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  1. I am still alive and kicking. I don't get much chance to visit Cruise Critic these days. Yes, I've been very busy. After 4 years in a large university church the Bishop, {SARC} in his infinite wisdom {/SARC}, decided to move me to a church that is beginning to experience massive growth in the huge population explosion north and east of Dallas County. I just began in this new church today and it's going to be a real time-gobbler. It's very different from where I was, but it's also good to have a new and different challenge. I love churches with lots of young families and kids, and that's what I've gotten. I hope to be around as I begin thinking about and planning for my next cruise. Not sure when that will be ... I have very little free time right now, but I'm still supposed to take 5-weeks of vacation a year! When, I can't imagine, but I'll find the time. Blessings,
  2. Sigh ... last time I cruised it was in January 2017 out of Ft. Lauderdale on the Rotterdam to the Southern Caribbean. It was a nice cruise, but it was way too long in the past. And, even more sadly, I have nothing booked (though I'm thinking about a few options). Wish I could board a ship today. But, alas ... work calls me. Thank God I love what I do.
  3. On the Rotterdam in January 2017 smoking wasn't a problem for the non-smokers. Smoking was limited in the casino to certain, well defined areas, and on at least half the nights smoking wasn't permitted anywhere in the casino. There was no smoking in cabins, and I think this was the first cruise I'd been on where smoking was also prohibited on the Verandahs. Indeed, the smoking restrictions appeared to be problematic for smokers because there were many times when it was impossible for them to smoke at all (and for many hours at a time) due to the outside spaces, nominally set apart for them, being closed due to the ship bunkering or due to poor weather conditions and/or heavy seas. There really should be one enclosed and independently air conditioned lounge (i.e. a "smoking room") set aside for them and open all day ... but that's not going to happen. I recently told a friend who was thinking about cruising on HAL that they might be well-advised to give up smoking before taking their cruise, and that they should try and get past the bad part of the withdrawl before boarding the ship.
  4. I've been back and skimming the threads for a couple of weeks. Still incredibly busy, but missing having deck under my feet, so CC is the next best thing.
  5. :D I've got nothing booked. What do you have in mind, O Chocolate Goddess? :*
  6. It's great to hear that Dolly is still going strong ... or was, at least, as of the World Cruise early this year. I've not seen her in a couple of years. This brings back fond memories of Kissing Annie, too. And then there's my FAVORITE Guest Classic ... RuthC! ;) Blessings!
  7. You're kidding ... given the permissive nature of the current Dress Code, I can't imagine why people are still pounding on this one. It's over. The book of Ecclesiastes is right: there really is nothing new under the sun. ;) On the Rotterdam in January I had a pair of dark-grey slacks, a black jacket, a white dress shirt and a couple of ties. I was fine. I could have foregone the jacket and tie, as some men did on the Gala nights, but didn't want to. No one exploded either way.
  8. What a nice blast from the past to come across on my first day back on Cruise Critic in a half year! :D I especially loved reading some of the back remarks ... including my own from (yikes!) 3 years ago! Now, to the thread topic: In January aboard the Rotterdam, during a VIP party in the Crows Nest, someone asked the Captain if he liked driving. The Captain grinned and said: "Love it ... especially when using my new Callaway XR 16 Driver." The passenger who asked the question never got the joke.
  9. I've done full transits twice -- once eastbound and once westbound -- and loved it both times. Indeed, I'd love to do it again, and probably will in order to see the new locks. Make sure you're up EARLY for the entrance into the locks. Go forward and go high for a good view of the operation as you approach and enter the first lock. Then, when you've gotten through the first one, go to the stern and get a view from that perspective as you finish the steps. The trip through the canal is also great, and especially through "the cut," and can be easily experienced indoors or from the promenade, where you'll have a little shelter but will still be outside. In any event, full-transits of the Canal are a great experience.
  10. Hello Judy! Blessings to you. I pray you are well.
  11. Thank you, Stephen. I'm not forgetting about y'all, and I look forward to my next cruise.
  12. Thank you so much for your kind words. I have always appreciated the kindness I've been shown here. There are many wonderful people here.
  13. OMG! That was a wonderful cruise and we had a wonderful time! I hope we get to do so, again, in the future.
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