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  1. I just read a USA Today article where Del Rio says relaunch will take six months. Please stop advertising and selling cruises that will never happen then!
  2. Jumping in late here, but I agree with Seaman. My May cruise was cancelled. I took the FCC hoping that November would certainly work, since we usually cruise over Thanksgiving anyway. They have my $3K still and I believe that I also have two cruise next certificates that will expire before cruising starts again. Too much money tied up in a service that may not happen. Was it short sighted not to take the refund? Probably, but I still believe if they keep getting cancelled we should ultimately be able to get a refund back. At this point, the FCC's are also on my kids' accounts and this is
  3. So I just called, and the agent was very nice and even asked a supervisor. However, she said they could not "figure out a way to do it" without incurring penalties. She said it had to do with my category of room being sold out already (B6). At least I tried, but I still think they could have done it. She never said "it's for new bookings only".
  4. They are offering $100 OBC for latitudes now for my sailing. I am one week away and was wondering if I should call to see if they will add this to my reservation. Has anyone ever had them add offers after final payment by calling in?
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