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  1. Fred. haven't committed to retiring these two yet - if you check all of their replies to people of Facebook they are quick to refute any speculation. I can see them staying in the fleet for a good 5 years TBH as the downsizing of the P&O fleet & collapse of CMV will create opportunities for Fred. & with these 2 ships being fully owned it would be fairly low risk to keep them going for the time being.
  2. Not sure what Regents policy is re final payment, the same as Oceania's I imagine, but at a guess I'd say they have asked for payment 28 days before Regent......
  3. Four to six weeks is pretty standard with TAs in the British Isles - the original justification was to allow cheques time to clear, but who pays by cheque these days?? My current TA sends me both their own and the"O" invoice & they just expect payment some time between the 2 PIF dates & only chase up if its getting to 2-3 days before the "O" due date - they are a small independent only selling 5-6 cruise lines with lots of "O"business. My previous TA is a large multiple home franchise cruise agent whose central admin team were inflexible & just wanted your ££s in the bank.
  4. Lots of crew still on board who are being repatriated on arrival in Civitavecchia/Rome.
  5. Here in Glasgow we are playing host to all three of Azamaras R ships (they didn't get permission to lay up in Greenock due to local fears that crew would bring in Covid.....that from an area that is one of Scotlands virus hotspots....go figure!). Whilst Glasgow is still a centre for shipbuilding the Clyde hasn't been extensively dredged for years and bringing in all 3 ships meant carefully coordinating tides, and using a pair of tugs to bring each ship up river, where they are berthed at the King George V dock not far from the city centre. https://images.app.goo.gl/57qzfy98FiAeP8wC7 All four ships of the Fred. Olsen fleet are also laid up in Rosyth, just outside Edinburgh (although they do use both Greenock & Rosyth as turnaround ports).
  6. I do that with Facebook/Messenger when I get added to groups or get those "pass it on" type messages.......first offence is ignored, second offence means they get "unfollowed" and third offence is a "block".......my timeline is orderly and my inbox clear of spam 😁😁
  7. I've never considered Viking before, but this response to the current situation is both responsible & measured, without the usual corporate BS.
  8. Have a look here....large rooms, nice pool, plenty of room on the beach as it's low rise compared to busier, larger neighbours, great staff and a good breakfast. Good luck getting a room as the Sun Tower has a repeat rate that most cruise lines would envy! Its at the north end of the beach so a little quieter... https://suntowerhotelsuites.com/
  9. I think I'm going to end up lighter when I disembark on my next "O" cruise - I find the latest foodie innovations uninspiring....vegan choices in MDR, Cuisine Bourgeoise/Dom P menus in La Reserve & now this....although I do love the Wine Bar concept in La Reserve 🥂🍷🥂
  10. Sounds almost as bad as CD Peter Roberts singing.....🙉🙉🙉
  11. That looks a lot less "bling" than the Oceania equivalent in La Reserve!
  12. Hi there, Just replied to your post in the freighter forum 😀
  13. Just to add a few bits..... Hirtshals isn't the easiest place to get to as an embarkation port... Aalborg is the closest airport, but not particularly well served for us from the UK - KLM via Amsterdam, Norwegian via Copenhagen, or Great Dane Airlines twice a week from Edinburgh, but we've gone for BA to Copenhagen, and then the train direct from Copenhagen Airport to Hirtshals with one change in Aalborg (most journeys are 2 changes) & takes 6 hours 20. On the way back we're getting the local train from Hirtshals to Fredrikshavn via Hjorring (takes just under an hour with a change) and staying there for a night, so we can go up to Skagen for the afternoon if the weather is good. The following day we'll catch the Stena ferry to Gothenburg (just over 3 hours) and fly back from there on BA in the evening.
  14. My partner and I are booked on the last "North Atlantic Cruise" of this year at the end of October.....we don't mind bad weather living in Scotland! It's certainly a good value way of seeing something of the Faroes and Iceland. We took the Deluxe Cruise package (meals, excursions etc) & the Suite as the cabin & the total came to €2600 for 2, just drinks to pay on top (they let you buy from the duty free shop on board and you can drink it in your cabin or on deck). There's a few good You Tube videos, including..... There is also a recent episode of Mighty Ships on Norrona......in the UK it's shown on Quest & in the US on Smithsonian. It's certainly going to be a change from our usual cruises with Oceania!!
  15. Having benefitted from industry rates in the past (prefer knowing where I'll be on the ship and having a confirmed booking in place) I was always under the impression that eligibility/fares etc etc should never be discussed with those that don't benefit from them.....just sayin'!
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