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  1. Passports are being processed again. My daughter sent hers in for renewer on March March 19th or 20th and finally received it July 18th. Too late for the trip to Europe she was supposed to take but no biggie, it was cancelled anyway.
  2. My daughter sent her passport in for renewal on March 19th or 20th. She finally received it on July 18th so things ARE moving again. She was supposed to need it for a rip to Europe 2 weeks ago but of course that was cancelled. good thing since the passport wouldn't have been back in time anyway. Of course, not that she has it she doesn't need it. LOL. She is very happy though just to know she has it when she needs it again.
  3. I haven't been on the Horizon but I've been on many other ships with the sofas and they were all same and had drawers. Sometimes though there is extra bedding in those drawers. I was in a triple on the Panorama and the bedding for the sofa was in the drawers. I didn't need the drawer space though because I was traveling solo.
  4. Here's another reason people might want to book the reduced deposit. I did that for my cruise this past Feb. I booked it almost 2 years in advance and the lowest rate was Early Saver with a $50 pp deposit. Since with Early Saver, if you pay a full deposit and cancel before final payment, Carnival keeps $50 pp and holds the rest of your deposit as a FCC. What if you never get the chance to use that FCC? I like paying the lower deposit knowing that if for some reason I cancel before final payment, they won't have any of my money to hold as a FCC. FCC's are only good if you actually get to use it
  5. I started cruising Carnival in the mid 80's so several of my cruises were under the old method. I only just reached platinum on my cruise this past February and I figured out it took took me 10 cruises to get there so exactly the same number as with the old way. That's because I have to fly to ports so I never take short cruises. The shortest cruise I have ever taken was six days. All my other ones were 7 or 8 days.
  6. The Festivale was my first cruise and we had one of the balcony suites. I even remember the cabin number, it was V14 and they ARE the ones that a previous poster circled in red. I sailed with 3 other girls and we had booked a regular quad cabin. I can't remember if it was an inside or a port hole but that was back in the days when the Upgrade Fairy was real and gave upgrades for free. A few days before our cruise, our travel agent called and said we'd been upgraded. The balcony was like the cove balconies on todays ships. They were also the biggest suites on the ship only the funny thing was,
  7. I can't speak for all travel insurance companies but you may be able to make these changes yourself on line. Go to the insurance company online and find your policy, then look for a modify policy button. Once in there you might be able to make the necessary changes. I have done this with Travelguard and Allianz policies. In fact, I just changed dates on an Allianz policy for the 2nd time.
  8. I sailed the Panorama the 2nd week of February. I didn't do self assist but because I am platinum was in in group one or two for debarkation. Also, since I was traveling solo I did the Carnival transfer to LAX. Debarkation was very fast and I was on a bus at 9:00. They pulled out just a couple of minutes later and we were at the airport by 9:30. I flew AA and had TSA Pre check so no line at the airport either.
  9. And if you booked through different TA's you don't need a pin #. That's a Carnival thing. When we had our dining linked for our Panorama cruise in Feb., I just gave my booking number to my friends and they contacted their TA. I also contacted my TA but when she checked, she saw that the other TA had already done it so she didn't need to do anything.
  10. Have been to both and would be happy to return to either one. I liked HMC better but I haven't been to either one in many years. I know HMC has been built up A LOT since I was there so maybe I wouldn't like it has much. You can't beat that baby powder soft sand at HMC though.
  11. Luggage tag on Panorama a month ago.
  12. I just checked my statement from last my Panorama cruise two weeks ago. I ordered a "club soda" on the first day and the charge was $3.21. Of course that would include the added gratuity. I don't know what brand it was but if Bubly is what they have now it was probably an unflavored Bubly.
  13. I got off the Panorama Feb. 15th and this was my experience. I don't know exactly what time they let the first people off but I was zone two and we were let off the ship at 8:30. I took a Carnival shuttle to LAX. It pulled out at 9:00 and arrived at the airport at 9:30. I was going to terminal 4 (American Airlines) and they stopped at 2 other terminals first so it may have been about 9:40 by the time i got off the bus.
  14. I just got off the Panorama and this was the worst refrigerator/coolerI have ever had. I didn't think it was working at all until I saw there was some condensation build up on the inside but the temp was barely lower than room temperature. Other ships I have been on had better refrigerator/coolers although still not super cold. Luckily I always bring a soft sided cooler and my cabin steward kept it full of ice for me. I just like to chill my sodas and water in the before putting them on ice so the ice doesn't melt so fast. This time that didn't help very much.
  15. Yes, I did like the Panorama very much. It was nice being on a brand new ship. Our cruise happened to be a bit chilly but you can't control the weather and I was also under the weather a bit and didn't get off the ship in Puerto Vallarta. I ordered room service for breakfast and lunch that day and they were very fast. I felt well enough to go the the dining room for dinner that night. Most breakfasts we did in the dining room too. We did Tepanyaki for dinner one night. It was wonderful. I thought the dining room food was very good as well. I didn't try out the outdoor pools or hot tubs. Too ch
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