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  1. I've done the Master Chef dinner and the Cellar Master dinners, but I can never remember which was which. My preferred one was limited number of couples in the.private room of the PG, beginning with cocktails in the PG bar, and dinner courses with wine pairings. Great events, so enjoyable as a special treat on an expensive holiday! What the heck, you only live once!
  2. The Nieuw Amsterdam does 14 day in April and Sept and goes via the Inside Passage.
  3. We had 7088 some years ago. It was great, and felt more spacious with the corner-wise door to balcony. I would book it.
  4. Totally agree. I'm just a few days short of 5* and quite content with my 4* benefits. Free laundry and half price wine package is all I need!
  5. I understand the senator wanting to protect her state, but some of the reasoning seems not to have been thought through and although I have admired her, her contention that the US is at Canada's mercy was ignorant and arrogant. Did she not realise there was a pandemic? As to your point about the border only being open one way - I hope there is no connection but ever since the border was opened to US citizen (whilst the US kept the border closed to Canadians), our Covid numbers here in BC have increased, while previously it seemed under control. Thankfully, the majority of our citizens are double-vaxxed, but this breakthrough virus suddenly took hold shortly thereafter.
  6. The weather is always unpredictable in this part of the world. I have cruised Alaska 4 times in September, other times in May and July. Until a few years ago, the Alaska cruise season began one week later and finished on week earlier. I honestly think they should return to finishing earlier again as late September can be rocky and weather miserable.
  7. HAL's website is crap, has been for ages. When the website is working.properly Google Chrome does just fine.
  8. Absolutely you can book a specific table. I have always done it. They say it is "requested" but we've always gotten it.
  9. The one I was going to book shot up in price.
  10. I was always confused as to why the US was on the safe-travel list in the first place!
  11. I also like Royal Caribbean, but only mid size ships like the Radiance of the Seas. However, HAL does Alaska really well, and I am booking a 14-day for 2023, from Vancouver. This will be my 7th to Alaska, my 6th with HAL. Glacier Bay is fabulous, especially if the weather is good with just enough cloud to show up the blue colors in the glaciers. I would go for it, I'm sure you will love it.
  12. One of the CC regulars used to do these cruises and blogged. It is very well done and the crew opts in. It sounded like so much fun wish I had the guts to try it!
  13. I totally agree. As another 4* - almost 5 and would have been if not for darned COVID! - I think the SS suites are the best deal going. I have never seen the benefit of CO.
  14. I cannot get through a cruise without at least one order of those fries from the Dive In! I agree, the closing time is way too early.
  15. I don't understand the opening of the border when fully vaccinated people can still carry the Delta virus, and the numbers in the US are way worse than here. And way more of our population are fully vaccinated. I wish they had waited another month. Speaking as someone living close to the border and near spots that US visitors like to go. And I have held off of even booking a cruise, I thought early next year would be OK but maybe late or even in 2023.
  16. Never had a problem in all the years of emptying it myself or having room steward do it- which I try to avoid as they are so busy on embarkation day. As long as he knows, the info gets passed along. Never any errant charges.
  17. What bureaucracy? That is a strange comment, and misleading. Never a problem in emptying it yourself or having your room steward do it. Adding - having read your earlier post - never, ever, has a beverage steward had to come remove it.
  18. I always empty it and store the stuff in the drawer at end of the bed, and tell the room Steward.
  19. Let me add my thanks for taking us along. It was a delight to be reading 0a "Live From..." again. Safe journey home.
  20. We have always gotten room service breakfast on disembarkation day - never a problem so far.
  21. Ditto. I have done Neptunes many time (thanks to playing the upset game) but hanging around the Neptune Lounge feels like being in a doctors waiting room.. need to talk in whispers...
  22. Perhaps because both ships are in port together and pax from both ships are going ashore. News is news.
  23. That's what I thought. I'm sure they are having 2 receptions to accommodate them all.
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