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  1. for those on the BN cruise - can't find this on the excurusions do you know how it is listed on Carnival's website?
  2. Our charter was at 3.30ish and arrived 7.00pm Of course it was the Saturday before Christmas so that probably contributed to the crowds
  3. Alfredo. He is Phillippino I think. He plays many styles.
  4. Recently back from the Dec 10-20 Antarctica trip on the Cloud. A fabulous trip!! Just posted trip pics on my FB page - think you can find it with this link https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006598745795 We bought our own waterproof pants and boots because cheaper than renting. See more comments on packing under that thread. Loved the trivia and the pianist is amazing!!! The expedition experts were wonderful. Made the trip so much better having such knowledgeable folks along. Travel tip - if you are flying home the last day of the trip, have at LEAST 3 hours in Santiago airport. Our flight was at 10:20pm and we barely made it. Had to stand in about 7 lines, and everything was VERY chaotic. Let me know if any other questions.
  5. Just got back on Dec 21. We purchased pants on Amazon for $30 and boots for $50 (Hisea was the brand). Cheaper than renting and we could check the fit ahead of time. DId not have/need poles, but if you have any balance issues take them but need the kind with a basket like ski poles. 2 pair of thermal socks is fine. Had one pair of light long underwear and one heavier pair/fleece each. I wore a wicking longsleeve shirt and a turtleneck. On Zodiac tour and one day when cloudy & cooler added a fleece. A fleece hat and neck gaiter were necessary, but also glad I had a hat with a wide brim to block the sun a couple of days. can do laundry on board no problem, so don't need as many clothes. Saw a few women wear dresses, but most wore slacks and even jeans with a nice sparkly sweater on "formal" nights. Some men had sport coat and tie, but many just wore a nice sweater. Nice jeans were appropriate in dining room anytime. Wish we hadn't packed the dressier clothes as we didn't wear. We took Cards Against Humanity and played several times with great groups of folks. There is a good library on board - leave what you finish and grap a new book on board. The wifi worked well for email and surfing the internet, but I couldn't upload pictures to FB. A friend paid for upgraded wifi and couldn't either. let me know if any packing questions.
  6. thanks - will take pictures of the wine we like and try to buy in the states had a 3 weeks of travel before heading to the Cloud, so are probably way over the luggage limit. Don't want to push it more.
  7. I board on Tuesday and am about half way through Endurance I don't usually read non-fiction, but this book is well written and engaging. I will definitely appreciate our luxury cruise more for having read this.
  8. we are boarding the Cloud on Tuesday for Antarctica cruise. We are beyond excited. but have a couple of practical questions it appears there is a self-service laundry on board - do they supply soap or should we bring some? also we are in Chile for a few days before the cruise and visiting some wineries. Would like to bring some bottles to give as gifts when we get home. Is there a limit on number of bottles we can carry on board? I know most cruise lines have a 2 bottle per cabin limit but haven't seen anything on Silverseas on this any other adivce on items we might need? we will be doing a little shopping in Chile and can pick things up.
  9. I was reading our cruise info and it said we can take one or two bags, but the weight is limited to 50 pounds is that per person total, or per bag total? we have almost 3 weeks of travel in a complete different climate before heading on our Antarctica cruise, so will have a lot of stuff. Have it down to 3 bags (2 for the first part of the trip and one for just winter stuff for Antarctica). Want to see if we can figure out if we have too much thanks for any info
  10. If you buy boots, make sure they are insulated. Plain rain boots aren't and your feet will get very cold standing on the snow.
  11. Look under the Antarctica page on the forum - several threads on gear we are going on Cloud on Dec 10 we purchased boots from Amazon for $50 - Hisea was the brand. It was recommended by someone else on Antarctica forum. I like having them ahead of time and being able to check the fit. We tried them on with the thick socks we purchased - mine are fine, but my husband takes the insole out for a more comfortable fit. we also found waterproof pants on Amazon for less than renting from SS. Look for ones with zippers or snaps at the ankle rather than velcro - apparently on some stops the velcro is a problem as seeds and grasses and other contaminants have to be cleaned off.
  12. Thanks everyone Can't wait till next week!
  13. Thanks Jelayne We get on next Wed. Can't wait!
  14. are the free minutes for Elite "surf" or "unlimited" access? my mom tried to use her Elite discount to pre-purchase a 2 device 'surf' package and was told could not - no discount on the 2 device surf package, only the one device package
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