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  1. Tenpin is right. Costa seem to make rules up as they go along. It has only been the burger/pizza place where we were charged half price. It was the case for our last three cruises at least. That included South America in Febr/March. The "pay for dishes" in the club also seem to vary. They usually have the steak, prawns and lobster on as freebies. On occasion the whole extra menu was "free" when we were in club. Don't even bother with the veal chop, free or not. Dry and greasy. The only item I might pay for is the Ham and parmasan dish. It is huge and more than enough for a shared starter. It is really good. We have only had suites with upgrades and then you don't always get the suite benefits. Riana
  2. If you are Costa club they charge half price. Riana
  3. Thanks Bea that was really helpful. Alicat
  4. Have you been to any of those? Not so keen on Teppanyaki but I like tapas and hubby loves sushi. I looked to see whether I could find any menus on CC but did not come up with much.
  5. We are looking at the deal with 4 restaurants on the Grandiosa next year. On our recent cruise we went to Butcher's cut. I cannot recall that the Seaview had a Hola!tapas or Kaito sushi restaurant. I did not look at the Atelier bistro menu. Anyone have info on these? Alicat58
  6. Hi I had a look at these as well. It is a new option. My only concern is what they will offer and whether they will cancel at short notice or send you with another language group(as above). We are going on the Smerelda end of February and I hope there will be more info by then. If you make use of the package please let us know. Riana
  7. 6. CANCELLATION BY THE PASSENGER 6.1 In accordance with Art. 42 of the Tourism Code, a Passenger may withdraw from the contract, at no additional cost, only in the cases and subject to the terms in Art. 5, as well as in the event of the holiday package being cancelled before departure for any reason, unless this is due to the fault of the Passenger. A Passenger who exercises their right to withdraw shall have the right to an alternative holiday package of equivalent or higher value at no additional cost, or to a holiday package of lower value with reimbursement of the difference; otherwise, they shall be reimbursed for any amounts already paid within seven working days of the date of withdrawal or cancellation. 6.2 In the cases mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Passenger shall have the right to compensation for any further damages due to non-performance of the contract. 6.3 Paragraph 6.2 does not apply if the holiday package is cancelled due to lack of the minimum number of participants required, where applicable, and the Passenger is informed in writing at least twenty days before the scheduled departure date, or due to force majeure, excluding overbooking. 6.4 A Passenger who withdraws from the contract for reasons other than those specified in the previous paragraph will be charged the following amounts as a percentage of the price of the package: COMFORT: £50 FOR CANCELLATIONS AT LEAST 45 DAYS BEFORE DEPARTURE; 25% OF THE PRICE OF THE PACKAGE FOR CANCELLATIONS BETWEEN 45 AND 30 DAYS BEFORE DEPARTURE; 50% OF THE PRICE OF THE PACKAGE FOR CANCELLATIONS BETWEEN 30 AND 15 DAYS BEFORE DEPARTURE; 75% OF THE PRICE OF THE PACKAGE FOR CANCELLATIONS BETWEEN 15 AND 5 DAYS BEFORE DEPARTURE; 100% OF THE PRICE OF THE PACKAGE FOR CANCELLATIONS FROM 5 DAYS BEFORE DEPARTURE AND THE DEPARTURE; BASIC: 25% OF THE PRICE OF THE CRUISEFOR CANCELLATIONS AT LEAST 45 DAYS BEFORE DEPARTURE; 50% OF THE PRICE OF THE CRUISE FOR CANCELLATION BETWEEN 45 AND 30 DAYS BEFORE DEPARTURE; 75% OF THE PRICE OF THE CRUISE FOR CANCELLATION BETWEEN 30 AND 15 BEFORE DEPARTURE; 100% OF THE PRICE OF THE CRUISE FOR CANCELLATION FROM 15 DAYS BEFORE DEPARTURE AND THE DEPARTURE AROUND THE WORLD CRUISES AND SINGLES SEGMENTS: 15% OF THE PRICE OF THE PACKAGE FOR CANCELLATIONS UNTIL 90 DAYS BEFORE DEPARTURE; 25% OF THE PRICE OF THE PACKAGE FOR CANCELLATIONS BETWEEN 90 AND 60 DAYS BEFORE DEPARTURE; 50% OF THE PRICE OF THE PACKAGE FOR CANCELLATIONS BETWEEN 59 AND 15 DAYS BEFORE DEPARTURE; 75% OF THE PRICE OF THE PACKAGE FOR CANCELLATIONS BETWEEN 14 AND 10 DAYS BEFORE DEPARTURE; 100% OF THE PRICE OF THE PACKAGE FOR CANCELLATIONS BETWEEN 09 AND THE DEPARTURE DATE ; 6.5 In the event of cancellation covered by an insurance policy, the Organizer shall be notified of this at the same time as the claim is submitted to the insurer. Any difference between the amounts due from the passenger under the terms of 6.4 above and the sums paid by the insurance company shall be payable by the Passenger. 6.6 In the event of failure to use the air transportation purchased with the cruise, the penalties and other relevant terms of the general contractual conditions of the air carrier and/or air transport contract shall apply. 6.7 For bookings made by phone on 0800 3890622 or via the website www.costacruises.co.uk, in accordance with Art. 32 of the Tourism Code, the right to withdraw from the contract is explicitly excluded. Just copied of Costa website. Riana
  8. alicat58

    MSC service

    We have done this exact same cruise from Barcelona in June. This was our first MSC cruise but we are used to "Italian Service" I thought the food was pretty good considering how many people they have to feed. There was a lot of variety. We did not eat in the buffet often(one lunch and one supper) but had all our breakfasts there. Whilst people seem to complain that there is not a lot of variety, I thought you could have something different every day for the 7-8 days and not tried it all unless you loaded your plate with "it all" every single day. I do agree that the bar service for the most was terrible. Often understaffed but a lot of time just the attitude. The pool decks were crowded despite the fact that this is a port every day cruise. I thought to be expected as it was warm and people wanted to be in the sun. I am not keen on sitting in the sun and we sometimes had a battle to find a shady spot for 6 of us. We also had some service issues but nothing like you described. We waltzed in, showed them out black card priority(transfered or whatever it is called) was whisked to the front of the queue and on the ship in minutes. Suit case collection and disembarkation was as easy as anything. I thought suitcase collection by colour was the same for all lines. Am I wrong? We also had an issue with finding our bus(MSC transfer) but just stuck with the rest of the colour code group which was very small and it was all plain sailing. Queues are not a European thing in my opinion. Irrespective of where you go in Europe (or on a cruise with Europeans) you will tear your hair out. Have to say we experienced the same in South America. Pity your cruise started on such a bad note. You might have enjoyed it otherwise. Whilst we will most likely do our Med cruises on Costa we will definitely look for MSC cruises in other parts of the world. We really enjoyed it. Alicat
  9. You'll probably have 2 elegant evenings at least on a 10d cruise but there will also be theme nights like "white night, Italian night etc". One of the elegant evenings will be gala. Hubby has a smart blazer and trousers he wears on these evenings. Not seen a tux for ages. Some of the guys wear suits. Mine has even given up on a tie but he loves wearing cufflinks on these occasions. I like to dress up. It's a good excuse to buy something new for the occasion. All the other evenings people in the Med will dress reasonably well. Not really seen totally scruffy in the MDR. Some might wear nice jeans and tops. Quite relaxed and never seen anybody kicked out, yet. Riana
  10. We used a guy called Zaidee who collected us from port Klang (2018), took us to Batu and all over the place for $90. Found him through other posters on CC.zaidii73@yahoo.com He was on Tripadvisor as well when I looked last. He responded very quickly. Comfy car with aircon and all round nice guy. Good luck. alicat
  11. May I make a comment about the pizza? Costa do not have many speciality restaurants but the Pizza and burger restaurant is one. The pizzas are ordered off a menu and individually made. They are pretty big. Included in the price is a starter(actually a bowl of olives) and a dessert(there are a few options-choc mouse, tiramisu, lemon(and I think apple) pie and fruit. The burgers are HUGE and served with potato wedges. Neither of these are your run of the mill buffet dishes. Last time we sailed it was half price if you are Costa club. CHEAP!!!!!!! I do look at the other boards and it is amazing that whether you look on Costa or the so called more premium lines, you get the same old boring complaints. By the way OP. We like the Luminosa (and Costa). Riana
  12. No idea either as not into gaming. Suggest you phone Costa UK and ask them. We once had an Xbox. I only agreed to having one if I could have another cat. The Xbox lasted 3 months as they did not like playing games after all. The cat lasted 14 years. Very sad that my bestest boy is no more😥
  13. Glad to help. I get a lot of info off the boards. Hope you have a good cruise. Riana
  14. Hi I could have sworn I replied to you but it has gone! Very easy to get taxis at all the ports on this cruise. We mostly paid with US dollar. Make sure you get one with aircon. Its very hot. Unfortunately I cannot remember how much they charged. They are not very big cars and we only once shared with an Italian passenger who really ruined it for us because we agreed a fee upfront and he wanted to do further miles which would have risked not getting back to the ship on time. When we got back he refused to give the driver the agreed amount. Very silly. I looked at the Costa website prior to going and then decided what we wanted to see and confirmed on line. Then made myself little printouts to give to the drivers who took us to all the places we wanted to go. Worked out pretty well. Not punting but there are lots of photos on the review I did for this cruise under my name. It is called our passage to India etc. It was on the NeoClassica which is no more but the ports are all the same. Have fun. Riana Ps We have family on the Wirral
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