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  1. Good Afternoon! I can relate to all three things today! We have a "wind advisory" starting this evening through tomorrow. Our area of Eastern Washington gets a lot of wind, but when they issue an advisory time to make sure things are secure outside! Hope our Lilac flowers don't get damaged. Grilled cheese sandwiches have been our "to tired to cook" meal while raising kids and working. We still will have them on days we have been busy or working outside. I was another "library mom" when the kids were in school. Helped where ever needed. Raised a daug
  2. Good Morning! Hubby and I are on the mend from our Covid vaccinations we had on Friday. By mid day on Easter we finally felt better, I find it odd so many varied reactions people notice. But it is done! We both love pizza, but usually reserve that for Saturday evenings after we have worked in the yard and are to tired to cook! I would love to have a Mango Margarita but that will likely have to wait until we can cruise! Enjoy your day we have beautiful sunny day and my tulips have bloomed it is spring! Denise
  3. Thanks for posting. Fun to watch, since we cannot sail!
  4. Happy Easter Everyone! I have sure enjoyed everyones pictures from their cruises on Easter. I loved seeing the squirrel egg thief. We are laying low this Easter we had our second Covid vaccination on Friday and have been pretty fatigued. I have a ham in the refrigerator but can wait to cook it later this week just to tired for a big meal. I did manage to make a potato salad, as I had cooked the eggs and potatoes yesterday, so just had to mix it today. I laughed when I accidentally dropped a piece of egg on the floor (the white part) I called Holly pup over to
  5. @GselHugs to you and your husband. Alzheimers is an awful disease. It is so hard on the caregivers. My Dad suffers from it, so far we have kept him home with his wife but eventually we will have to seek other arrangements. I had looked forward to retirement and traveling with Dad and his wife. He had worked all over the Northwest and loved to show us "the roads" he helped build! We did manage to do an Alaska cruise before his memory really started to slip, the time we spent was priceless. He did make me laugh today when I visited, I asked to take home some Vodka as I
  6. Good morning! Just catching up from being absent this past week. Was staying at son and daughter in laws house helping with the new grandson Andrew Thomas! Son wasn't able to stay at home this past week because of a big work project, so I helped ferry the 6 year old daughter to school and entertained the 2 year old daughter so Mom could focus on the new baby! He actually lived and taught school in Naha, Japan after he got out of college, before he met his wife and married! We were to go to visit him, but at the time we were still working and schedules just didn'
  7. Good Evening Everyone! Been quite busy the past few days. Friday we were able to get our covid jabs. We found out they had a few openings thursday evening, and were given an appointment at 9:00 Friday, so we went! It did put me down for not getting much done Saturday due to headache and general not feeling well, but by Sunday was much better! Today we celebrated International Womens Day in fine fashion, with our newest Grandson making his appearance in this world this morning! Then to complete the day my longtime friend welcomed a new Grandson into the world! S
  8. All these snake and skunk stories are sure making me laugh! I have experienced "near encounters" with both over the years. A couple of years before I retired from the hospital, one evening as we were leaving out the ambulance bay, my co worker almost stepped on a snake! Well her and I were "farm" girls so we were not scared, but went back in to warn the others.........next thing we know we have two doctors out "hunting" for the snake. It was a riot watching them they were reverted back to their boyhood on the farm days! The snake was not found, but the ambulance bay was "safe"! (note the
  9. Hello Everyone, Glad to hear folks are getting their water back. Hope everyone's houses are okay. We enjoy our pets here. This is Holly our Christmas pup, she is an adventurous pup, prefers to be outside, she found the snow pile on the juniper bush just perfect for surveying her kingdom today. We have warmed up and snow is starting to melt, weatherman says we should get a "Chinook" tomorrow, will be muddy but better then icy! Take Care Denise
  10. @rafinmd Roy my condolences on the loss of your brother. Prayers to you and your family. Take Care Denise
  11. Good Evening Everyone, I love this group you are all so kind sharing your well wishes and prayers with others that need them. It is such a friendly pleasant community to visit. We have been cold and snowy here, closed schools today due to the messy roads. I picked up a work day though, so boss could have a day off (I just work as needed, semi retired, found the perfect work balance, till Covid hit, now not getting many hours for my cruise fund!) I love the stories about the Canadian pennies, I still have many! I grew up in Washington state so it wasn
  12. @DeeniEncinitas I love your talent, what a nice gesture to paint her picture. 35 plus years ago a patient who I cared for drew caricature drawings of her "favorite" nurses, she drew one of me and I still have it. It was back when patients often had extended hospitalizations (now they are sent to rehab. type of facilities to finish their recovery). My patient was an artist who enjoyed drawing and sharing with others, wish she knew how much the picture meant to me even after all these years! You made me smile at the memory today! CrabbyPatti aka Denise
  13. oakridger, thanks for posting where to find the webcam for others to see. I enjoy checking it out and other webcams. It helps to see sunny weather somewhere especially when we can't get out and travel! Denise
  14. Sun is shining!! In Juneau and Icy Strait Point! Looks beautiful. Makes me happy to see the sun coming back!
  15. Juneau, looks pretty with the snow today!
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