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  1. This is the second year that I tried to get the higher dose flu shot, and it is in short supply here, so no luck and I got the regular shot. Right now in BC it is available to anyone in long term care, whereas other seniors have to pay for it.. If you can get it. But I have had the regular flu shot every year for as long as I can remember and it has been effective. The real flu will knock you off your feet completely for at least a week, don't want to repeat that. It annoys me when someone who is walking, working or sniffling, says they have the flu. Nope, you do not. I am hoping a vac
  2. I'm sure there are thousands of "most loyal" guests and, as one of them, - no, not had a single item either by email or snail mail since Covid hit. But I don't really care, I'm quite happy not getting inundated with "stuff". I can go online and get any info I want or need.
  3. I finally got to get away from home for a couple of days, and stayed at a favourite American tourist destination here in BC, Canada - Harrison Hotsprings. While at a store there I commented to the owner that it must have been a tough year for them with the lack of business from the US. Oh no, she said - we've had our busiest year yet with Canadians taking "staycations", first with BC residents, and then later with Canadians from across the country. So yes, we did get it right.
  4. My last cruise was on the Zaandam, which had the "old" Crows Nest, and we loved it! However, I think she has since been in dry dock, so it was changed, though as she is to be the new World Cruise ship, I can't imagine the regular world cruisers would like the new concept.
  5. Thank you, Roy. Different person. Relieved but sad at the same time.
  6. I'm a lurker on this thread but have to post - can someone please verify that this isn't our regular Roz that posts frequently on CC? Someone mentioned a slightly different name. I have met Roz several times, much younger than me, and such a nice person.
  7. You just need to do a little (very little) research to see and understand the reasoning. We will be very happy to see our US neighbours and cruise ship again when you have more control in your own country.
  8. The usual diversion - every time smoking was mentioned on CC, fragrances was mentioned. The worst offenders were usually those who smoke and douse themselves in perfume to cover the smell (it didn't work).
  9. To your first point - no, but I think cruisers are justified in dreaming of being able to travel again! I know I am, even though it may be unlikely I ever will again. But I can dream. BTW, that seems awfully early for a flu shot - they typically last 6 months, so hopefully it will see you all the way through flu season.
  10. I find that totally unforgivable, anyone from the west coast of either the US or Canada should know better - we have enough TV ads addressing this. I hope you reported it anyway, regardless of whether it started a fire. It carries a hefty fine, here. On the same topic, we seem to have a free flow, then, of vehicles from one country being in another. I have lost count of the Texas, Oregon, and many other state licence plates in my little corner of BC - just this morning, another from Washington State. And I definitely do not live on the route to/from Alaska. I do know of several BC resid
  11. Hmm. I'm a few days short of 5*, and I definitely don't consider myself an expert on all things HAL, or part of an exclusive group, or even feel any dedication or loyalty - nor even think to mention it whenever I post. So I just did, and probably won't ever again, LOL. I sometimes still learn things I wasn't aware of when I read this forum.
  12. Yes, there are valid reasons both ways. I was just reporting back on my own experience here in my town. Plus there have been so many from the US hanging out in Whistler and Banff, but apparently that has been clamped down on now.
  13. BC Plates in Washington state I understand because I know, myself, of people stuck down there when the border closed (some are still at their trailers near the border), but plates in BC from Texas - it just doesn't fit.
  14. I agree with keeping the border closed, but they have to stop everyone, because there is so much abuse of the "I'm going straight to my home in Alaska". In one day alone in my little town - which is nowhere near the route to Alaska - I saw 2 license plates from Texas and one from Oregon. They are getting more strict but not enough, in my opinion.
  15. Did several cruises on the W'dam - one of my favourites!
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