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  1. My guess is all passengers will need to provide either proof of vaccination or negative test within 3 days of departure. Additionally you will need rapid test at the port and masks will still be required on the ship. Each individual port may also have there own restrictions such as excursions through the ship only... ie: no going off on your own.
  2. You can get water in cartons. I have never looked for them but I know they are available as a couple of times my train has broken down on my commute and they come through the cars offering water... the water is in cartons. Since the price of a case of water is reasonable (for a cruise ship) I would not waste my allotment on water. I have two travelers that will need their soda more.
  3. Maybe you could try Diet Double Dew.😂 Sorry... couldn't help myself.
  4. Theoretically the number of days is also correct. The earliest I have seen people being able to board in most cases is 11-11:30 am. They want you off the ship by 9-10am at the latest (or earlier... I never really paid attantion). If you go by # of hours that is pretty close to 7 full days. Sort of like how car rental companies count days. Pick up a Car at 1pm it had better be returned by 1pm or you get charged another day.
  5. Definitely cab/uber/lyft. If you took the subway up to either 42nd or 50th you might as well just walk from Penn. On a nice day you can do the walk is less than 30 minutes. Subway currently runs 2.75.
  6. What kind of key do they use for the dividers. We were on the Disney Fantasy and the divider lock were about the size of a 1/2" allen wrench. We were able to open the dividers ourselves with a clothes pin we brought to hang wet things in the bathroom.
  7. Quick question, Can I book online and then have the booking linked to the rest of the family (mainly for dining) or do I need to go through PVP. I assume I would need to call Carnival at some point I just prefer to do the booking myself. I already have the booking # that everyone will be linking to.
  8. We are in the pre-planning stages of a 2021 cruise. Right now we are planning on 4 guests but one is questionable. If we change the number of guests in the room from 4 to 3 would we lose the room we selected? I know there might be some sort of penalty on the deposit but we are going with a group and and don't want to be moved to a different part of the ship if one traveler has to cancel.
  9. The only time you would have to worry about medications is when flying and that would be for liquid/cream medications only. (This is within the US. Other countries may have different rules as others have said) Everything else can be packed in your carry on. We use pill holders whenever we travel. No need to bring the entire bottle but we will bring an extra 1 or 2 days worth of medication in case of delays.
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