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  1. Yea, the night we waited 40 minutes, once we were seated, there were seats available everywhere. It made no sense. It was the busiest night, but at the same time, it was not at capacity.
  2. Yea, seems like you just select the names, cabin number doesn't matter. And you can split up the cabin.
  3. On the Magic last week it was Tuesday (the first sea day) at 3pm in the Spotlight Lounge.
  4. On the Magic, we specifically asked this question and was told no we could not switch. We were in northern lights and wanted southern lights. I don't know if it was specific to our cabin number or if it was specific to YTD. I know the upper level of northern lights was assigned seating. I don't know if southern lights was the same way. The app has no ability to make any special requests and you just have to be friends on the app, in order to include them when making the request. I added Simon the CD as a friend on the app and I was then able to include him when reserving our table.
  5. Note, on CC I had seen others post that they had success making special requests in person, "away from others", "ocean view", "Julio's section", etc. And maybe they did, but the two times I tried on Magic last week, I was told to use the app. This was in the dining room and talking to the hostess. I do know on Horizon it was an either/or thing. There was a place you could go to make a reservation, it was near the coffee bar I think OR you could do it on the app. But on the Magic, they were not taking walk-up reservations or requests at least when I tried. Which doesn't seem right, I am sure plenty of people don't have the app. If you do it on the app, it is first available from the time you make the request. So you're not specifying a time, you're simply saying "first available" and you have 10 minutes once it's filled. Most nights it was filled right away, but one night (the first elegant night) it was a 40 minute wait. And there might be some formula or rhyme or reason, the app uses to where it assigns your party, but I'm not a huge fan. We really like the convenience of your time dining, from being able to do more stuff. But we definitely miss having the same staff and table mates every night. You are definitely missing out on a humanity aspect with the YTD. With the brunch and breakfast we attended, it was assigned by a human and was much better every time.
  6. Just off the ship and wanted to report back that the HDMI in 7315 worked with no issues. Didn't even need to use the universal remote. The ship stuff was using hdmi, so I unplugged that and plugged my stuff in and it worked with no issues. Easy peasy lemon squeezy (as a certain CD is known to say)... Can also report that the tv is also using regular 110V american plugs. So I was able to have a charging station above the safe and mini fridge. On the Horizon it required a right angle plug, so I had brought with me along with this power strip that works fine on the ship (doesn't have surge). If you wanted to make it a little easier, you could take a hdmi switcher with you, because the screen has only one hdmi port (that I could find at least). But it was easy in our room at least to get at the hdmi to swap. It was in a corner mount, so I could literally stick my whole head underneath to easily see what I was doing. Horizon was flush mounted and I would not want to get at the hdmi or usb multiple times. But magic was easy. Not related to this post, but elsewhere on the site someone else had mentioned doing magnetic hooks on the walls. I can report back that they worked great and were handy to have on hand. Also, if you wanted to charge your devices on your nightstands, at least our nightstands were using 2 220V sockets. So you would need to get creative, with a device that has both european style plugs and american, that can have at least 4 devices or something of that sort. I did have european to american style adapters, but we wanted our lamps more than we wanted to charge. I had not brought a second power strip for that scenario.
  7. I was under the impression that it wasn't an either/or situation, but a both situation. You can get the free bottle and also get 50% off.
  8. If you buy a weekly pass to the spa and thalassotherapy pool, it shows up on the bill the same way. Just whoever it's assigned to, even though it's good for two adults I believe.
  9. I had it happen in Charleston and Miami for sure.
  10. Last cruise I carried a small carry-on style 21" and hers is a monster checked luggage style 30." We fly in the day before and buy sodas and wine. Somehow I ended up being the one that had to make room in my suitcase for that stuff!! I mean what???? That woman had zero space left. It was crazy.
  11. Thanks for sharing Philly. I think I would love to be extended 3 days...
  12. Well, it doesn't matter if it's the month to them. But it might matter to you. All the kids paid for my parents to go on a cruise and it was way out, maybe 2 years out. Eventually it's the first night of the cruise and they all come out singing happy birthday to my parents. It wasn't anywhere near the date of their birthdays and we had all forgotten that we had said it was a birthday present for them. So there was 5-10 seconds of confusion before it clicked. A very humorous story to share.
  13. Today is also the last day of a sale going on and it includes the weekly pass, not sure if the daily passes are included as well.
  14. Also, should have mentioned pushy porters. Follow the rules and measure your suitcases prior. But if you know you're in the clear, then you may have to dissuade a porter from forcing the bag from your hand, I've had them try that multiple times, especially in Miami. And we usually have sodas or wine in our bags, so they aren't allowed to be checked and have to be carried on.
  15. Up to you. We carry on everything and my wife uses a huge 30 or 32 inch spinner. Here is a thread about that topic. Here is the blob from the website:
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