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  1. THANK YOU for the post! You’re an inspiration. I’ve now decided that this weekend I’ll rebook my specialty dining for December, and will make sure to pick a nice pair of jeans to wear for dinner each night. 😎
  2. I appreciate everyone’s kind words, and may rebook once onboard Anthem of the Seas, but for now it’s all cancelled, along with the RoyalUp bid I decided to place for a Junior Suite. Sort of cancelled everything in a mad flash. 😢 Was having a really bad day yesterday, and was reading CC to relax. It had the completed opposite effect. I actually now regret booking this cruise. Hopefully as the weeks pass and I get close to sail date, that feeling will pass. Check-in is this Wednesday.
  3. That’s taking it to the extreme. 🙄 It’ll be up to the maître d’ to define what is and what isn’t acceptable, and on a case-by-case basis, by that day’s recommended dress policy. I’ve been on Princess Cruises where they turned away people from the MDR for tank tops and holed jeans. I’d expect no less of RCI.
  4. I did just fine on the 14-night B2B on Royal Princess (best cruise ever), the prior B2B’s on Celebrity Cruises and on Allure/Ruby Princess. It’s not the size of the fleet, or the ship capacity, it’s the passenger mentality. I don’t recall being dressed down by the Dress Code Police on those cruises. 😎
  5. This next cruise, which will be on Anthem of the Seas, will be #51 for me. At the ripe old (young?) age of 62, I’ve “presented my image to the world” for decades in a wide range of cruise lines, cruise ships, and cruise classes from Carnival to Cunard. Royal Caribbean isn’t my first choice - that would have been Princess or Celebrity - but was, by default, one of only two choices that are within driving range in the first week of December. In this day and age of COVID, I prefer not to fly. And Anthem was the best ship of the limited choices. Norwegian Epic was the other, and I’d rather just have stayed home. I’ve “been there and done that” with playing dress up for dinner. It’s why I prefer the casual atmosphere of the lido deck buffets or specialty restaurants. As for “fine dining”, Central Park 150 may qualify, but as far as I’m concerned, the rest of the Royal Caribbean fleet only has “specialty” or “themed” restaurants. Even the MDR on formal night is just a pony show from a bygone era to impress others.
  6. I think the Dress Code Police on here forget that not everyone wants to dress sharp, or wants to dress to impress, or wants to drag a “Mrs. Thurston Howell III” steamer trunk full of “wardrobe for very occasion” to the ship in their car. And if you want to pack a minimalist saddlebag or teeny tiny carryon, and that’s it, that’s your choice. I think some of the Dress Code Police on here forget that there are people whose work-life is a suit and tie - every … single … day. Heck, I don’t even own a suit. And I’m not buying one just for this cruise to wear. I didn’t even wear a suit to my dad’s funeral this year, and he’d had wanted it exactly like that. And I think some of the Dress Code Police on here need to mind their own business when it comes to what other people are wearing. It’s none … of …your …business. Period. I’m driving to the ship from north-central West Virginia, and bought a brand new 32” suitcase just for this occasion, and mainly because I don’t even own any suitcases. And I’ll pack what I please in that suitcase. If what I wear offends you, or anyone else, as long as what I’m wearing is not indecent, that’s just tough. 😎
  7. Thank you. 👍 However, I’m self conscious enough as it is cruising solo, and not having the nicest cruise clothes. I wear a lot of jeans (no holes or frayed) and crazily designed button down shirts. And I’m having a hard enough time even just going on this cruise with all the distractions in my every day life, and having lost friends and family this year. It’s enough to make me break down and cry. This cruise was supposed to be an outlet to get away for a week and really relax without worrying what everyone else is thinking about me and my attire. Just went to my Cruise Planner and cancelled all of my specialty dining literally out of fear that I’d be out of place. It breaks my heart .
  8. So, I’m on the fence now cancelling all of my specialty dining (Jamie's and Izumi) reservations because of comments like this. That, and threads where I’ve read that tipping EXTRA on top of the tip that’s already included in the price is almost expected, and that the pre-paid tips I’ve paid apparently aren’t going to be enough to cover everyone else. 🤔 Guess I’ll save all that money I would have spent on specialty restaurants and just buy me a better drink package. LOL 🤣 Did I cover everything: dress code, tips, and drinks, all in one post! 😉
  9. As I have seen it on the booking confirmations for my Dec. 5th Anthem of the Seas sailing, there were a lot of NRD promotional codes being applied since re-start, i.e. BOGO, Resident, and Save More. This was for everything from Inside Cabins to Balcony Staterooms, since I kept upgrading (and/or getting refunded) every time there was a price drop.
  10. I see now in the Cruise Planner for Anthem of the Seas December 5th sailing both the Solarium Bistro and Windjammer are showing as open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a phone number listed for reservations. 🤔
  11. (Makes mental note to get plenty of 1$ bills for the tolls on drive to Bayonne from WV) 😎
  12. Hmmmm. I do remember reports (?) from somewhere, maybe it was YouTube videos by passengers on the Anthem of the Seas sailings out of the UK, that the Solarium Bistro was closed for dinner? I’ll have to follow more closely as she begins her Bayonne departures to see how things progress. 👍
  13. Sailing on Anthem of the Seas in 55 days - first time on this class of ship, and first time back on Royal Caribbean since 2012. At this point I’ve completely resigned myself that the Windjammer, as well as the Solarium Bistro, will both be closed for dinner. Since I don’t frequent the MDR, I’ll be using Sorrento’s and Café 270 (a lot), checking out the room service dinner menu, and have several specialty restaurant reservations. Already have Plans B, C, and D. LOL I’ll most definitely be missing the Windjmamer for dinner. 😎
  14. Try this link… https://www.royalcaribbean.com/booked/cruise-room-upgrade 😎
  15. Can’t remember the last time I ate in a MDR, must have been on Celerity Mercury back in 2010. That experience was the deciding factory in dining solo from that point going forward. Haven’t ever cruised NCL. My go-to cruise lines were Celebrity and Princess, and my last cruise was 14-nights on Royal Princess. There’s an excellent complimentary venue on her called Alfredo’s with a wide variety of made to order pizzas and dishes, and I’d eat there quite often. The lido deck’s Horizon Bistro and Horizon Court buffets were gigantic. I actually had a cruise booked on Majestic Princess out of LA before canceling and going with Anthem of the Seas. Hope she doesn’t disappoint with the complimentary food and specialty dining venues. It’ll be my first cruise back on Royal Caribbean since 2012.
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