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  1. alicat58

    New Costa Hull art

    Hi It has. BUT painted over the old names so you can still see them as they are raised. Looks rubbish as far as I am concerned. Riana
  2. alicat58

    first time cruiser--excursions?

    Hi Kimberly We are seasoned Costa cruisers and have been to those ports many times. Like Dancer Bob said, it is a good idea to look at the boards to see what people suggest. It also depends whether you have done land based trips to any of the ports in the past. We rarely use the excursions with Costa. They are not bad but most of the time it is possible to do the same thing easily on your own and not end up been rushed or herded about with hordes of other people. Barcelona: DON'T use the Costa transfer to the bottom of Las Ramblas. The blue port bus is way cheaper, runs regularly and stops just about at the same place. There are so many things to do in Barcelona if it is your first time but do remember it is very touristy and most of the easy to reach restaurants are a rip off and the food is only meh! It is an easy city to walk. If I can single out only one thing you have to do it will be pre-booking Sagrada familia and spending time there. I am not religious but it is one of the most beautiful and spiritual places I have ever visited. It is fun to walk along Las Ramblas. There is an amazing food market to just wander in(don't think the locals are too keen). You could take the cable car to the top of Mont Juice. We took a taxi(was ripped off) , took the new cable car down to where it stops and then walked all the way down the rest of the hill. It was not too strenuous. Had a drink and lunch on a square off Las ramblas. Palma: DON'T take the Costa shuttle! If you just want to wander around the old town you'll find lots to do and see. It is very pretty. Lots of churches and squares. It costs about €12pp with Costa. We take a taxi to the stand close to the cathedral for about €10 and the same back. We have never bothered to go out of town because we always have lunch at the same amazing restaurant and that is our high light for Palma. Palermo: I was more scared walking around Palermo that I was Mumbai! The drivers are horrendous. The HoHo bus is a major rip off. We used it the very first time we went. Stops at very few places and runs infrequently. Having said that it was low season at the time. Our second visit we decided to take a Costa tour which took you out of Palermo and the village we went to was lovely. For the life of me cannot remember what it was called. The visit required some walking as the bus has to stop outside. Rome: Civitavecchia is way outside Rome. The traffic is bad. It takes around 90 minutes to get to Rome. Costa used to stop close to the Collosseum but apparently the mayor of Rome now makes all tour operators stop elsewhere. This was very convenient for a DIY trip. Rome has so much to see that you need to decide what you really want to do in one day. Our very first time was with a Costa tour and it was great. It was quite a chilly but clear February day. The large coach took an English/French group into the city and we were then split and ended in a group of 16 with a very good guide. We visited the Colosseum outside, St.Peters cathedral inside and walked around Piazza Navona and visited the Pantheon. We were free to have lunch in that area. It was very good. Since then we have always used Costa transfers and did our own thing. Marseille: I would use the Costa transfer in this instance. There is a local bus that stops some way from the ship but the queues are usually massive. You can easily walk around the old port and local areas. The little train €10 pp when we went was a bone shaker but took you up the hill to the cathedral and the views from there were amazing. The cathedral is quite small but very pretty. Savona: Not a huge amount to see really but if you have never been you could spend a day exploring. You can visit the fort, lots of churches and the cathedral, there is a sisteine chapel attached to the cathedral. The same pope who did the one in Rome. One of the Deroveres(spelling). It's pretty and there is a small charge. It is not open all the time. We are not keen on HoHo. Been disappointed too many times. Sorry about the long saga but I hope it helps. Riana
  3. alicat58

    Yellow Fever

    Thanks. I had a look at the website and UK gov guidelines. Costa just told me my responsibility so they do not require a certificate from us to board. It is unlikely that we would be out dawn/dusk time when the mozzies are active. We have one overnight but I think we'll not go ashore for a meal anyway. I looked at the "falls" LeeAnn mentioned and it looks as if there are killer mozzies there. Unfortunately not keen on being eaten alive. I read that you should use Citronella oil and smother yourself in the stuff. Oh joy, the smell must be to die for. Riana
  4. alicat58

    Yellow Fever

    Lunenburg do you know whether any of the countries would deny entrance if you don't have the certificate? I am going to phone Costa today to see whether they want us to have it(I am not keen and though I actually work at a yellow fever centre, it's expensive). Did not even manage to get round to having my flu jab this year! Riana
  5. alicat58


    Not quite been in the situation but prepare yourself for a long wait to get through the passport control in Singapore. Both at the airport and the port. They are very thorough and take ages. See if your hotel has shower facilities you can use when you arrive. Drop off your cases, have a shower if you can and go find somewhere to have breakfast and keep going till check in time. We have done this itinerary last year on the Victoria. We also had a few days before the cruise and had an amazing time. The ports are also fantastic. We were actually considering doing it again but decided to do one in South America instead because it is later in February. Have a wonderful time and if I can help please shout. Riana
  6. alicat58

    South American ports-some info please

    Hi LeeAnne Thanks for the info. I hope you are going to write review when you get back. I have never snorkeled and my husband thinks it's a very bad idea. I love swimming and it is the only thing I do at the gym but I am not a good swimmer at all. I thought of getting on of those full snorkeling masks. It went down like a lead balloon with hubby! I am definitely going to look at your other suggestions. I have not really done any planning as yet because work has come in the way unfortunately. Who are you cruising with? Riana
  7. alicat58

    What are your best Costa secrets?

    Gretchen I only know about the OBC for Costaclub. It starts at the lower levels and increase as you go up. I think you can get credits in the casino but we don't gamble. Well except that once the very first time we got OBC and you had to spend it in the casino. We had €10, I put it on my birthdate and won €300! Tried a few times after with same amount and always lost. We took the money and ran that first time. Riana
  8. alicat58

    Greaetings to all Costa cruisers.

    Happy New Year to you all. Alicat
  9. alicat58

    South American ports-some info please

    Thanks for asking but our cruise ends on 10/3. We have actually now booked it. Alicat
  10. alicat58

    South American ports-some info please

    Thanks for reminding me Teresa. I have not looked on whatsinport and I usually do. Alicat
  11. Hi Ron I fancy the river cruise destinations but not the actual boats. Too small, too few people. Will want to make friends! We saw a group at Giverny a few years ago. So old as well. Maybe in another 15 years or so. Still have not made up our minds about South America. Riana
  12. alicat58

    What are your best Costa secrets?

    Ron is being a spoil sport. We love cruising with Costa. Boarding I think depends when you arrive unless you have priority. Best place and bars on ships depend on each ship and possibly what you like. We don't dance but I like to sit and watch in the grand bar. If we find an entertainer we like that's where we'll be. You'll often find more quiet areas if that's what you want. Ignore Ron. He's gone over to the dark side 😂 Riana
  13. Hubby told me about the Costa ship. These journos do not know the difference between one ship and another. They'll just post any old photo. How are you Ron? I've been too busy to spend time on CC. Have either of you been on a South America cruise by the way. Looking at Fascinosa end of February. Only Lunenberg has replied to my ports entry 😩 Riana
  14. alicat58

    South American ports-some info please

    You are very brave. That's is a lot of flying. Neither of us have a fear of flying but we just don't enjoy being cramped and cooped up for a long time. I was born in South Africa and moved to the UK nearly 19 years ago. Did you enjoy your safari? Where did you go? When I was a child we frequently went to the Kruger for holidays during the winter months. It is magical to be amongst the animals in their natural habitat. Still contemplating whether we are going to book the cruise. Alicat
  15. alicat58

    South American ports-some info please

    Thanks for the info Lunenburg We're still thinking whether we should go. The long flight to BA is a bit off putting. Going to South America however is a really exciting prospect. Alicat