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  1. I had a Cuba cruise booked for December. When the itinerary changed they took away all perks. Now less than a week after causing frustration they allowed this sale to apply. My perks are better than before.
  2. HI All, there is a three day sale that includes some of the revised Veendam Cuba schedules. My PCC had no luck restoring my prepaid gratuities but I was able to get and extra $300 OBC, $50 beverage card and dinners in the PG and Caneletto. I would recommend checking it out. BTW I'm on the 12/18 sailing.
  3. After a little haggling I was able to keep the ship board credit. Although I did need to argue to reinstate by shareholder OBC.
  4. I got the published rate. They took away my perks and gave $100 extra OBC. I’m on the losing end of this deal. I’m challenging this and my PCC is trying to get perks restored. I had prepaid gratuity.
  5. This is my experience with our 12/18 cruise. I’m waiting to see published pricing, our per diem is very high, before deciding to cancel or keep the new itinerary.
  6. I’m surprised that you haven’t heard something yet. I did notice that the 14 day itinerary that includes your 7 day has been made public. I’m waiting for the 12/18 to be published hoping that the fares come into line with other itineraries.
  7. I’m on this cruise and got my revised booking confirmation yesterday. Not happy with pricing and loss of perks.
  8. Earlier today I inquired about the missing pre paid benefits perk. This is the response I received from my PCC: Here is what I confirmed and reconfirmed on yours and several other bookings, and I did check with higher authority. The lower price and additional shipboard credit adjustments have been added to offset the itinerary change and the original higher cost and benefits. (The Explore 4 or the prepaid Hotel Service Charge benefit that may have been on some bookings are replaced by this lower price and shipboard credit). This response leaves much to be desired.
  9. The current promotion isn’t too bad. I added it to my November cruise since it was a bit better than what we had before.
  10. Everyone please remember to check the perks that you had before the changes were made. They removed the pre paid gratuity. I sent my PCC an email a previous booking confirmation. She should be able to get it corrected.
  11. My PCC made sure it was corrected before I got the new booking confirmation. Apparently others on the 12/18 are complaining about the new pricing.
  12. I have been checking in on my booking. I just got the updated booking confirmation and the OBC issue is corrected. The pricing I saw held. It has the highest per diem rate of any ship sailing over Christmas in the Caribbean. We are in a vista suite.
  13. DH had 150 and I had 250 OBC before they updated pricing. Now we each have 200.
  14. Just checked my December 18 pricing. It didn’t go down all that much, about 558 pp including taxes. They only added $50 pp OBC and “lost” my CCL shareholders credit. Placed a call to my PCC and it sounds like I need to prove the perks we had before the change. Disappointing.
  15. Glad to hear you got favorable pricing. Did they include the extra OBC? I’m still waiting on 12/18 to be updated.
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