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  1. Well, I am sure we we will get more notice than last year. We were on the flight to Miami when our cruise got cancelled for Saturday March 13.
  2. We still haven’t heard anything official from Royal. My sister, who is C&A like we are received an email, and she doesn’t have any cruise booked at this time. We have an empress booked for July to Bermuda. My question is, if we used FCC to pay for that one, do we get 125% FCC on that as well? In other words, I feel we had cruise that cost $1000, and we’d got a future CC that bumped to $1250, does it now bump to $1560?
  3. We had our teen age son in our room with pull out couch. It was tight when couch was open, but housekeeping would fold up every morning.
  4. Sorry you are struggling with all the “stuff”. Just realizing how fortunate we are in the US. Not sure about all parts of the US, but in the Midwest, anyone can get tested at any time at no charge. Just make a reservation at a testing site and drive up for the swab test. Our son’s college is testing everyone, every two weeks, and it seems pretty common at most colleges in the area.
  5. We received a letter from RC today that our 12 day June 2021 cruise out of Barcelona was canceled. We will be getting a full refund, or if we choose another cruise within 3 weeks we can get a $100-$200 credit depending on length.
  6. Our cruise on Symphony of the Seas was cancelled while we we’re flying to Miami on 3/13. We received FCC on 4/15. port taxes and cruise planner items were put back on my CC 12 weeks to the day on 6/6.
  7. WE WILL be on the Symphony in March. We went zip lining last time we were there, and then to a beach. We had a great time. Do watch your step while swimming. Stepped on a piece of fire coral that burned for about a day. We can only cruise during spring break as DW is a school teacher. We are looking forward to it.
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