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  1. What frustrates me about this announcement is all of the shuffling that was done this month on the Zaandam New England itineraries. We had an August 7 day Boston round trip that they changed to Boston to Montreal. At the moment I can’t book the return trip. With the cancellation of the GA itinerary it makes all of those changes unnecessary.
  2. With yesterday’s new pause in sailings we cancelled the May cruises. Used FCD as deposit on both cruises and requested that they be refunded.
  3. Hi Jacqui, in light of this afternoon’s announcement I cancelled the May 22 and 29 Zaandam sailings. I also asked for refund of the FCD’s for those cruises. That will still leave us with three each.
  4. I have a B2B booked Boston round trip. Spoke with my PCC yesterday and she indicated that I’d have to choose one but not both. I let her know that I’d cancel both.
  5. My phone scans QR code’s via an app. It then pulls up the web page. This would not work on the ships intranet. If you purchase internet service then it would work but probably very slowly.
  6. I had the same question. I found the following article: https://threatpost.com/qr-codes-sneaky-security-threat/159757/
  7. I’d rather expect the menus to be listed in the Navigator app. They have already been available there on some not so recent cruises. Those without a smart phone could be at a disadvantage.
  8. Good Morning, thanks for the daily report. Happy news today on refunds. When our March cruise got cancelled we took a FCC. After two additional cancellations of cruises we decided to request a refund of the original amount. This morning we got the last refund posted to our credit card. We are now fully refunded from the original cruise. Now what to do with five FCD’s each.
  9. Another credit posted overnight. We now have all of our monies returned from the March cruise that was cancelled and rolled into a FCC. It took awhile but am happy.
  10. Good Morning, I’m happy to report that on 11/12 DH got a partial refund. This morning I also received a partial refund. If my math is correct HAL still owes us $210 from the cancelled March cruise. On 11/6 I requested an accounting on the status of our refunds, someone on their chat told me everything was processed back in September. I haven’t received their accounting as yet.
  11. I had that thought yesterday about Cuba.
  12. Definitely ok. Let’s see what the rules will be before confirming anything. If we can’t do a B2B then we will probably cancel. The updated booking appeared in my inbox today.
  13. I received an email from HAL this afternoon letting me know that my August 21, 2021 itinerary has been changed It is no longer a Boston round trip cruise. This is very disappointing. From HAL: We are writing to advise you of some changes to our deployment schedule that affect your 7-Day Historic Coasts voyage on board Zaandam. Your voyage will now be a 7-Day Canada & New England Discovery voyage that begins in Boston, Massachusetts, USA and ends in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. As a gesture of our appreciation, an Onboard Credit (OBC) of USD $100 per person will
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