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  1. Hi I've not been looking at CC for a while. You are brave to plan for Easter. We have actually booked on MSC for March but the cruise was cancelled and then amended. We decided to wait for later next year. Looking at the Firenze before she goes East. Riana
  2. Nice to read a review for a change. We had an aft balcony cabin on the sailing just before you.It was amazing. We had 2 wardrobes, one was a walk-in. The balcony was also huge. It was a funny wedge shape. Unfortunately too chilly to make much use of it. Like you we did not like the new theatre/entertainment setup. We stopped at the Colosseo one evening and there was no seating available and people were standing multiple levels deep. We also liked the Jazz bar and entertainers there the best. The "piano bar" was very odd in that the piano was too far from the bar. We actually spent
  3. Hi guys I am fine thank you. I am touched by you wanting to know how I am. I am still working and alas not from home. I work for the NHS so it is still all wheels to the pumps. I am fortunately not at a hospital. I think that must be nerve racking. I work in General Practice. We are still seeing patients but not very many. Most of our work involve telephone consultations and the paperwork has not stopped. Lots of people are panicking about getting medication and ordering when they clearly do not need their next meds yet. This concerns us because some might then not have
  4. Read the table below for information on canceled cruises: Last update March 25. Costa Diadema - SUSPENDED ACTIVITY Cruises canceled until May 2nd. Costa Fascinosa - SUSPENDED ACTIVITY Cruises canceled until May 2nd.. Costa Favolosa - SUSPENDED ACTIVITY Cruises canceled until May 1st. Costa Fortuna - SUSPENDED ACTIVITY Cruises canceled until May 7th. Costa Magica - SUSPENDED ACTIVITY
  5. Hi All I thought I would wrap this up. Clearly out timing was good and we are home. I hope safe and sound. Neither of us ill. I am back at work to DD's great concern. She thought I should have self isolated for 2w after coming back from the ship. Though we enjoyed the cruise the Covid really put a damper on it for us. In retrospect we should maybe not have gone but we would have lost all of our cruise fees and insurance would not have paid. As it is we lost the flight and hotel costs to Milan. That does not bother me at all. She is big but I did not feel tha
  6. COSTA CROCIERE REVIEWS ITS ITINERARIES IN ITALY TO RESPECT GOVERNMENT CONTAINMENT MEASURES. Genoa, March 10, 2020 - Following the new measures introduced last evening by the Italian Government in an effort to contain the health emergency on the national territory, Costa Crociere has reviewed the itineraries of its ships calling at Italian ports up to April 3. "As an Italian company and the only cruise operator flying the Italian flag, we are committed to guarantee compliance with the regulations and support to the Italian authorities and the community in this extraordinary effort to face the c
  7. I don't think people will reply to the questions about cancelling on my original post. There is a very active group on Facebook that might be able to help. Today is our last day. We are disembarking tomorrow and I won't have Internet till Wednesday. I'll post some photos then. Riana
  8. Morning Bob The ship is not very full and the atmosphere is a bit subdued we think. We've not gone to any of the shows. They are at quite odd times and honestly did not appeal to us either. The weather out of Palma was diabolical. The sea was rough the whole night. Yesterday was also the sea day and massive waves till late afternoon. We just camped in the grandbar most of the day. Hubby watched films and I read. We are in Civitavecchia today. Gorgeous day. We decided not to go to Rome as we didn't fancy the journey with too many people coughing.
  9. Ola from Barcelona. Was raining this morning. We left after 10 am. Took a taxi to a local cemetery to look at funerary art. I'm weird like that. Expensive taxi and walked all the way back to la Rambla. Took nearly 40 minutes. The cemetery was a bit boring. We didn't see the one we really wanted to see. We then stopped for a beer and after that lunch. Everything open and going. So far no mention of port cancellation. We have decided not to go to Rome because we don't fancy being in such close proximity to possibly infected people fot 90 minutes each way.
  10. Hi Bob Food is like you said. All the stuff previously included for diamond pearl is extra charge. Food is OK but not great. The entertainment is at really odd times in the theatre and colosseo. Jazz bar and grand bar okish. Kip rules the roost. He is very happy being an only cat. He's so spoilt. We do get so attached to them. Riana
  11. Looks like my post from yesterday never posted. Not seen many people wearing masks. Hand sanitizer everywhere. Much more than ever.
  12. On board now. Ship is huge. Temperature scanned in terminal. Had to use hand sanitizer getting onto ship. Walked through the buffet. Guy asking people to use sanitizer one end but not the other. Serving food not self serve. Looks pretty good. We're in Arlecchino first sitting. Cabin is stunning. Deck 12 aft.
  13. Quick response before I go to bed. Need to get up soon. Bob: I lost my sweet Baz about 18mnths ago. He developed heart failure. He was a little pedigreed cat. Never had one before. No idea whether in breeding gave him a heart condition. He developed heart failure and despite medication went down so fart that after 3 mnths on meds we had to put him to sleep. Kip is left now. He is a rescue ginger an white neutered Tom. Very loving and loves to b with us, hates to be away sadly but comes home after a holiday needing a diet. MarAnn: Lucky that you could cancel. Must say I
  14. Hi Maryann I hope so too. The Canadian health notice looks pretty much the same as the one I got from work yesterday(NHS for medical personnel). The most daft thing is that people who think they might be infected are actually despite all advice still going to emergency departments and doctors surgeries(suppose you might call them medical centers). One just outside Colchester had to close till the culprit was swabbed and I think they still wait for the results before they are allowed to open. My biggest worry is actually whether I will be able to go back to work when I g
  15. This cruise is still in the balance. Corona virus has the world in it's nasty little grip and the press is putting out stories at the rate of knots. We are supposed to board on Saturday Leap year day. I don't know whether that is a bad omen. I have learnt that getting to Savona can be a little hazardous to say the least. Flying into and out of Genoa is hit and miss. Not many flights and at odd hours. The surrounding mountains certainly do not help. We can many delayed flights. Our next usual options is flying into Milan and getting a transfer to Savona. We live 40 minut
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