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  1. I am well and doing the best I can to be safe while still helping my people. On Sundays I go to the Church building and, along with 7 other members of my church staff, we broadcast a livestream worship service on the Church's Facebook page while maintaining social distancing. I go to the office midweek to check mail and messages and such and to get books that I need for Sermon preparation, and on those trips I also help the food pantry staff make porch-deliveries of food stuffs for this who have contacted the church for assistance. Meals on Wheels, which also operates out of my church building, has a volunteer staff that makes deliveries during the week to area residents who depend upon the program for hot meals, and the past 3 weeks I've been helping as a driver for that as well. With Social Distancing rules, however, I don't have any close-contact with people and, when I do, I'm wearing a filter mask and gloves. Other than that, and making a grocery run for curbside pick up for my own needs, I don't get out. I spend a lot of time on the phone, talking with Church members and fellow clergy, and I'm part of several Zoom calls each week with denominational colleagues, etc. On Tuesdays at 1pm I broadcast a LiveStream Bible Study on the church's Facebook page and I have a Zoom staff meeting for my church staff on Wednesdays at 11 am. As of Sunday (April 19) in the county where my house is we have 26 confirmed cases and 2 deaths with 3 in the housing development where I live. However, where I'm actually on the boarder with two other counties that have many more cases. In the county where my church is there are over 500 confirmed cases, and in the other county where the closest bigger city is there are 34 confirmed cases. And, of course, I'm just outside of Dallas County where we have 2428 confirmed cases ad 60 deaths. I pray everybody keeps safe, follows directions, and takes no unnecessary risks. As much as I enjoy cruising, I believe that life is sacred and we must care for it and for others. I pray for you, I pray for those still trapped on ships, I pray for the HAL employees who are in limbo and, for those on their ways home, I pray they safely make it to their families.
  2. John, thank you so much for being a voice of calm and reason on this thread. I've been watching "from afar" while very busy with work and family and, so when you posted something I knew I could trust it. Several others, too, but your posts especially have been very helpful. Thank you.
  3. Ditto. And I am thankful that the ships have docked and that those in need of critical care will be getting it. God bless all those who have worked so hard in the midst of this disaster. They're putting their lives on the line. May God protect them and give them wisdom and guidance.
  4. May God grant safety, guidance, and wisdom to those who command and conn these damships, the staff who care for the passengers and crew, and the administrators who are working hard to get all the clearances needed to get them home.
  5. How do we purchase the drinks? Will we be given a special card, or is it just on our account (as if we were buying a drink at a time)?
  6. I'm reminded of my birthday cruise in 2007 when they cut a 10 day cruise to 7 days and cut out two ports so that they could do an extensive cleaning of the old Ryndam after a massive Norovirus outbreak. It was a disappointing event, and there were severe communication problems leading up to the cruise (many of us were not informed of the cancellation until we arrived in San Diego). No one could board the ship, of course, so arrangements were made for those of us who didn't cancel the cruise to stay at a Marriot Hotel in Orange County -- near Disneyland. It wasn't a bad alternative: they provided transport there and back, took care of most of the expenses at the hotel (2 meals a day), and provided us with an option to go to Disneyland for a day. Still ... it wasn't the same as being aboard ship and at sea. Upsets to itineraries like this are annoying and disappointing, but they sometimes have to happen. The best thing to do is just roll with it and try to enjoy life.
  7. Thanks for the information! It looks like it is probably too difficult to get back to the auxiliary HDMI port on the back of the TV if it's mounted on the wall in that small recession. My harm is too large to be able to squeeze it into that small of a space, and I wouldn't want to try to take it off the wall to plug in an HDMI cable, only to have to hang it back on the wall. Ugh! So ... no go on that one. Again, thanks for the information!
  8. Thanks! Looks like it’s about a 40 inch screen.
  9. Does anybody know the size of the in-cabin TVs in the Verandah cabins aboard the Koningsdam? And, does anyone know the manufacturer and model number of these TVs? If not, does anyone know if they have auxiliary HDMI ports? Thanks!
  10. I'm sorry, I misunderstood the nomenclature you were using in posting the cruise dates. I thought you were saying the cruise I'll be on ran from January 2 - January 20. The 20 in the listing you provided is the YEAR, not the day. My bad. There is no error (other than my own). The cruise I'm on departs Fort Lauderdale on January 2, 2020 and is 10 days long, returning to Fort Lauderdale on January 12, 2020. I WISH it were longer. 😄
  11. Sigh .... another 74 days until I board the Koningsdam for a Caribbean Cruise, Jan 2. And a LOT to do between now and then: All Saints Day, Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas Eve, and Christmas ... that's 11 Sundays, plus Christmas Eve services. The good thing about being busy is that it makes the time fly faster! I can't wait. I'll try to be on the webcam and here to watch the Zuiderdam depart tonight.
  12. The first cruise I paid for myself was in late 1994 (I think it was around Thanksgiving) aboard the Nieuw Amsterdam III. I'm pretty sure it was a 14 day Cruise in the Caribbean and I was sharing a large outside cabin (I think they called called a "mini-suite") with my grandfather, who was 94 at the time but still in superior condition. Earlier that year I had successfully completed the defense of my doctoral dissertation, and this seemed like a great way to celebrate. This was was my grandfather's last sea voyage, and he had a great time showing me around the ship and some of the islands. As for how much it cost, for some reason I seem to recall that I paid $1400, which was an enormous sum to me at that time. Granddad took care of all of our onboard expenses, for which I was deeply grateful.
  13. Thanks for the superb pictures! Love the shot of the blessing with holy water.
  14. If I were to stay for more than a day on either side of the cruise, I'd probably prefer to do the same.
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