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  1. I get the impression that Dubai, Singapore etc, want you to buy from their respective countries simply for the revenue it produces - can't see any other reason as they sell it in their shops. My tipple is Southern Comfort and the last 2 times coming out of Dubai, they were sold out. Over the years, Dubai seems to have been playing catch up with their duty free prices as the bargains are getting few and far between - same as Dubai itself, which is becoming harder for us to stay there for any length of time these days with VAT and tourist taxes coming into play - payback time for the investment they've put in I suppose. TUI gin (wifes tipple) prices on board the plane are 2ltrs for £24 - bargain - also hoping that the plane sales are regarded as from the EU as opposed to Dubai giving us the option to have a bigger allowance - can but hope. I will check if Birmingham has a pick up on return service and compare to Dubai - if not - wife will have to go without - I have my SC stash 🙂
  2. Hi We sailed into Dubai on Discovery last year and customs would not allow alcohol to be taken to the airport for our journey home from the ship, in fact, the ship told us that customs would scan the baggage and told those that had bought alcohol on the ship to return it for a refund. Yes you can buy alcohol from the duty free at the airport, can/t remember if it was at the cruise terminal, but it cannot be taken off the ship. I don't know if the same applies to arriving by air. As TUI has very good prices for its duty free, and much better than the airport, I was asking if there was any way of pre - ordering for our return journey as last year they sold out and there was none to be had on the plane back. Thomas Cook do an online pre-order for flights and TUI were supposed to do the same in 2016 but there is no mention of it anywhere on their site. Rumour also had it that you could pre-order on the flight out for the return journey but I have yet to hear of anyone that has actually done that. We have disembarked in Dubai many times but last years experience with TUI was the first I had been warned not to take alcohol off the ship so I'm not sure if it was TUI being over cautious or that the rules had changed - some peoples interpretation of the rules in the Emirates can be a bit of an over reaction .
  3. Has anyone managed to pre-order duty free alcohol for a return flight home, whether it be online or ordering on the flight out? We will be travelling to Naples and returning from Dubai - who don't allow alcohol to be taken ashore/airport. Our previous trip with TUI, the alcohol was sold out on the return home Many thanks in advance
  4. Still check the sites. What is acceptable with prescription in certain countries, may still be illegal in the UAE. Painkillers and anti-depressants there carry jail sentences, even for small quantities. I believe Oman is more relaxed, but do check and make sure.
  5. Hi Please don't take this the wrong way, but, I think your question should be directed at your GP, and not a cruise forum. Your GP knows your history - we don't
  6. Hi again Here are the government sites for UAE and Oman UAE - https://www.government.ae/en/information-and-services/health-and-fitness/drugs-and-controlled-medicines/controlled-medicines- Oman - https://www.moh.gov.om/en/-/---276
  7. I have heart medications and those don't pose a problem. If DH is taking painkillers, that is where there may or maynot be a problem. Oman is not so much of a problem as the UAE if you take them ashore, but as Vitalsign says, check with the gov.uk site or with the Oman/UAE equivalents
  8. We did our first Marella cruise in November 2018 and have previously done Princess, RCL, Celebrity, NCL, Hal & Azamara. We couldn't believe the price we got so took the plunge and lowered our expectations comparing the others we have sailed with were US cruiselines. How pleasantly surprised we were. Its all about managing expectations and as donnygirl says, keep an open mind. We found the staff just as good as the others, the food, which of course is subjective, was maybe not as high a quality as the others, was perfectly adequate. Judging by our last Princess cruise, I'd say it was a very close second. The buffet seemed to be quite crowded and we found the food there was lukewarm, but there was always something there and we were not going to starve. We were on all inclusive and found there was no need to upgrade to the premium unless there were specific exclusive brands you wanted - the major names were there. The only downside especially for DW, was the sunbeds. I thought it was days gone by where the Brits and Germans battled it out to get their towels on the sunbeds at the crack of dawn. It was quite frustrating that all the beds, and there were plenty of them, had towels on them, but a large proportion were vacant all through the day. It seems TUI don't police the sunbeds so there were those claiming their sunbed and then going ashore - very selfish. We are now looking for another cruise with TUI - when you get the right deal especially with the AI package, I think they are very hard to beat where value is concerned. Give it a try.
  9. Hi We have done the Mekong river trip with Smile. The two tours are completely different. The city tour is a very busy one with alot of sites to visit where the Mekong was very relaxing and chilled. If it is your first visit to Vietnam then I would say do the city tour as you get to see all aspects of chaotic city life, but bear in mind the the heat can be quite oppressive and there will be alot of walking to do. We did the river tour on our 2nd visit to Saigon as the relative relaxation was very welcome. The 3rd time we went, we went as passengers on the back of the Vespa scooters - what an experience that was. A tour of Saigon similar to the city tour, but instead of a coach taking quite a while to get through the traffic, it took just minutes so even had a ride into the countryside. Wonderful people, great food and a real eye-opener - we are so jealous - enjoy your trip whatever you choose.
  10. I've no doubt that after that date they would incorporate the charge into the pricing. Cash used to be king, but not now.
  11. Last year I booked an Ocean view 12 weeks out and got it for £1000 from my TA while the TUI price was about £1250. At the moment it is £1356 from him and £1418 from TUI online. It does fluctuate depending on demand and hopefully it will go down much further with my TA nearer the time. The gamble is, of course, that it may not go down as far as it did last year, and demand maybe higher this year keeping prices up. The gamble will be no OV cabins left -. Really want to do this cruise again so I have to ask myself what I am prepared to pay? The alternatives around are quite expensive and we did thoroughly enjoy our cruise last year albeit with the stops taken out - decisions, decisions - those first world problems 🙂
  12. Mine is now winging its way to me from my TA. TUI did say they were paying it direct to my card but changed their minds, but no worries anyway.
  13. Hi neighbour We were on the ill fated cruise last November and are looking to book this cruise again as we missed some of the ports. All inclusive was brilliant and found no need to upgrade to the premium unless there are specific brands you need. Adult only so no screaming kids on the ship or the plane 🙂 We go to this area often and love it. Temperature was mid,high 20's everyday - no rain 🙂 - ships tours can be done cheaper on your own but not by much - we found them very reasonable. All the stops are safe whichever way you tour them. We had an ocean view cabin and had more storage than you could shake a stick at. Food in MDR was good, but did find the food in the buffet in the evening to be lukewarm at best. Staff very friendly and accomodating - captain visible and chatty. We're leaving the booking to nearer the time to hopefully snag us another good deal (12 weeks before sailing unless TA's have a sale sooner) - but that does have its risks in getting exactly what you want. Paid for extra legroom seats on the plane which allowed us to book the seats at time of booking and was also a good flight - just a little delayed going as it had to be de-iced first. Go for it - for the price its unbeatable.
  14. I can highly recommend this company. We have used them on 4 different trips to Vietnam - 3 in Ho Chi Mihn and 1 Hanoi, including the tour you mention. Thi is the perfect host, but if you do not get her, all the guides are great.
  15. When did you pay for your cruise? If it was before Jan 13th 2018 then they can charge - after that date they cannot.
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