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    Manhattan, NY port

    Sat/Sun mornings traffic should be light. If you are coming in on a weekday plan on arriving after 10am to get the tail end of rush hour. As always when driving, build in a cushion. I have been on a couple of road trips where the interstate was closed due to accidents and we have lost 1-2 hours due to traffic and detours around the closure.
  2. iria64

    Breeze or Sunrise 2019

    We'll be on the Mid-July cruise out of NY. If you drive to NY did you figure in the cost of Parking? Parking at the port is $40/day or $320 for the the 8 days. There may be cheaper parking nearby but I did not bother to look since we can just take the train into the city and then a cab to the port.
  3. iria64

    The Fun Shops

    I login to Carnival... Manage my cruise... login and go to Fun Shops... There is an option for In-Stateroom Beverages. Beer and Liquor listed. I did not see any Johnny Walker on the Liquor list though. Bud Light was definitely listed.
  4. It could also be some maintenance item came up that needs to be addressed right away.
  5. Went a little bit upstate last weekend to catch the tail end of fall...
  6. iria64

    Lesson learned I hope

    I too have no problem with the cutoff time... if they let someone in at 12 minutes late what's to stop then they have to let the 13 minutes late also enter. Where is the real cutoff then? As someone previously mentioned I am pretty sure the passenger manifest needs to be sent a certain time period before the ship can actually sail. If they are 15 minutes late sending the manifest then the ship sales 15 minutes late. Our next cruise I just have a 1 hour train ride and short cab to the port. There are many things that can go wrong in that hour to have a serious delay of an hour or more. Even if I get a late check in time I plan on leaving at least 2 hours to get to the port. I would rather have to find something to do for an hour than be too late.
  7. Where's the fun in that? You need to printing out the documents the day before the trip and run out in the middle of printing. Nothing like scrambling at the last minute.
  8. When we booked our cruise for next year there was an offer for 10% or 20% (I forget which) if we booked an excursion within a couple of days after booking the cruise.
  9. And here is the useless answer... you'll need to print 1 more page than you have ink for
  10. I also agree... the drinks package is not 'free'. When researching our cruise for next year the price for Carnival + drinks package was comparable to NCL with 'free' drinks package. This was for similar bookings... IE: Balcony, July, 7 or 8 night.