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  1. @nho9504 It may not involve uploading proof of negative COVID-19 test result, but I would think it will still be highly likely that embarking passengers will have to complete some version of a health questionnaire 48 - 72 hours prior to boarding, which currently can only be done on the app as well.
  2. Pocket Stanley reporting for duty in his Happy Place: on a Princess Cruise for an Alaska itinerary!
  3. SHIP CAPTAIN CRUISE DIRECTOR ENTERTAINMENT DIRECTOR DIR, RESTAURANT OP's Caribbean Princess Steve Holland Kristoff Greyling Martyn Moss (on leave?) George ? Coral Princess Kevin Tugwell Crown Princess Tony Ruggero Jody Miles Kelvin Joy Mariusz Caermemnazowicz (sp?) Diamond Princess Not In Service Not in Service Not In Service Discovery Princess Marcus Prince Juanta Frenchie Desbuquois Emerald Princess Fernando Cunha Enchanted Princess Mario Ciruzzi Matt Barnard Marissa Wurms Silvio Zampieri Grand Princess Mariano Manfuso Corinne Steel Tim Donovan Paul Ciobanu Island Princess Andi Sanders Majestic Princess Michele Tuvo (#1) Aaron Mac Ben Powney Francisco Patricio Regal Princess Andrea Spinardi Dan France Neil Rose Nicola Furlan (#1) Royal Princess Natalie Costa Ron Goodman Ruby Princess Tim Donovan Sapphire Princess Not In Service Not In Service Not In Service Sky Princess Marco Fortezze Paul Chandler-Burns Matt Thompson Francesco Clorfito
  4. HOORAY! Frm the CDC website: COVID-19MENU Back to COVID-19 Home Cruise Ship Travel Updated July 18, 2022 Languages Print As of July 18, 2022, CDC’s COVID-19 Program for Cruise Ships is no longer in effect. CDC will continue to publish guidance to help cruise ships continue to provide a safer and healthier environment for passengers, crew and communities going forward. For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  5. Fair winds and following seas to you as well! Have a relaxing cruise!
  6. Thank you yet again, MedallionMAESTRO PacnGoNow! I changed the password on Princess.com, and when I went to the MedallionClass app, my original password did not work and now required the new password to access the account. Before I went through the process of changing DH's password, I looked at the data under his Account on Princess.com, and each of the three tabs now contains the correct information for him, including the Future Cruise Deposit certificates that sent me down this rabbit hole in the first place. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
  7. And the hits just keep on comin'. I just logged in to DH's Princess.com account to update my records with his Future Cruise Deposit certificate numbers that we'd recently added. As I started adding the numbers, I thought it was odd that they were the same as the ones I'd just added to my column. I double-checked to make sure I was logged in under his account and hadn't accidentally gotten back into my own. No, his name was on the Welcome Back line, all of the information under his Profile tab is his, all of the information under the Cruise History is his, but when I click on the tab for Circle Savings Account, THAT'S MY NAME at the top, my Captain's Circle number and my Future Cruise Deposit certificate numbers. I know I can go back into his emails and collect the data there, but the reason for my post is to find out if anyone else is experiencing this same glitch???
  8. Showing up with our paperwork / covid cards and passports at check-in AND never trying to access the app made MY life onboard a whole bunch better on my last cruise two months ago, and that's exactly the same plan for the one next week. 😉
  9. Going back to your post #3188 in this topic, I'm thinking this is all associated with the corrupt POLAR data. When I mentioned to one of the Ocean Navigators I tried getting help from early on that I had printed out the Future Cruise Deposits and cruise history for each of us, "just in case," he scoffed and said, "oh no, you don't have to worry, that will never become an issue." Pffft.
  10. @Steelers36, I certainly have gotten far more helpful and accurate answers from you (and others) on the forum. I think you were being generous when you said the Mktg VP "answered" 4 or 5 posts - I would have said she responded to 4 or 5 posts, but the only answers she provided were to two people with questions about Medallion portability, one about the Medallion accessories and the other about getting a new Medallion for every cruise. Kudos to her, though, for acknowledging @PacnGoNow for providing the awesome tips - now if only the MedallionMasters themselves could rise to at least that same level.
  11. 10 days until my next Princess cruise, which is showing Check-in Incomplete. Hopeful that the latest update would now mean I could complete the online Check-in I clicked on the link to the web version. Up pops the "Link Your Booking" page, so I filled in the booking number, and received the message, "This booking has already been claimed." I guess it's still not fixed and/or has been rebroken in the most recent attempt at fixing something else, so we're still in the Blue Lane.
  12. Get tested TODAY! A Letter of Recovery can be issued five days after the verified positive test, so you’re still in time for the cruise, but I sure wouldn’t drag my feet on this.
  13. On our first Alaska cruisetour, separate suitcases - one tagged “join me at the lodge” and one tagged “join me on the ship” - was a handy way to deal with formalwear and other ship-specific items that we didn’t need access to during the land portion of our tour. We took advantage of that the first time, but over time we are packing more efficiently and haven’t needed to separate land vs. sea bags. Now, we each have a bag that follows us on the truck as well as a carry-on for transit between lodges. HTH!
  14. I'm not sure about tests for antibodies, but I can tell you that when I tested positive in April, it was a proctored test. The County Health Department (Florida) was notified of the positive result and called me that afternoon to see how I was. I said I was fine, I was asymptomatic, and had only tested as I'd been in recent contact with someone who had tested positive earlier that day. When I told her that I was scheduled to board a cruise ship soon and asked what impact this test might have on that required test, she said she would issue a Letter of Recovery for me five days after this test just in case I was one of those people still testing positive 60 to 90 days after the initial diagnosis meaning the test before the cruise could be a (false) positive. Positive test was Wednesday and the LoR was issued the following Monday. As it turned out, the pre-cruise test was negative, so I cannot tell you how the Letter of Recovery might have been dealt with at the cruise terminal. Hope this provides some insight.
  15. If the three records you have are separate pages of the same person's vaccination records, could you scan them into a new single PDF file for each person? I know when we got our second booster, that went onto the back page of our vaccination cards, and I was able to scan the front page, used "ADD" (upper right corner of scan menu screen in the program I use) to scan in the back/second page, and then saved it as my vaccination record and did the same for DH's - one file for me and one file for him. It's worked uploading that PDF file to Princess as well as with the airlines. HTH! (Oh, and yes, I also take our hard copies as well! 😊)
  16. Thank you both @AF-1 and @WAvoyager for weighing in on my post #3375! I keep hoping that the MedallionClass app will finally perform as promised, but over the past 13 months it has been an exercise in perpetual frustration for me. As a huge fan of Princess Cruises, it concerns me that there are new(er) cruisers who will not be so willing to stick with the growing pains.
  17. I would just like an answer to my question as to why THIS app is SUPPOSED to exclusively support certain functions! Maybe I’m way off base here, but my take on apps is that they are supposed to be an enhancement, not the second half of the equation. I cannot use the MedallionClass app exclusively to book a Princess cruise from start to finish, and I cannot NOT use the app to complete the cruise from start to finish. The inanity of it all really hit home yesterday as I was completing details for “the boss” (DH) who’s flying to Canada tomorrow. He booked his flights on the airline website. He could have done that on the app, but chose not to. On his behalf, I completed the ArriveCAN application on the ArriveCAN website, created a PDF file with the requisite QR code that I then printed a copy of as well as emailed to him so he can take a screenshot to have as a secondary back-up. I returned to the airline website, which has all of his passport information on file, uploaded PDF files of his vaccination card and the ArriveCAN QR code, and printed off his boarding passes. He will be able to get there and back without having to upload ANY app to do so. He COULD, if he chose, upload the airline app, and have the enhanced ability to track his checked bag, be able to access a map with step-by-step instructions to get from his arrival gate to the next departure gate, or even to watch in-flight tv shows or movies, but he doesn’t need any of these functions. I also thought it was telling that I could upload his credit card and authorize the airline to keep it on file in case he decides to order food or drinks during the flight, but at no time did that require me to authorize the food service company to keep his credit card information in their files. With the exception of the MedallionClass app, there is not a single app on any of my devices that precludes me from getting done what I want to get done without that app. If anyone can help me understand how the designers of the MedallionClass app can justify this half-apped approach, I would be sincerely grateful! 🥴
  18. I can confirm that I've received the Itinerary Change notice for our August 31 2022 cruise-tour: IMPORTANT NOTICES CRUISETOUR ITINERARY CHANGE Due to staffing challenges affecting the hospitality industry, we have made the difficult decision to close the Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge for the remainder of the 2022 Alaska season. As a result, the land portion of your cruisetour itinerary will be modified and your nights at the Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge will be replaced with nights in Anchorage. As a gesture of goodwill, each guest will receive an onboard credit of $100 per person on the cruise portion of your cruisetour. Any land excursions booked for Copper River will be refunded to the original form of payment. Land excursions for your updated itinerary will be available to book online within the next two weeks, or in Anchorage. Please note the itinerary displayed below may not yet reflect these changes. We are working to update itineraries and you will receive an updated booking confirmation and itinerary by Friday, June 10, 2022.
  19. After we got our EZAir confirmation, I have been able to use the booking number to access the reservation on the airline's website (United in our case) and enter our Mileage Plus numbers so we were credited with the miles and able to use our United status to obtain seat assignments accordingly. HTH!
  20. With the current rules and regulations, I don't think there is any way around having a medically observed test. Could you get some self-tests ahead of time and rehearse with her to help relieve some of the anxiety with not knowing what to expect? Or maybe find an in-person testing site that would be willing to set up a screen so that she could be medically observed at an acceptable distance or angle without the person being directly across the table? Ask if it's possible for you to be the one to hand her the materials and walk her through the process as the authorized medical person observed to preserve the integrity of the test results. Just a couple of thoughts I had when reading your query.
  21. I continue seeing evidence that makes me doubt the reliability of data being used. The latest email with the subject of: "Booking #******: Make your cruise extra special" has the now standard platitude of being humbled by my loyalty, but the number of cruises listed is what I was at pre-pause and does not include the five I have taken since Princess has resumed cruising. The total number of cruises is correct in my profile on the website, so what database was used to populate this most recent email? SMH
  22. "Can you believe that nearly a year after we released the app they're still looking for the pony?"
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