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  1. I did think the $50 bet was steep lol. I was like "I thought slot machines were cheap entertainment."
  2. You can also head over to Blue Iguana for their toppings, if that's more your fancy.
  3. I don't do the casino, but does that mean M won $2400! That sounds like an amazing win. That can't be typical. The way it was glossed over though, so I am not sure.
  4. The new mobile bar is going to take some getting used to. Man, you can do some eating, here's another "good job." 😉
  5. I had zero luck on Horizon with Eggs Benedict. Always cooked through and hard by sitting under heating lamp, never fresh like HAL. They were still doing custom omelets and fried eggs at the omelet station. I can't remember about Blue Iguana eggs. I was thinking I saw fresh, but I can't remember.
  6. Cruise Mapper and Cruise Time Tables has these ships in Mahogany Bay today: Viking Mars Harmony Of The Seas Enchantment Of The Seas Regal Princess Carnival Mardi Gras But it has Sky Princess with you instead of Regal, so who knows how accurate they are.
  7. https://tirrinia.net/products/insulated-lunch-bag-for-women-men-1 That looks like a similar model.
  8. Most expensive Ship on a Stick ever lol. Are you still having a good time?
  9. We recently went to Chogogo and had a good time. You should enjoy it. Take water shoes for the shore and a snorkel and mask. I didn't really think fins were necessary, even though we had them. I think the taxi was $10 each day and it was cash only. Another thread on here: I will say that we were one of the first one there that day (9AM-10PM) and my wife got worn out in the sun all day. So I'd say go later in the day. They may eventually turn people away, but there's not much escaping the heat, just fyi.
  10. Why have I never thought of that. Brilliant.
  11. Man I need to book some more cruises. There are a lot of sailaway destinations left to explore.
  12. I'd already have switched to an AI if it was just me. Wife keeps dragging me on cruises.
  13. It's a candy straw, so yea it's edible and thicker than normal. For my spiked milk shakes at least one of the times, the shake was too thick for that straw to be usable. But I brought my own milk shake straw, so I was ready.
  14. I am a regular chaperone / leader with 12-18 year olds and notarized letters and a copy of their insurance cards and knowing food allergies / health background and such is a normal part of the process.
  15. I thought the goccl site below had what you were after, but it's just square feet. You'll probably need someone on the ship with a measuring tape. I would be shocked if the L configuration with the beds would fit. The Horizon interior we were in was tight in the king configuration, I'd guess less than two feet between the sides and the wall. And it wouldn't surprise me if something is installed permanently, a lamp or nightstand or whatever. I do crazy things in my hotel rooms with configurations and am surprised I've never wondered about this. Carnival Horizon (HZ) Staterooms and Ship Features
  16. We had a behind the fun tour last week and our guide was one of the singers / dancers. She is on Horizon and has been with Carnival for 8 years. She said that many of the shows are still going from when she started and two of them (one was Celestial Strings) were created for Horizon when it was built and is still going. She explained that there is a stateside stage where all the singers / dancers are trained and it's a duplicate set to the ships and that is the main reason there is not more variety or changes to the shows. And most of this information was given in response to someone asking the question, "when can we expect new shows?" I wish I could remember more detail about her answer, I know she went into a bit more detail about what shows are on what ships, but I can't remember. I remember one detail from the explanation is that all of the training is done stateside and you are expected to hit the ground running when you get to the ship.
  17. Many of the ones listed are not really specific to Carnival, I guess the funship drink is. I had been trying to think of something specific to Carnival from my cruise last week. It was the first time back on Carnival in awhile after 3 cruises and 4 years away. The thing that struck me the most during the week that made me think to myself, "I am back on Carnival..." it was the "showtime" during dinner. I am not always the biggest fan of it, but it's uniquely Carnival and definitely had the fun ship vibe and I enjoyed it a lot this time.
  18. Earlier I almost posted Vancouver, but no Carnival cruises have it listed as a port right now. But HAL does and it's under the CCL umbrella.
  19. That is a sweet ship on a stick. Jealous! Do you have a collection at home? Post it on here when you get back home.
  20. I know this is an old thread, but I was in this room last week and thought it was awful. There is no blocking out the music with earplugs or anything like that. The whole room vibrates from the bass. You could place your hand on the floor or wall and feel it coming through. And it comes from both the dining room below during meal times "showtime" and from Havana bar. There were other random knocking noises that would happen occasionally, no idea on the source. Most nights it did not quiet down until midnight, but there were a few nights where there were no shows. I will also note that I have moderate-to-severe hearing loss and I was still very much affected by the noise and vibrations. On this cruise, it was the last Havana cabin available and given the choice again, we would not book it. We'd search for another week or get another cabin and give up Havana. I asked the person in the room beside me and they said they had zero issues with noises or the bass vibration. I did count off the paces to see what was on the other side of the wall and it was 34 paces and there was a locker / closet that said "fancoil control" ... no idea if there was a piece of band equipment like a speaker or subwoofer in there or if it was just the acoustics causing the sound to reverberate in that corner, but it was pretty terrible.
  21. I had every intention of getting beef wellington and forgot. It must have been on a night we had a specialty restaurant, I never saw it.
  22. Can confirm, last weeks brunch (on Horizon) no special order omelet, had to order the presets. Though they still had omelet station in lido.
  23. https://www.saintgregtravel.com/how-to-save-fun-times/ Since you are paying for the internet, you might have to logout of the paid internet in order for it to work, or maybe they simply stopped maintaining a copy of it now.
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