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  1. I was reading our cruise info and it said we can take one or two bags, but the weight is limited to 50 pounds is that per person total, or per bag total? we have almost 3 weeks of travel in a complete different climate before heading on our Antarctica cruise, so will have a lot of stuff. Have it down to 3 bags (2 for the first part of the trip and one for just winter stuff for Antarctica). Want to see if we can figure out if we have too much thanks for any info
  2. If you buy boots, make sure they are insulated. Plain rain boots aren't and your feet will get very cold standing on the snow.
  3. Look under the Antarctica page on the forum - several threads on gear we are going on Cloud on Dec 10 we purchased boots from Amazon for $50 - Hisea was the brand. It was recommended by someone else on Antarctica forum. I like having them ahead of time and being able to check the fit. We tried them on with the thick socks we purchased - mine are fine, but my husband takes the insole out for a more comfortable fit. we also found waterproof pants on Amazon for less than renting from SS. Look for ones with zippers or snaps at the ankle rather than velcro - apparently on some stops the velcro is a problem as seeds and grasses and other contaminants have to be cleaned off.
  4. Thanks everyone Can't wait till next week!
  5. Thanks Jelayne We get on next Wed. Can't wait!
  6. are the free minutes for Elite "surf" or "unlimited" access? my mom tried to use her Elite discount to pre-purchase a 2 device 'surf' package and was told could not - no discount on the 2 device surf package, only the one device package
  7. I thought surf would be ok for Facebook so long as not viewing/posting videos just can't stream anything so no youtube, netflix, video calls but I haven't tried it would like to know as we leave next week - plan to purchase a 2 device surf package for 4 of us to share. hopefully others who have had this package will post and share their experiences.
  8. we are travelling on Eclipse next week with several family members. Received an email from Celebrity saying that each deck should board at different times our time is 2 hours before the rest of the family how strict are they on this? I presume no problem going later, but probably not ok for the others to board earlier with us? what hours are buffet and MDR open for lunch? some of the family has a boarding time of 3:00 and that seems late to wait for lunch. thanks for any info and experiences with this.
  9. We will be in Santiago for a few days before the cruise too. Some others from out LA to Chile trip will be too. Organizing some tours. Email me bethtex63 at Yahoo dot com if you want to join in.
  10. Luvtocruise88 - for some reason I can't send you a message feel free to message me we found boots to purchase online for $50, Hisea on Amazon, so cheaper than renting waterproof pants about $35 can't wait for our trip - first leg starts next week
  11. If you haven't joined us already, we have a good Roll Call going for the Nov 20 cruise that will be stopping in Guatemala. I just posted some info on a possible private tour that might be a good option for you.
  12. Stumblefoot and FlyerTalker - thanks for the heads up on the change in the Latam/AA relationship. Our flight is booked on Latam as a codeshare on an AA plane, the direct to DFW. I will check it regularly before we leave.
  13. Seaflower59 - got the boots you suggested and love them. Great to know ahead of time how they fit with our thick socks. and much cheaper than renting. even if we leave them behind we will have saved $$ found Columbia waterproof pants on Amazon as well now just need another pair of long under wear and a couple more pair of warm socks.
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