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  1. The way that I typically navigate goccl is one of two ways: 1) Go to google and search whatever I want + site:goccl.com Example search 2) Start here and click around: https://help.goccl.com/app/home (Besides itineraries, if you find the Staterooms and Ship Features for your ship, it acts like an index of all the info for a given ship)
  2. What I was looking for was something that stated number of passengers per cabin. I still haven't been able to find that. A quick way to know that 5227, 5228, 5235 & 5236 sleep 3 for example.
  3. Miss this thread. It was the last time cruising was fun for me.
  4. Interesting! I only thought you could do holds through PVP. Didn't know you could do them on your own on the website. Thanks for the info.
  5. No one knows anything concrete yet, here is a quote from JH facebook page in regards to this. Chris is the CCO of Carnival. It does look like the cruisehive article might have been a mistake or mixup.
  6. Definition of lagniappe: a small gift given to a customer by a merchant at the time of a purchase
  7. @MitchYngMuscleDad - what did you find out about the sunrise and saunas in the locker room?
  8. https://carnival.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_bszByug2EjwyxEx That's the form, but you should've received one that was a personal link for you, that has your email info embedded in it. You might can fill out this one, not sure. Where it's blue and says this form - is that not a clickable link?
  9. Funny story related to this theme. Once I saw a guy pull up in the first handicap spot in my store. Young guy in a mustang convertible, music blaring. He gets out and an older cadillac driver pull up and starts cussing him out about how he's a fit young man and he's a disgrace to humanity, how his generation is rude and need to respect elders. Eventually saying that the cops will be called, because he had parked in a HC spot. The young man says "go ahead" and pulls up his pant legs to reveal that he was a double amputee. One of his prosthetic's had a purple heart painting and the o
  10. On the site there is a checkbox for "Accessible Stateroom Needed" - if any are available it'll say, if they are sold out a red banner pops up. I can't remember what the red banner says, but basically no cabins available that meet that criteria. I was seeing the red banner for a month and then past 3 days, FAC's have opened up on our Alaska cruise. I was planning to upgrade in-laws from an AAC to FAC, but didn't make the call and the cabin I wanted looks to be rebooked. I wasn't ready for the long hold times. Now the FAC suite is open, but it's crazy expensive. So for now they'll stay.
  11. That is similar to the princess form: https://princess.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3IPGcxcN0jSk6c5 Here is the carnival one, with the personalized bit stripped out: https://carnival.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_bszByug2EjwyxEx
  12. Nearly a 100 page thread and all of us following his shenanigans. Maybe kind of "by himself"
  13. I know you're joking. But on our most recent cruise, there was a couple that were on 18 B2B cruises in a row. It was a "retirement gift" to themselves. I wonder what the record is.
  14. Further text from the Princess announcement. So at least in that case, they've extended the FCC beyond what CCL has done so far. So if it goes that far, they might extend the cruising window. That would be awesome.
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