) with a larger ‘pool’ of recipients. 3. Need of a yearly booster vaccination (like seasonal flu vaccinations) to be determined as of yet (antibody studies ‘down the road’ required). 4. Acceptance by enough folks to be vaccinated, at least initially, to indeed, create a “herd immunity” overall. 5. Time frame for the CDC, foreign countries & local port entities to accept the dat
  9. Our baggage, aka luggage & such, had a 245 day cruise. Sort of jealous... Be well. Bob
  10. Received remaining #3 tracking numbers today for Tuesday, 27 October delivery. Funny, looking at the Shipment Facts on the FedEx site shows all the bags are listed at 50# (the actual weights were 42#- 54# when I weighed them last March). And only one bag has dimensions (one of the rolling duffels) while all others are listed as Packages (#2 other duffels and two smaller bags. Whatever... DW will be thrilled to see all her purchased 'odd ball' yarns purchased in NZ & Oz. One thing I recall from all the knitter's groups was "there's never enough yarn", no?
  11. Wise words for LocoLoco. By your post it appears you travel solo & , may I speculate, enjoy shorter ( less than 65 day) cruises. I could certainly be wrong. I will forward this post to my DW for future packing thought(s). Me thinks she’ll have a negative opinion regarding just a carry-on. Don’t no why? However, the thought of purchasing new clothing as you go in each port would certainly be a ‘winner’ for my love ( Me = NOT). Donating your stuff is great. You seem to be a very thoughtful individual. Be well. Bob
  12. Received #2 tracking numbers today, 21 October, (out of #5 bags) with a delivery date of this coming Monday, 26 October to Northern Arizona. "Hope springs eternal". Perhaps I should buy a Powerball ticket at the local Safeway today. Be well. Bob
  13. I might add that one had to pay for not only for the luggage transfer, via FedEx, from FLA ( in our case, # 3 large duffels, # 2 small bags) that one needed to pay extra for >$100 insurance / bag, In our case, I didn’t pay for the extra insurance but ended up paying $500 for the baggage transfer that has yet to be shipped from the “warehouse”. Life goes on... I almost forgot about the Pitcairn island ball caps and honey until it was brought up recently. We’re still in the”Pending Shipment” category, no big deal for us really, but the PR, as mentioned, gi
  14. True. I guess I should have said a ONE time spill/discharge of gray water would be diluted enough to not effect micronutrients, cause algal blooms, etc. versus continual discharge that definitely would. And I certainly agree that non of the cruise ships are perfect in wastewater management (e.g. equipment failures, human errors, etc.) but do believe they've come a mighty long way from "way back when" on both land and sea.. As far as my credentials, I've been in and out of wastewater treatment & water management (land based only) since the mid-1970's. But no need to get in "t
  15. Grey water isn’t a big deal actually IMHO. Black water = raw sewage (toilet water) & kitchen sink (think chicken prep & other items not processed) and considered major contaminants if not treated via a treatment facility. Gray water = bathroom shower, tub & hand wash sink water only. I’ve had the credentials and opportunity to visit the wastewater processing facilities on several HAL ships (the smaller class from years past really) and I can say HAL has always, at least during my on- site observations & discussions with various Environmenta
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