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  1. We have used the app on past cruises and found it very helpful. Once on board you can select the activities you want to do and use the app as a reminder of where to go. Using the messenger feature was only mildly helpful but now it is supposed to give you an alert when you get a message.
  2. Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the daily report. Yesterday was a beautiful day here and I was able to get a lot of yard work done. Then it turned into a fun day watching the Nieuw Amsterdam take on passengers and sail away. I’m beginning to believe that we will set sail on Saturday. Todays meal suggestion sounds good, I like a good BBQ anything. We’ve been to today’s destination and hope to be there again in March. I hope that everyone has a good day and that those on the NA are having a fantastic cruise.
  3. Good Morning All, thanks for the daily report. Wishing everyone who sets sail today a safe and fun filled cruise. I’ll be watching for updates as the week progresses. This weekend I’ll be doing the hardest part of getting ready for vacation, making the house look nice for the pet sitter.🤣 Today’s dinner will ham, sweet potatoes and fresh string beans from the garden.
  4. Good Morning Jacqui, thank you for the Bon Voyage. Yesterday’s session with Seth was a bit informative, they changed muster drill. Essentially go to your muster station at your leisure, watch the presentation and listen to the captain. We will but the final touches on packing this weekend. Looking forward to seeing Alaska again and being on a dam ship.
  5. Good Afternoon All, during lunch I was able to pick my first batch of string beans. It’s not a lot but enough for dinner tonight. While I was there I picked more mint and am making a batch of tea.
  6. True, but they do respond to questions in the chat. So if I can join it live I’ll ask.
  7. Seth Wayne is hosting an event today at 3 pm ET on FB. This is with the cruise director Valerie Perry. I have a reminder set to watch. Hopefully my 2 pm meeting is done by then.
  8. Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the daily report. The weather this morning is wonderful. I turned off the ac and opened the windows. The fresh air is a good thing. Today’s meal suggestion sounds good although we will have chicken tonight. We are now going into the office at least one day a week. That has been nice to actually see coworkers and have someone to talk to during the day. I shared the vacation news and my customers are doing their best to keep me busy. I’ll celebrate leisure day a bit delayed on the NA. I hope that everyone has a good day.
  9. I can’t think of a reason to create a six star level. I would like to see them improve the perks for each level above 1*. I’d also like to see them do something for solo travelers.
  10. Our 7/31 roll call is more active than the last several I had joined. I think we are all waiting for Lisa’s live from thread.
  11. Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the daily report. Today promises to be a hot day but a dry one. Hopefully at lunchtime I can mow the lawn. This morning I was able to complete the vaccine document for our July 31 Alaska trip. I am now able to print our boarding passes and they appear in the Navigator app. That’s a good start to the day.
  12. Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the daily report. I'd like to thank everyone who wished us a happy anniversary yesterday it helped make the day feel special. We went to Jalapeno's for dinner and the food was excellent. The caramel plantains for dessert were a delight! We are trying to pack this weekend for the Alaska cruise but the excitement isn't there for this trip. I am feeling somewhat like Charlie Brown with Lucy holding the football. I'm fearing that something will happen to cancel again. I do know that once we are on the ship all will be right with the world. @1ANGELCATI did
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