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  1. Train tickets & times available here..... https://www.southwesternrailway.com/ An excellent cab company, cheaper than a black cab, very reliable & no surge pricing. They usually have new customer promo codes running. Book via app/phone or webpage. https://www.addisonlee.com/8-off-first-ride-addison-lee/
  2. I did a 2 night mini cruise on Magnifica a few years back. The ship didn't have a Yacht Club, but the ship was well fitted, decor was (mostly!) tasteful & I remember the risotto I ate one evening to be better than any I had eaten in Toscana. I would have no qualms about sailing on them in Yacht Club. The fact that they are family owned seemed to carry over to the crew.....no mean feat with such a large operation. I love "O", but actively avoid Sirena due to the Tuscan Steak/Red Ginger combo, which for me really doesn't work.
  3. That just sounds like P&O snobbery to me.....sailed with Fred three times & on each occasion there was a nice cross section of passengers. Food was pretty good (& we usually cruise with Oceania) & service impeccable with lots of long serving crew. Nothing amateur about them at all. I'll miss Boudicca & Black Watch, but will give the HAL ships a go as Fred often have itineraries that Oceania dont.
  4. I've just had the following from Oceania in the UK........... "Nautica will be reinspired before she re-enters service. We don't have a specific date to advise of at present."
  5. Have you tried Beekmans on Lexington Avenue for Silent Pool? We've done a few "O" cruises to/from NYC & normally stay in the Barclay which is 2 minutes walk from the lobby. They have as good a selection of British gins as I can get in the UK. 😀 https://beekmanliquor.business.site/
  6. Deck 12 all the way - a truly massive veranda, and one of the larger Vistas in terms of interior space. I'm not keen on Oceania suites as I find them dark, the media room is too narrow & the bathroom is a little dull compared to the Vista. I only ever book deck 12 Vistas or PHs... Each to their own!
  7. The Seydisfjordur terminal is used by cruise ships when the Smyril Line ferry Norrona is not in port - she obviously takes priority as she is one of the main points of entry for freight into Iceland. During the winter & shoulder seasons Norrona is in port 2 days, normally Tuesday & Wednesday, but in the peak summer, when there are 2 Denmark/Faroe round trips a week, then the ferry is only there for a day.......I'll leave a link for the Smyril schedule below. Seydisfjordur is a pretty little village, quite arty, but you will have run out of things to do after 2-3 hours, so an excursio
  8. Fred. haven't committed to retiring these two yet - if you check all of their replies to people of Facebook they are quick to refute any speculation. I can see them staying in the fleet for a good 5 years TBH as the downsizing of the P&O fleet & collapse of CMV will create opportunities for Fred. & with these 2 ships being fully owned it would be fairly low risk to keep them going for the time being.
  9. Not sure what Regents policy is re final payment, the same as Oceania's I imagine, but at a guess I'd say they have asked for payment 28 days before Regent......
  10. Four to six weeks is pretty standard with TAs in the British Isles - the original justification was to allow cheques time to clear, but who pays by cheque these days?? My current TA sends me both their own and the"O" invoice & they just expect payment some time between the 2 PIF dates & only chase up if its getting to 2-3 days before the "O" due date - they are a small independent only selling 5-6 cruise lines with lots of "O"business. My previous TA is a large multiple home franchise cruise agent whose central admin team were inflexible & just wanted your ££s in the bank.
  11. Lots of crew still on board who are being repatriated on arrival in Civitavecchia/Rome.
  12. Here in Glasgow we are playing host to all three of Azamaras R ships (they didn't get permission to lay up in Greenock due to local fears that crew would bring in Covid.....that from an area that is one of Scotlands virus hotspots....go figure!). Whilst Glasgow is still a centre for shipbuilding the Clyde hasn't been extensively dredged for years and bringing in all 3 ships meant carefully coordinating tides, and using a pair of tugs to bring each ship up river, where they are berthed at the King George V dock not far from the city centre. https://images.app.goo.gl/57qzfy98FiAeP8wC7
  13. I do that with Facebook/Messenger when I get added to groups or get those "pass it on" type messages.......first offence is ignored, second offence means they get "unfollowed" and third offence is a "block".......my timeline is orderly and my inbox clear of spam 😁😁
  14. I've never considered Viking before, but this response to the current situation is both responsible & measured, without the usual corporate BS.
  15. Have a look here....large rooms, nice pool, plenty of room on the beach as it's low rise compared to busier, larger neighbours, great staff and a good breakfast. Good luck getting a room as the Sun Tower has a repeat rate that most cruise lines would envy! Its at the north end of the beach so a little quieter... https://suntowerhotelsuites.com/
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