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  1. I enjoyed your review! You "saved" me this weekend! Coming home from a road trip I stopped to get gas for the truck, while it was fueling I picked up some garbage and almost stepped over the fuel hose to get to the trashcan.............your images flew into my mind and I told myself lets not go there! I went around the pumps to the trashcan. I was surprised how that memory popped into my mind! Hope you are continuing to improve! Denise
  2. We have sailed on the Pearl two different times to Alaska. Out of the different ships we have sailed on, it is one of my favorites. I love that it isn't too big! We have also been on the Joy and the Breakaway. We liked the Joy, the Breakaway was just okay. I have tried to think why the difference but it was just subtle things. If the Pearl is sailing an itinerary I want, I will be on the ship as it is my favorite!
  3. Hi, I ran across your review when I was daydreaming of a future cruise. (Not sure we will go on one this winter, due to aging parents concerns, have been on several last went in January and July 2019, but cruises may now have to go on back burner for the moment) I cringed when I saw your injury, after 29 years of ED nursing I knew you would be in for a long road for recovery and I know us nurses are not the best patients! I have enjoyed your review and pictures very much. I hope you enjoy your December cruise!
  4. Don't laugh to hard but Ketchikan has been pretty good to us for coats! I brought a coat with me and still bought one in Ketchikan! Best $ 20.00 I spent on a winter "chore coat" I have actually bought two in different years that we cruised to Alaska. Now, hubby and I have a running joke going "its time to go get a new coat" I am currently watching for a last minute cruise deal on the Joy for this summer! If it gets to my "price point" we may take a last minute cruise and get new coats!
  5. We attended Mass in Ketchikan with the Port to Pew van. It was very nice, driver was friendly and we enjoyed talking with her. We also have walked to the church in Skagway and helped the priest open up the church for spring! Turns out he was from Spokane not far from where we live!
  6. If you manage at all to take both. Hubby used both a knee scooter and crutches during his long recovery. He was actually more stable on the scooter! The crutches were more for standby in tight areas. The scooter was easy for me to lift in and out of the vehicles. If we were headed on the cruise, with an injury like this, would definitely take both! Good Luck.
  7. We have stayed at the Blue Horizon 2 different times prior to cruises. I would highly recommend it. Older facility but rooms have been re done and are very nice. I didn't find the noise to be a problem (heard some city traffic noise, but wasn't enough to bother us) Nice restaurant for breakfast in the hotel. We ate dinner at a nearby restaurant that was easily walk able. Room was $ 210.00 for a room with king size bed in May 2017. When we cruise again out of Vancouver we will stay there again.
  8. I am glad you retired! Go and have fun! I am still working the part time job I returned after my "2 week retirement" but have dropped down to "sick call/vacation coverage" I am enjoying this part time employment, and gives me a bit to put away in the cruise fund!
  9. 52 days! Making plans for what we want to do and when..........trying to not over plan so we have plenty of "just chillin" time!
  10. I am hoping for Ribeye! Please, please be back in January!😃 We are looking forward to a couple of dinners at Cagneys!
  11. Thank you for posting! It has been helpful in making a list of what we would like to see when we are pre cruise in NO this January! So much to see, so little time! I realize we will have to pick some favorites for this trip and return another time for more! Your pictures and commentary have helped!
  12. We loved it! In fact when we cruise again to Alaska our "mandatory" port will be Icy Straight Point so we can repeat the zipline!:D
  13. I love all these suggestions................I too have my list started for a January cruise. Hard to think what we will need when traveling from cold, snow and ice to sun! We took a last minute trip this weekend and were going out on Puget sound in a boat leaving from our 106 degree weather in Eastern Washington........................and we had to go to Walmart when we arrived................we had forgotten jackets! Thank goodness we found windbreakers at Walmart as it was chilly out on the boat! Was just a reminder of why I am compulsive about a list before the cruise!!
  14. 169 days!! Just got it all confirmed this am! Really last minute for us, compared to our usual planning! Breakaway January 6, 2018 Woo Hoo I am ready to go now!
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