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  1. Thanks for all the good info I booked the cruise yesterday!! So looking forward to it.
  2. thanks everyone! it all sounds great I have to do one more run through but think SS will be our choice for this trip.
  3. Thanks Stumblefoot!! a few more questions occurred to me - What is dress like for dinner? Does my husband need a suit and tie, or will a sport coat and dockers be ok? we have primarily done more casual cruises where he wears dockers and a polo to dinner, but seems SS is a little dressier. For 18 days, presume 2 formal nights? What kind of evening entertainment should we expect?
  4. Looking to book a 30th wedding anniversary cruise for summer 2022. Have found similar itineraries on Silverseas and Celebrity for northern Europe and Norwegian Fjords. Silverseas is slightly more expensive, but not a lot (factoring in flights, incl excursions, etc) In 2019 did Celebrity and Silverseas (Silver Cloud) back to back (16 day LA - Chile on Celebrity then 10 days to Antarctica on Silver Cloud) Both were great and a big difference from Carnival (prior cruises mostly to Caribbean with the kids). I didn't see much difference in the quality of food between the two, the rooms
  5. Has anyone done this cruise tour? or part of it? I am trying to find out more about the land tour portion. Considering booking for summer 2022. Never been to Alaska and want to include Denali. Also always wanted to see this part of Canada. https://www.celebritycruises.com/itinerary-details/18-night-18-night-ultimate-alaska-and-canada-combination-southbound-from-seward-alaska?packageID=ML18C218&sDT=2022-09-03&cCD=CT What did you like best? What could have been improved? How much time was on your own? About how many meals did you have to get on your own vs in
  6. Thanks for all the insight. A lot to think about.
  7. I emailed Celebrity because of an issue and at first they said my cruise didn't qualify for double points. So I copied the website and sent back to them and got an email a few days later that they were wrong and it does qualify. I am saving that email for future reference.
  8. Thanks - didn't know this. However we are booked on Xploration and cabin is a "guarantee" so it doesn't show points.
  9. I am debating this cruise/tour for 2022 anyone done it? what did you like best/least? hard to tell from the description exactly what is included on the land portion as far as tours and meals, but sounds pretty inclusive (a few meals on your own and soe free time but tours/activities most days) We have never been to Alaska so want to do it all. This trip seems to cover it. Also always wanted to see that part of Canada. I looked at similar trips on a couple of other lines but this seems a little less expensive (pricing includes drinks, tips and wifi on the cruise po
  10. thanks all - makes a cabin upgrade look more worthwhile
  11. I booked a Galapagos cruise with the 3 day add-on in Quito, and am looking at an Alaskan cruise with land tour do you get Captains Club points for the land days, or only for the sea days?
  12. I read there are different Cheers offers. The one I got makes the cruise more expensive - $200 more for 14 days. I don't drink that much so not a good deal. someone else posted their spouse had a different code and it was only a few dollars a day more and a much better deal. So price your cruise a few different ways if you are not a big drinker may not be a good deal for you.
  13. When travelling with others, my husband and I book in different rooms so we can get shareholder credit in both (we have stock owned separately). Not at all a problem to switch once we are on the ship. So book however you get the best deal!
  14. The Texas legislature is no longer in session, so he can't pass new legislation to fix any loopholes anytime soon. Per article I read, there is an exemption for companies complying with federal law which I think is what Carnival is relying on to say they can require proof of vaccination. And unlike FL, Texas doesn't have a fine. You just can't get government contracts and may risk losing certain state licenses/permits. Not sure cruise lines have any licenses/permits which would be at risk. Glad that Carnival and Celebrity and some others are sticking with requiring vaccination. I hav
  15. oh no!! I looked it up. Still not as stringent as FL - can't get govt contracts and could lose state issued licenses/contracts. Not sure cruiselines have state licenses/permits that could be at risk. Also per article I read, and quote from a Carnival rep, the law has an exception for businesses implementing protocols in accordance with Federal Law. So this could provide coverage for cruise lines as well.
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