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  1. My first cruise was in 1985 on the Festivale which was wonderful back then but on the day we sailed, the Holiday was in the Port of Miami right next to us. She was brand new and either on her first or second cruise. I remember looking at that big, beautiful ship and wishing I could have been on it (it was more expensive than the Festival which is why we didn't choose the Holiday). Two years later I did get to sail on the Holiday on my Honeymoon so it does hold special memories. Of course by that time she wasn't the newest ship in the fleet but was still pretty new. The Celebration had come out since then.
  2. On my last Carnival cruise I rode the elevator with the captain once. It was just the 2 of us. He pushed the button for me. 😁 LOL
  3. Glad I turn Platinum on my next cruise.
  4. I know someone who once went on a cruise with no credit card or cash. She planned to only use her debit card but she had no money in her account. She thought that as long as she was going to have her paycheck automatically deposited right before the end of the cruise that that's all that mattered. She was pretty upset when she found out it didn't work that way. BTW, this was not on Carnival but it would have been the same if had been Carnival.
  5. I saw both the Legend and the Spirit in Sydney in December. It was cool to see them but it was one of the only times I saw a cruise ship and did not wish that I was on it. My daughter was living in Australia and I was having too much fun having her show me everything.
  6. I am booked as a solo on the Panorama. Even though the early saver promo at the time was for a $50.00 deposit, I still had to pay $100.00, same as if there were 2 people in the cabin. I was surprised I had to pay that. I just hope that if I have to cancel, they will hold $50.00 of that for a future cruise
  7. I get that at times Carnival will not book fewer people into a cabin that will hold more. It makes sense if it's going to be a popular sailing. I have seen on a couple of my cruises where they won't let people book fewer people into cabins until it gets closer to sailing and then if there are plenty of cabins available, they will open up the 3/4 person cabins to smaller parties. What I don't understand is why they will open up these cabins on line but won't let you book them if you call. I was once booked on a cruise in cabin for 2 people (there were only 2 of us). Then our friends decided to book but their cabin wasn't close to ours. I looked on line and saw the cabin next to them was available but it was designated for either 3 or 4 people. At this point they had opened up the 3/4 cabins to be booked by smaller parties. It was available for ANY size party to book on line. I called to see if I could move to that cabin (it was the same category we were already booked in) but they wouldn't allow it. I really think if they are allowing it to be booked on line for any size party, they should allow it when you call too. It's very possible that this is due to Carnival customer service reps not properly trained. I could have taken it further to try and get that cabin but I didn't. It really wasn't that big of a deal to us.
  8. I am not sure about this but it's my understanding that Carnival does not offer FTTF on new ships for the first few months it's sailing. March 2020 may fall into this time period. someone please correct me if I am wrong.
  9. It still could have been a group rate. Travel agencies will reserve group space and then book their clients into it even if they are not "together". I used to work for a travel agency and it was done all the time. Definitely have your PVP look into it though.
  10. My oldest card looks just like your top and and sorry, but I won't part with any of my cards. That card was from my 2nd cruise. That was in 1987. I don't recall having a card at all on my first cruise in 1985 on the Festivale. Does anyone recall if back then we paid cash at the bars? I really don't remember. My first cruise was on the Festivale with 3 of my girlfriends. I don't remember what type of cabin we booked but I know it wasn't a suite. It was either and inside or ocean view quad. A few days before the cruise the Upgrade Fairy called and we were upgraded to one of only 10 balcony suites on the entire ship. Everyone we met on the ship was so jealous. LOL. We even threw a party one night. The funny thing is, that balcony suite was only about the same size as a standard balcony on today's ships. The balcony and the bathroom were a bit bigger but the cabin itself was not. No one had to sleep on an upper bunk though. The cabin had twin beds a sofa that turned into a single bed and a roll away.
  11. According to the brochure, all the 7 night cruises back then had a flat, $25.00 fee for port charges. No mention of taxes, just the port charges and they were not included in the prices listed. Gratuities were not included either. As someone already mentioned, you paid them in cash to the individuals back then.
  12. These prices are for a 7 night cruise on the Holiday. They include air but according to the brochure you would deduct $200.00 pp for cruise only prices.
  13. The pricing for the cabins back then was actually mostly higher than it is now, for the most part. I think now though, Carnival does more nickel and dining than it did back then.
  14. I have always wished that I had saved an old Carnival brochure from the time I started cruising in the mid 80's. Today I was going through some old boxes and found my wedding planner. We did a cruise for our honeymoon and in there I found 2 Carnival brochures. One from 1986 and the other 1986/1987. I was so excited. LOL. My first cruise was one the Festivale in 1985 with my girlfriends and then our honeymoon on the Holiday in 1987.
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