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  1. Let me add my thanks for taking us along. It was a delight to be reading 0a "Live From..." again. Safe journey home.
  2. We have always gotten room service breakfast on disembarkation day - never a problem so far.
  3. Ditto. I have done Neptunes many time (thanks to playing the upset game) but hanging around the Neptune Lounge feels like being in a doctors waiting room.. need to talk in whispers...
  4. Perhaps because both ships are in port together and pax from both ships are going ashore. News is news.
  5. That's what I thought. I'm sure they are having 2 receptions to accommodate them all.
  6. What did Seth Wayne say when you discussed it with him? I'm confused because the fact that anyone of any age who is unvaccinated cannot cruise has been known for awhile now. I get the disappointment but I'm sure you can distract your 5 year old with something else to look forward to.
  7. That's where the last Cellar Master dinner we attended was held. Its a perfect spot. As I recall, that time there was 8 couples.
  8. Totally agree, we made that decision some months ago. I have no desire to even go across the border on a land trip anymore either. There are many wonderful places still to visit.
  9. I will miss the wine stewards. And the servers are already run off their feet with more than enough to do, without now having to stop to discuss wine choices with diners, and adding that to their duties.
  10. Just watching.local news, our average is 79% but most communities are around 90. However, the Delta variant has crept in.
  11. BC on the other coast mirrors your.province. it has been handled extremely well here. I will still mask in enclosed spaces however.
  12. Such ignorance. And the numbers speak for themselves so I hope the border stays closed longer given the huge upsurge in cases south of us.
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